Friday, 2014-08-22

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CARAMmithro: thanks, got it00:49
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CARAMmithro: google doc'd writeup:
tpbTitle: Writeup - Google Docs (at
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mithroCarlFK: morning03:10
mithroCARAM: still don't see your evaluation as submitted03:12
CarlFKI am at DebConf NOC.  no AV setup tonight, gear arrives tomorrow in 12 hours.03:12
mithroCarlFK: okay03:13
mithroCarlFK: what is the makeup for DebConf?03:13
mithroCarlFK: IE how many streams, etc03:14
CarlFK3 streams03:15
mithroOkay. Schedule?03:15
mithroAnd your setup / tear down schedule?03:16
mithroAnd what timezone is it in?03:16
CarlFK  that shows the first and last talks03:17
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: Debian DebConf14 (at
mithroA human readable schedule I mean03:18
CarlFK  like that?03:18
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: template_error DebConf14 (at
tpbTitle: DebConf14 23 Aug - 31 Aug 2014 | The Summit Scheduler (at
mithroFor a whole week?03:23
CarlFK8 days!03:25
mithroI don't think I have enough AWS credit to cover 8 days * 3 rooms03:27
CarlFKoh cwap03:27
CarlFKeach day is only about 3 hours, nothing on Wed.  let me total it up...03:29
mithro3 hours?03:29
CarlFKfrom start of first talk to end of last03:29
CarlFKthey mixed talk days with sprint days03:30
mithroCarlFK: that might be more doable03:31
CarlFK>>> 3+9+7+12+8+14+8+303:31
mithro3, 9, 7?03:31
CarlFK3 hours on Sun, 9 on Mon, 7 on Tue03:31
mithroso they aren't 3 hours each day?03:32
CarlFK  total hours are in the upper right corner of each box03:33
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: Debian DebConf14 (at
CarlFKSunday: 15:00 - 17:45 =  3 h03:33
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mithroCarlFK: okay I understand now - 3 hours per room most days03:35
CarlFKabout - some a little more03:36
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mithrosent of an email to my AWS credit source03:36
CarlFKwhat are your thoughts of running an encoder on a Rackspace box?03:37
mithroCarlFK: sure - never done it before though03:38
CarlFKI'll bring up a 'large' sort of VM and work with aps to get it setup, we have a few days to play with it03:51
mithroWe use the  c3.2xlarge VMs on EC203:54
mithroWhich is 8 vCPUs03:55
mithroIntel Xeon E5-2680 v2  2.8GHz03:56
mithro~seen xfxf03:56
tpbmithro: xfxf was last seen in #timvideos 2 weeks, 2 days, 23 hours, 1 minute, and 36 seconds ago: <xfxf> we definitely used to set this with the v2 api code because i remember hacking on it03:56
mithroI think xfxf tested on rackspace03:56
CarlFKany idea how far he got?04:08
mithroCarlFK: it all fully working04:08
CarlFKkick ass!04:08
mithrospeaking of AWS, miselin did you get any further?04:13
CarlFKrelocating  to hack lab across the street.  bb in 10 m04:30
mithroCarlFK: btw I sent aps some AWS credentials04:34
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apsmorning CarlFK and mithro05:00
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CarlFKhey aps - working out exactly what to do for encoding machiens05:08
CarlFKand I am trying to find where the rest of the conference organizers went. "hacklab on the 2nd floor of that building"05:09
CarlFKI am on the 2nd floor, no clue where to go now05:09
apsmithro: how do we get/set hostname for sshing into aws machines?05:23
mithroaps: I set them up manually in route5305:34
apsmithro: okay, so I can't do that05:35
mithroaps: you sure?05:36
apsmithro: can we login to console with credentials you sent? no email ID there. I though those are for API access05:36
mithroaps: yes you should be able to log into the console05:37
mithroIAM user name and password05:38
mithroWhen multiple individuals or applications require access to your AWS account, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) lets you create unique IAM user identities. Each user can use his or her own user names and passwords to sign in to the AWS Management Console, AWS Discussion Forums, or AWS Support Center. In some cases, an IAM user name and password are05:38
mithrorequired to use a service, such as sending email with SMTP by using Amazon Simple Email Service.05:38
apsyeah, this link05:41
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apsmithro: so there is no instance running. Do I create one now? and what AMI, instance type, etc. options should I choose?05:52
mithroaps: so in the sydney region there should be an encoder AMI05:53
mithroWhat EC2 region is closest to debconf?05:53
apsUS west oregon?05:54
CarlFKwe are in Oregon even06:00
mithroaps: so first we should copy the AMI to that region06:03
apsokay, I see that you did that already?06:04
mithroI don't think I did :P06:04
mithroif there is an AMI already there then it's probably old?06:04
apsyeah it's old06:05
mithroaps: lets delete it and transfer across the latest AMI06:06
mithrowe need someone in the US who's up on all this06:06
mithroCarlFK: we need to get someone in your timezone who has experience with setting up / tear down of the streaming system06:08
apswell, it's weekend from tomorrow so I'll mostly be sleeping as per US times :P06:08
apsDeleted old AMI and initiated copy.06:11
mithroaps: awesome! thanks for all your help06:12
apshmm, I didn't expect copy to take this much time. Still at 0% progress06:13
mithroaps: it'll probably take minimum of 15 minutes06:13
mithrowe should look at using CARAM's docker stuff06:20
mithrobut not for debconf06:20
apsYes, flumotion-gst1.0 is not ready for production setup yet.06:20
mithroaps: what do we need to do to get it production ready? Was that in your final report?06:21
apsYes, DVSwitch component06:21
apsWould work if we don't use deinterlace effects06:23
mithroaps / mparuszewski_ / Niharika / tariq786 / tija / CARAM: Just a FYI, your final report should be a stand alone document. You should be able to give it to a potential employer or university lecturer and have them understand your GSoC project and why it was awesome for you. You can think of it as some personal / project "PR" in some ways.06:23
mithroaps / mparuszewski_ / Niharika / tariq786 / tija / CARAM: I'll hopefully review all the documents on the weekend06:24
CarlFKanything I am needed for? about bed time, will be up and starting to setting up rooms in 8 hours07:07
mithroCarlFK: not that I can think of atm07:22
apsIt's been 1 hour and 15 min, it's still setting it up07:25
apsmithro: okay, its up now07:25
mithroaps: great07:27
mithroaps: I don't know if your key made it into the AMI or not07:27
apsmithro: I need to be sure about other option, or do we choose defaults? like this is t2.micro right?07:29
mithroaps: no - it should be a c3.2xlarge07:30
mithroaps: for an encoder07:30
apsmithro: any other settings that I need to change?07:32
mithroaps: you'll need to set up a security group like the one in sydney first07:33
apsmithro: there's an existing group encoder. I should use that?07:34
mithroaps: possibly - compare it to the sydney one07:34
apsmithro: existing group has some extra rules for other ports, I should delete those?07:36
mithroaps: dunno - what are the ports? :P07:37
mithroaps: we should document the ports on the wiki somewhere07:37
apsmithro: 8800, 8000, 2222, 222407:38
apsand 7531 is there in sydney but not here07:38
apsI should make this same as syndey?07:39
mithroaps: lets start a wiki page on the streaming-system repo07:39
mithroaps: I think so07:39
mithro2222 is probably for ssh back tunnelling07:39
apsmithro: last step now, about ssh key pair. Can I upload my own pub key or I have to create new pair only?07:42
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apsmithro: I've started the instance07:57
mithroHave to create a new key pair I'm pretty sure08:11
mithroaps: please make sure you shut down the encoder when not in use08:12
apsokay I have sshed now08:17
mithroaps: btw are you using an elastic IP or just the IP it gave when you started it up?08:25
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apsmithro: I'm using public IP, I guess I should allocate an elastic IP.08:41
mithroelastic IPs only cost something when the machine isn't using it08:42
apsmithro: and by "shut down encoder when not in use" you mean just stop flumotion or shut down the machine?08:43
mithroaps: shut down the machine in AWS08:45
apsmithro: elastic IP is working, I'm changing IP in route5308:51
apsmithro: Can you quickly walk me once though steps required now?08:56
apsdon't want to do something wrong/stupid.08:56
apsI see that streaming-system files are already there so I don't need to run setup scripts?09:10
mithroI'll be back in 2 Ish hours09:13
mithroaps: yes. All the setup scripted have be run.09:13
mithroBefore Ami was created09:13
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rohitksinghmithro: ping09:46
apsrohitksingh: he'll be back in about 1.5 hours09:47
rohitksinghaps: ok! thanks for the info!09:47
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apsmithro: I did a crash course of tmux commands and hopefully I won't get lost in the panes now :P11:49
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apsmithro: you back? Should we test out Niharika's bug tracker in production today?12:24
Niharikaaps: Are you going to set it up somewhere? It's currently deployed on skay's box.12:29
apsNiharika: not sure. Right now, we might just redirect to her box.12:32
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Niharikaaps: Alright.12:33
apsNiharika: where are the instructions to set it up or link with existing box.12:34
Niharikaaps: To redirect to existing box, I suppose mithro already knows how to do that. I don't know. To set it up, the instrcutions are in my final report.12:35
mithroback now13:07
mithroaps: I'm unsure what CarlFK's plans are13:07
mithroaps: do you want to create a config.json.private?13:08
apsLike I was saying earlier, just walk me through steps required now to set encoders up.13:08
mithroaps: start up a machine using the AMI13:09
mithroaps: set hostname in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname (with hostname -F /etc/hostname)13:09
mithroaps: push config to it13:09
mithroaps: start watchdog / register processes inside tmux13:10
mithrothe hostname bit is pretty optional but useful to prevent confusion13:10
mithroaps: did you end up creating that port page?13:15
mithroI also need to head to bed ASAP13:15
apsmithro: what port page?13:16
mithrothe page for describing the TCP ports the streaming system needs13:20
tpbTitle: Ports · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at
apsmithro: what to put in config.private.json?13:22
mithroaps: well, we need to set up a bunch of rooms13:24
mithroaps: then deploy the config.private.json to the www.timvideos.us13:28
mithroaps: and get the IRC logbot running again13:28
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] mithro pushed 3 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master fffb8e3 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Making the Makefile use bash.13:33
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master a5e3eb7 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Continue to work when private/requirements.txt is missing.13:33
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master c7e3224 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Removing the code as has shutdown.13:33
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mithroaps: ping?13:46
mithroaps: I'm going to head to be pretty soon13:46
mithroI'll be back in like 8-9ish hours13:47
apsI've created private json with with one room right now, pushing it to see if things are ok13:47
mithroaps: you remember how to deploy it to the website?13:50
apsmithro: I think I still don't understand what I'm supposed to run where :/13:50
mithroaps: if you where setting up an encoder from scratch you would just use the scripts in tools/setup/13:51
mithrobut we ran them then created the encoder ami13:51
apsthis I understood13:52
apsI think my config could be wrong13:52
apsI dont know colector mixer IPs, what do I put there?13:52
mithrojust use DNS names and then you can just update route53 when you do13:52
apsso I need to create something like as well13:53
apsokay let me see what else13:53
apswe need to run pushconfig from what all places?13:55
rohitksinghmithro: do i use 'revert' or 'reset' for going back and redoing the structure? most links say 'reset --merge' or 'reset --hard' but one link says revert will also work13:56
apsI mean from encoder boxes as well as website?13:56
apsrohitksingh: I think you mean rebase?13:56
apsIf you're talking about git, that is.13:56
mithroaps: you run pushconfig on your local machine to send the flumotion configurations to the encoder13:57
rohitksinghaps: no undoing the merge13:57
apsmithro: oh :O13:57
mithroyou also need to manually copy the config.private.json to the website and then run the website setup stuff to deploy it13:57
apsyeah, I though I have to do this for encoders as well13:58
apsnow I understand14:00
mithrorohitksingh: there are many ways to "rewrite history" - git reset is one way, git rebase is another14:02
mithrogit revert just commits the opposite of a patch14:02
mithroanyway I need to sleep14:02
mithrognight everyone!14:02
rohitksinghmithro: good night!14:03
mithroaps: don't forget to shutdown the aws machine if you finish with it14:03
apsrohitksingh: I can help you with rewriting history later if you sleep late14:03
rohitksinghaps: yeah sure! thanks :) I'll be online. In meanwhile, let me try myself14:04
apsrohitksingh: you've seen x-men: days of future past. Git can fix history somewhat like that :D14:06
rohitksinghaps: haha! awesome! :D B-)14:06
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apsCarlFK: ping?17:07
apsCarlFK: I have setup most of the  stuff, just need to know the room names, schedule json, etc.17:26
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apsCarlFK: ?19:36
*** tija has quit IRC20:26
CarlFKaps: here - one room is setup - next 2 should be up in a few hours.  what is your schedule like?20:41
CarlFKI'll be back in under 30 min to see about getting the first room stream up and running20:41
apsCarlFK: It's weekend, so I won't be sleeping soon.20:42
apsYeah, we can run that stream.20:42
apsCarlFK: can you give me the room names and schedule json?20:42
CarlFK is what I get from the conference.  if you are going to code something, please code against the .json please :)20:44
tpbTitle: DebConf14Food Cart DinnerWelcome talkDebian in the Dark Ages of Free SoftwareWeapons of the Geek (at
CarlFKbb in 20 min20:44
CarlFKaps: runing off to see whats up with IPs on the 327 room - brb21:10
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CarlFKaps: I am in room 327/328. what do you need from me?21:30
apsCarlFK: you have a stream from collector box?21:31
CarlFKI can.. guessing I need to give it the hostname of an encoder?21:32
apsCarlFK: plenary.encoder.timvideos.us21:33
CarlFKum.. where do I put that on the collector ?21:36
CarlFK/usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml ?21:36
apsCarlFK: I guess you the config.json?21:37
apsprivate.json I mean21:37
CarlFKum.. I never used the pusher here.. I just edit the xml by hand21:38
CarlFKwhich is dumb.. but I never figured out how to use the pusher21:38
apslook for <component name="fgdp-audio-video" Under here update <property name="host">ENCODERHOST</property> replacing ENCODERHOST with the host name or IP address of your encoder.21:39
apsthis is from you own notes :P21:39
tpbTitle: Operating · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFKoh right :)21:40
CarlFKok dvswitch and encoder hostname set..21:40
CarlFKsudo service flumotion restart ... OK.21:40
apsoaky, let me try21:40
CarlFKbrb, I tink I need to turn on the twinpact21:41
apsCarlFK: I need ur IP21:41
apscollector ip21:41
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apsCarlFK: wave to me
apsCarlFK: okay now I need to populate the schedule data21:49
apsYou can show this to someone if you have to, or I'll stop encoder if we don't need this right now21:49
CarlFKkeep it up for .. 10 min or so so I can show someone21:55
CarlFKback - one persone has seen the streem!22:10
CarlFKany idea where the irc room names and irc server is set?22:13
CarlFKwe want #room_327/8 on irc.oftc.net22:13
apsCarlFK: channel we set in config json files, server is hard coded I guess22:14
apslet me check22:14
apsCarlFK: yeah, it's hardcoded. We can probably shift that also to config files22:21
CarlFK8 am saturday tim time.  I'll let him tweak the production server, I would hold off shifting to config till later22:23
apsits already 8:23 tim time22:23
apsif I'm not wrong :/22:24
apsbtw should I stop encoder now?22:24
CarlFKwhere are IRC channel names setup? (you have a .json right?)22:25
apsyes, in config.private.json22:26
CarlFKare there 3 or 4 encoders avalible ?22:31
CarlFKif 3, then we can swap plenary for room33822:31
CarlFKif 4, then lets setup the 3 for the talk rooms22:32
apsI think we can create as many as we want, I just created one for now22:32
CarlFKroom327/8, room329, room33822:32
apsokay, no plenary22:33
CarlFKyes plenary22:34
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: template_error DebConf14 (at
apsso, we need 3 rooms or 4?22:34
CarlFK4 would be good22:35
CarlFKPlenary is 3 talks tomorrow, then 3 more a week later22:35
CarlFK4 rooms: plenary,  room327/8, room329, room33822:40
CarlFKroom327/8 is what is on the schedule, room3278 is what I am using for host name22:40
CarlFKsorry for running off all the time22:47
apshaha, it's okay22:48
CarlFKI am still in room327/8 - so this should be the encoder?  room3278.encoder.timvideos.us23:08
apsI haven't created any other encoders right now, but yeah you should add that hostname23:09
apsCarlFK: and you should give me collectors IPs if and when you have them23:13
apsmithro: okay, questions. Do I create 3 more encoding machines?23:23
CarlFKaps: any idea why you need collector IPs?23:24
CarlFKmithro: ^^23:24
mithroI'm in a papers meeting all day23:24
CarlFKroom327/8 is
CarlFKmithro: we got one encoder up.  everything seems to be pretty good23:25
mithroyou are welcome to start up as many of encoders you need23:25
mithroI also have a bunch of offers from OpenStack people here23:26
apsCarlFK: oh, I thought those were needed by encoders by now I remember that we need them only for config pushing or for sshing into them.23:29
apsmithro: not running?23:30
mithroaps: no23:42
mithroaps: I have no idea what happened to preview23:57
apsmithro: is it also an ec2 box? we can login and see/fix23:59
mithroyes it was an ec2 box23:59

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