Monday, 2014-08-18

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mithroanyone want a invite to
mithro~seen xfxf_02:10
tpbmithro: xfxf_ was last seen in #timvideos 5 days, 21 hours, 15 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <xfxf_> you don't need phone coverage to hack on code, nice dodge attempt there ;)02:10
mithro~seen xfxf02:10
tpbmithro: xfxf was last seen in #timvideos 1 week, 5 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <xfxf> we definitely used to set this with the v2 api code because i remember hacking on it02:10
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shenkimithro: yep, i'll have an invite03:15
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CarlFKcan someone give me the github URL of the streaming-server schedule consumer code04:20
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CarlFK  might be what I am looking for04:43
tpbTitle: streaming-system/ at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: what should someone use as a starting point for making a new consumer ?04:54
CarlFKI am guessing pycon works with both symposin and zookeepr?04:55
mithroIdeally they should just modify that04:55
mithroCarlFK: the PyCon one is for the output of the pyohio site04:56
mithroBut I'd like to get rid of that one eventually04:56
CarlFKIdeally they should just modify .. which one?04:57
mithroEvent feed one04:57
mithroshenki: sent05:16
shenkimithro: thanks05:26
shenkimithro: ive managed to stuff it up already05:26
shenkimithro: i dind't save the password i set, and i can't find the 'reset password' link05:26
mithroshenki: logout and click the "reset password" on the login page?05:27
shenkimithro: i see05:29
shenkimithro: because that's the first thing everone will think of when they can't find their password "destroy my existing session!"05:29
shenkimithro: thanks :)05:29
shenkimithro: how did you come across this?05:29
mithroshenki: Henare shared it with me05:30
shenkimithro: cool05:30
shenkimithro: i feel like it should ask you to use gpg to verify someones message when you track them05:39
shenkii would have thought it would publish someone's pubkey to a key server too05:40
tpbTitle: Is there a reason why Keybase does not by default publish all of its public keys to the keyserver network? · Issue #890 · keybase/keybase-issues · GitHub (at
shenkithe 'Xanza' person comes across as a bit too dismissive of other's criticim05:46
tpbTitle: [Hypothetical] has received an NSL · Issue #901 · keybase/keybase-issues · GitHub (at
shenkinational security letter05:49
shenkiit's a thing the FBI can serve to someone in the US saying "you need to do what we say, and you're not allowed tell anyone about it, not even ask a judge if the NSL real"05:49
mithroif the FBI want to comprise me, I'm pretty sure they have much better ways :)06:02
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mithrohi rohitksingh!06:15
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mithroHi tija!06:16
tijamithro: hi06:16
mithromiselin: how's that script stuff going?06:16
rohitksinghmithro: Hi! Just saw your mails! Will write the report today and share it with you! And, we can do VC on Wednesday!06:17
mithrorohitksingh: I'm happy to do it either day06:17
tijashenki: Hi! Sorry to miss the VC! Had classes.06:18
rohitksinghmithro: great! I'm free on both days. Any day you prefer!06:19
mithrorohitksingh: okay, lets keep it on Wednesday06:20
shenkitija: no worries06:21
rohitksinghmithro: awesome! I'm going to test VGA capture using the rev02 PCB now. Will report how it goes06:22
mithrorohitksingh: awesome!06:23
shenkitija: have you had much time to work on your report?06:23
tijashenki: yeah I am working on in. Version 1 will be ready today. I am using google docs so you can comment easily. I guess you blogger doesn't work?06:24
miselinmithro: it's going, somewhat. I've been oncall but that ends tonight, which should make things a bit easier06:25
miselinmithro: it's worth noting also that the AWS secret you set me up with doesn't have access to the xilinx AMI06:25
mithromiselin: did you ask shenki for access?06:26
miselinyeah, but that needs an AWS numeric account ID, can't share to a key or something06:27
mithromiselin: I'm pretty sure the account I set up for you has it's own AWS numeric account ID?06:27
shenkitija: okay06:28
shenkitija: lets not worry about a VC, use the time to work on the report06:28
tijashenki: okay!06:28
shenkitija: ping me when you're done, and we can have a vc to discuss it06:29
shenkitija: keeping in mind that im gone from Friday onwards06:29
mithroshenki: which region is your Xilinx AMI in?06:36
shenkimithro: SYD06:39
mithroshenki: and you gave my account access to the AMI?06:40
shenkimithro: i have, i think06:40
mithroshenki: ahh you have06:40
mithroshenki: I don't seem to be able to copy the AMI?06:41
shenkimithro: hrm?06:42
shenkimithro: you're trying to copy regions? I can do that if you want...06:43
mithroshenki: I was trying to see if I could copy it into my own account06:50
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tvCommitBot[HDMI2USB] miselin opened pull request #93: tools: added, which starts an EC2 instance with the Xilinx tools available. (master...master)
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tpbTitle: Unable to use more than 32 XR21v14x ttyUSB devices · Issue #2 · shenki/exar-uart-driver · GitHub (at
mithroshenki: ha! :P07:21
mithroshenki: get that upstream and then abandon ship! :P07:28
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apsmithro: not sure what else to write in "community outcome" section :/09:01
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rohitksingh1mithro: Hi! Some interesting and exciting results! :) Previous flickering were definitely due to PCB! :) I'm getting really good results! Will take a video today! B-)10:21
rohitksingh1Interesting thing is that, my first code iteration (without any FIFO) is working excellent! Whereas my FIFO code refuses to work with this. :/ Maybe because I specially wrote this code for reducing flickering?10:21
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shenkirohitksingh1: nice results, well done!11:34
rohitksingh1shenki: Thanks! :) Its the fruit of guidance from you, mithro, Joelw and CarlFK!11:40
mithrorohitksingh1: video?11:41
rohitksingh1mithro: I haven't recorded yet! Will do tonight11:41
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apsmithro: you got one more keybase invite?11:44
mithroI got 8 more!11:44
apsmithro: I'd like to have one. Thanks!11:46
mithromessage me the email you want me to send too11:46
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1JTAAEWWZ[HDMI2USB] mithro closed pull request #93: tools: added, which starts an EC2 instance with the Xilinx tools available. (master...master)
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92AAALJ4H[HDMI2USB] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master:
92AAALJ4HHDMI2USB/master ce10b5a Matthew Iselin: tools: added, which starts an EC2 instance with the Xilinx tools available. This works towards the goal of CI in EC2.11:54
92AAALJ4HHDMI2USB/master 30fe78e Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #93 from miselin/master...11:54
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apsmithro: something you should care about?  --
tpbTitle: HTTP Shaming — TripIt insecurely broadcasts sensitive travel details in calendar feeds; could destroy your vacation (at
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travis-ci[travis-ci] timvideos/HDMI2USB#26 (master - 30fe78e : Tim Ansell): The build passed.12:21
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travis-ci[travis-ci] Build details :
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slowguyhey guys how is the mjpeg core optimization going12:29
slowguymithro: ^13:07
slowguyshenki: ^13:07
mithroslowguy: ajit has done some good work on it13:07
mithroslowguy: I believe we can do 30fps now13:07
mithroslowguy: but I haven't repoed the results recently13:07
mithroajit will be posting a end of GSoC thing soon13:08
slowguyright thankx13:08
slowguyajit on irc?13:08
mithrotija on IRC13:08
mithrohe's back at Uni so won't be round much13:08
mithroslowguy: who are you again? :P13:10
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apsCarlFK: I've created the final GSoC report. Feel free to suggest any improvements --
tpbTitle: Final GSoC Report - Google Docs (at
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rohitksinghmithro: Here's the video of VGA capture using latest PCB. Kindly excuse the mad auto-focus and bad quality (although I did upload the video @720p, but can't see the 720p option during playback in youtube). Sorry for the delay, it took greater than 4:30 hours to upload a 5min video (333MB file)21:02
tpbTitle: VGA Capture using PCB Rev02 - YouTube (at
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