Saturday, 2014-08-23

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apsAlso, I'm not able to get the event schedule up. do we need to run manually?00:02
mithroaps: we don't have a schedule feed from debconf00:10
mithroaps: they have a different format00:10
apsCarl's veyepar json wont work?00:10
apsor I can write a script to convert debconf's xml to json as per our required format?00:13
mithroaps: I'd love for eventfeed2internal to parse debconf's or veyepar format00:30
CarlFKaps: pars the veyepar json00:45
apsCarlFK: there are no room names there00:46
CarlFKah, Ill add it.. give me a min or 200:47
CarlFK"location": 345,  ah.. thats the database ID.. cwap.00:48
CarlFKaps: for now, use location.00:57
CarlFKI'll figure out how to get the human readable string in there after dinner00:57
CarlFKI am heading to dinner now.. bb in .. hour or so.01:00
apsand I'm heading to bed now, will hopefully wake up soon and set this up.01:01
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apsmithro: website server is out of space. Should I delete old ~website/timvideos-* files?01:08
mithroaps: yeah01:08
apsWhen you are free, tweet something about debconf from @timvideos to change website "announce" text.01:13
apsmithro: I've created 4 rooms and registered, see here How to fix the irclog?01:25
tpbTitle: DebConf Live Stream (at
mithroaps: you need to log into the and edit the irc bot config01:25
mithroaps: under the irc user01:26
mithroaps: head to bed and we can figure it out when you get up01:43
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CarlFKaps: im back.. looking into getting proper room names now02:23
mithroCarlFK: I think he went to bed02:29
mithroCarlFK: were are you guys at?02:29
CarlFKgot 1 stream up, he was trying to lock down what the room names should be, looked at veyepar json and noticed that it gives the int of the room table pk02:30
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mithroCarlFK: when do things start?07:33
CarlFK14 hours07:34
mithrowhat time / timezone is that?07:35
mithroIE what my time is it? :P07:35
CarlFKits 30 past midnight now, fist talk is at 15:00 so in about 14.5 hours07:36
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apsmithro: ping?13:23
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mithroCarlFK: I'll be up in ~5 hours to help make sure the streaming system can work14:16
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apsmithro: can you give me access to and
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CarlFKaps:  location": "Elsewhere",15:57
CarlFKlet me know if you need me to specify what rooms are not used for streams (like "slug": "Cheese_and_Wine_party",)15:58
CarlFKheading to venue to setup ballroom.  Ill be around.15:58
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tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master d18a35e Amanpreet Singh: Add script to convert veyepar data to internal data structure17:25
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CarlFKaps: ping  location": "Elsewhere",17:53
apsCarlFK: you said there are going to be 4 room, I see 5 now17:54
CarlFKaps: Elseware isn't a tallk room17:56
apsso, I don't need to put that on website17:56
apsCarlFK: how much time before streaming starts?18:14
CarlFK3.5 hours18:24
CarlFKI am leading a recording / video / AV training in 1.5 hours, so that's when it should be ready18:25
CarlFKplenary room is about setup.  do you have an encoder hostname for me?18:25
apsI wrote the script for parsing veyepar schedule18:26
apsnot sure if it will work fine but looks that it will. :P18:27
CarlFK * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]18:28
CarlFKcan you bring up the encoder18:30
apsyeah, just a sec. setting up website also18:30
CarlFKbur running back and forth from dvswitch box to stage18:33
apsCarlFK: plenary is up18:37
CarlFKhmm... is it still up?18:49
apsyeah, but looks like frozen. flumotion components are happy though18:50
CarlFKi guess restart flumotion?18:50
CarlFKthere we go18:51
CarlFKhmm.. frose again?18:52
apsworking for mw18:53
CarlFKgood.  me too18:54
CarlFKare you able to edit the web site stuff, like change freenode to ?18:54
CarlFKplease do18:55
CarlFKalso change ..18:55
CarlFKAll code Open Source - Info at - Fork on   github18:55 is currently broken, so lets go with
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
aps works for me18:56
CarlFKoh good. me too.  it was out a few hours ago18:57
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tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 60348bd Amanpreet Singh: Fix veyepar parsing script for example room19:02
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CarlFKaps: I am going to lunch19:09
CarlFKdo you know what the .webm stream URL is?19:09
CarlFKaps: I am going to lunch for reals!  bye19:14
mithroJust getting up now19:17
CarlFKmorning mithro19:18
mithroCarlFK: just need to have a shower19:18
mithroBe ready to help in like 10-15 minutes19:18
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CarlFKmithro: take your time, I am running to lunch for 20 min or so19:19
CarlFK webcast-low.webm,  webcast-high.webm... what other formats?19:22
CarlFK  error: cannot import name data19:24
apswebcast-high.flv  webcast-low.flv  audio-only.aac  audio-only.mp3  audio-only.ogg19:24
apsworking on website19:24
mithroI'm back now19:29
apsmithro: I wrote a script for parsing veyepar json19:30
mithroaps: just looking at that now19:30
apsbut website folder was not updated completely19:30
mithroaps: why did you write a totally new script rather than just add support to the old script?19:30
apsI was just testing it19:31
apsI now have a file, putting manually in current/website/frontend doesn't seem to work19:31
mithroaps: nope! :P19:32
mithrodoes your work locally?19:32
mithroI'm working on the oftc stuff now19:34
CarlFKmithro: where should I post requests?  (open github issues) like CarlFK: can you add as a hostname to the video vhost?19:37
mithrovideo vhost?19:37
apsmithro: my looks fine, where should I put it?19:39
mithroaps: does it work when you run the website locally?19:39
CarlFKI suspect they want to point at the main page, and so nginx needs more hostnames in  server_name19:42
apsmithro: I see this when I run the parsing script  I'm setting up  site locally now19:42
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroaps: okay that LGTM19:43
apsmithro: so where to put it?19:54
mithroaps: what do you mean "where to put it"19:57
mithroaps: the Makefile will run eventfeed2bah script as part of the setup19:58
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tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 37de207 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Adding support for OFTC as IRC network provider.20:01
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 849bd22 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'20:01
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apsmithro: okay, then we need to remove "example" room from config. veyepar script fails with that20:02
mithroaps: just remove it locally20:03
mithroaps: your script should skip it20:03
apsyeah, I'll fix that20:04
apsam fixing that20:04
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tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 7610c0c Amanpreet Singh: Ignore example room in veyepar parser20:10
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 4317e3b Amanpreet Singh: Merge branch 'master' of
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apsshould work now20:10
apsyay! working20:11
apsmithro: did you shut down the website server?20:16
mithroaps: yes20:17
mithroaps: will be back soon20:18
apsmithro: okay, and we need to fix previews and irclogs as well20:18
mithropreview we'll need to create a new ubuntu precise machine near the encoders20:19
apsokay, should I do it then?20:19
mithroaps: sure20:21
mithroaps: install nginx20:21
mithrothen mplayer, image magick and pngcrush20:22
tpbTitle: streaming-system/ at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
apsumm, machine type/AMI?20:22
mithroaps: medium20:23
mithrojust the standard Ubuntu Precise AMI20:23
mithroCarlFK: how we going for time?20:30
mithroaps: where are you keeping the config.private.json ?20:32
apsI have it locally which I scp to server20:32
apsand also, we cant scp directly to root directories20:33
apsso I have to go there and sudo mv20:33
mithroaps: can you put it in a gist somewhere and message me the details?20:35
mithroaps: scp it to the ubuntu directory20:36
mithroaps: gist better20:36
mithrowhat are the rooms?20:37
CarlFKback - training onver20:55
CarlFKshow time in 1 hour21:04
apsmithro: Irclog link not updating21:16
mithroaps: your config is wrong21:16
apsit config its room-logs only but I think its in wrong directory. Where should it be when is run?21:17
mithro[email protected]:/home/website/timvideos# cp ~ubuntu/streaming-system/config.private.json . && ./website/conf/setup.sh21:20
apsI though it doesn't matter #noob21:22
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 99bc012 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Fix typo in config.json21:26
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master e5a2a50 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
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mithroto bad you can't have multiple people edit a gist21:27
mithroso how is the onesite stuff going?21:27
mithroCarlFK: poke?21:28
mithroaps: do you know how to start up the collector?21:28
CarlFKmithro: pong21:28
apsmithro: I don't have access to collector21:28
apsCarlFK: restart flumotion21:29
mithroCarlFK: we need ssh access to the collector21:29
CarlFKmithro: on site is pretty good.  spent a good 30 min doing training at about the scheduled time21:29
CarlFKmithro: ssh tunnel command plez?21:29
mithroCarlFK: what did you use last time?21:29
CarlFKleme restatt collecotor and grep my notes.txt21:30
CarlFK * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]  done21:31
mithroIRC logs say21:31
mithromithroCarlFK: "ssh -v [email protected] -R"21:31
mithroIP address will have changed21:32
apsCarlFK: give IP address of one of the collectors, and ssh to other collectors in tmux21:33
apsand setup reverse ssh of course21:33
mithroCarlFK: I also need IP address range of the internal network21:34
CarlFK10.0.0.143/24 ?21:34
apsmithro: for preview server, where do I choose the AMI for ubuntu precise. can't find it21:34
mithroaps: it's just one of the default AMIs not a custom one21:35
mithroCarlFK: no the *public* IP address21:35
mithroCarlFK: need your public key too21:36
apsmithro: you mean in quickstart or marketplace? in quickstart, there's only Ubuntu 14.0421:36
mithromarket place21:36
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub21:36
CarlFKssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDBBHCI9e/0BgtVeU/yEo3wLcUcS9x5xkHXkM+8H3aEGiKBRNtq0zulKtCdtFWU9OGkvRW6M7ORCQLhPKLqBVG5lD7ANMVbNwHTfS9R7+PChx6WHIcEEZKALhLXEWSgD2BnwX0Ll8Bw4ncviYbP3jE7eklQ3/hvDvqR6xjmjC37ATfYewfJV1U5guP5evR30IMUv1h15jsbSLLh/MKv6P7Gu0oFnkBaeBegbNCQ99X+dyDDVhJWzmd5FNGzLjZBlGLnHNDBMOIrHVP7G2UNESvBjj1GQD8+tVWVZB8jWY/aleWRDNKVgOJNS6dthmM6qY8WcQrm/uthhAoBR0eylm4X [email protected]21:36
CarlFKonly 1 room today, so the other rooms don't need to be up for about 22 hours21:37
mithroCarlFK: so "ssh -v [email protected] -R"21:38
CarlFKPermission denied (publickey).21:38
mithroCarlFK: then that isn't your ssh pub key :P21:39
CarlFK[email protected] is the collector I am sshing from21:39
mithroAug 24 05:38:13 ip-172-31-37-14 sshd[5399]: Connection closed by [preauth]21:40
mithrothat you?21:40
mithroCarlFK: what does -v show as the key you are using?21:40
CarlFK  ssh output21:41
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
apsCarlFK btw collector went down again21:43
mithrocan you paste ~/.ssh/ into a pastebin?21:43
CarlFKexternal IP's I seem to be using and
mithroCarlFK: is that the conference network? or just your AV one?21:44
mithroCarlFK: make sure it's /home/juser/.ssh/id_rsa.pub21:44
CarlFK  [email protected]:~$ cat /home/juser/.ssh/id_rsa.pub21:46
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroCarlFK: okay try now21:48
CarlFKlogged in21:48
mithroaps: how's that preview server going?21:49
apsmithro: Boot from General Purpose (SSD) options, what to select?21:49
mithroaps: defaults21:49
apsmithro: max elastic IPs reached21:51
mithroCarlFK: disconnect and reconnect21:51
mithroaps: just use the public IP address for now21:51
CarlFKssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused21:51
CarlFK10 min to showtime21:52
mithroCarlFK: try again21:52
CarlFKlogged in21:52
mithroCarlFK: is this the collector?21:53
mithroCarlFK: what are you doing carl? the collector just lost the mixer21:56
CarlFKah, someone restarted it21:57
mithroCarlFK: please don't do that21:57
mithroCarlFK: I can see the stream now21:57
mithrowhy is there audio about a public shooting?21:57
tpbTitle: Streaming for Plenary (at
mithroaps: how's that preview server coming?21:59
apsinstalling stuff21:59
mithroaps: what you installing?21:59
aps•mithro> aps: install nginx22:00
aps01:52:03 <•mithro> then mplayer, image magick and pngcrush22:00
mithroaps: great!22:00
apsmithro: I need to git clone streaming system repo or just the / preview / generate.sh22:01
mithroaps: clone the repo is easier22:01
CarlFK30 sec till starting ... maybe.22:06
CarlFKand we are off!  yay.22:07
CarlFKthanks guys (hug)22:09
apsmithro: preview script running but previews not showing, I think preview url is wrong22:12
apswhere are the created pngs stored?22:12
mithro$ telnet 8022:18
mithrotelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused22:18
mithroaps: ?22:18
apsoh no22:19
apsI use my pem file22:19
apsmithro: do you need to ssh? I'd need to add your pubkey in there I guess22:21
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apsmithro: oh, I hadn't started nginx, did now22:23
mithroCarlFK: video has frozen?22:26
apsfine for me22:27
mithrooh wait, back now22:27
apsdo we need to change nginx settings?22:27
mithroPermission denied (publickey).22:27
apswhere should I add your key?22:28
CarlFKhuh, tunnel dropped.  i brought it back22:28
apsCarlFK: frozen again22:29
CarlFKyep.. rebooting that box...22:30
CarlFK * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]22:33
mithroCarlFK: your network access seems a bit flaky?22:33
mithroaps: what ssh key did you add for me to access?22:36
mithroaps: can you just copy the authorized_keys from one of the encoders?22:36
apsokay 1 sec22:36
mithroI have to head out in about 15 minutes22:39
mithroRegistered at 2014-08-23 22:41:53.200541 result OK clients: 13 bitrate: 4946199 (4.946199 megabits/second) theory: 4.946199 megabits/second22:42
mithroaps: poke?22:42
apsmithro: trying to copy key from encoder22:42
mithroaps: vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys22:42
mithroaps: select, paste?22:42
apshow to copy in cssh window?22:43
mithroaps: just ssh in in another window22:44
apsmithro: try now22:45
apswork in 3rd window so I can see what you did22:46
mithroaps: the preview urls are wrong it looks like22:50
apsmithro: yeah, its working, we need to change url in config.private22:50
mithroaps: I updated my gist22:51
mithroaps / CarlFK: have to head out now22:54
apsmithro: okay, fixed22:54
apsthanks, though I wasn't able to see what you did. you were very fast :P22:55
CarlFKmithro: thanks again, see ya22:55
mithroCarlFK: good luck!22:55
mithroaps: I make /srv a symlink to the directory in /etc/sites-available/default22:56
apsbtw ssh to collector is setup or no?22:56
CarlFKaps: can you take out the s from https in  Info at <a href="">https://...22:57
tpbTitle: Streaming for Plenary (at
mithroaps: can you join the #debconf channels on OFTC?22:59
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tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 3a7882f Amanpreet Singh: Change footer link from https to http23:01
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apsCarlFK: footer link fixed23:06
apsbb in 20 min23:07

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