Sunday, 2014-08-17

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Niharikamithro: Ping.05:56
mithroNiharika: pong06:07
mithroNiharika: I saw your open pull request06:07
mithroI'm unsure if I'll get to it before end ot GSOC06:07
Niharikamithro: Okay.06:07
mithroNiharika: will try and look at it today06:07
Niharikamithro: No worries. Just wanted to make sure you saw it.06:07
mithroNiharika: yeah, get email and IRC notifications :)06:08
mithroNiharika: how's the GSoC final report going?06:12
Niharikamithro: Writing the final part. Should be done by tonight.06:12
mithroNiharika: feedback added07:09
mithroshenki_: ping?07:10
shenki_mithro: pong07:14
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mithroshenki: how's things going?07:14
mithroshenki: I'm working on trying to figure out my RX port issues on the prod board at the moment in the maker space07:14
shenkimithro: not bad. back in Adelaide after a busy week in Canberra, just chatching up on misc emails07:14
shenkimithro: cool07:14
shenkimithro: this is the mod to correct the misplaced clock signals?07:15
mithroshenki: no, I've yet to get the "good" port working at all07:15
shenkiah okay07:15
shenkimithro: i'll be afk from thursday arvo, and away from any form of net access as of saturday, for a week07:16
shenkimithro: so hopefully ajit will have his report done by then07:17
apsmithro: tim from #gstreamer told me that we need to return true/false (return code of the _sinkSetCaps function) in the event handler when we get caps event. So, I tried that but still negotiation error.07:19
apsmithro: Another thing to note is that, negotiation error occurs in videorate but there was never a set_setcaps_function in there
tpbTitle: flumotion-orig/ at porting-to-gst1.0 · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
mithroshenki: okay07:22
mithroshenki: I believe some universities in India have started back already07:22
mithroaps: okay07:22
mithroaps: I'd love to help you debug further but have to really concentrate on trying to figure out the issue with this HDMI2USB design07:22
apsmithro: no problem, we can continue this after GSoC maybe?07:23
mithroaps: sure, definately07:23
apsSo, I guess I should not be sending any pull request for now.07:24
shenkimithro: yeah, he's back at classes07:28
mithroaps: I think we should make a flumotion-gst1.0 repo or something under the timvideos repo07:32
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mithroshenki: you still about?09:42
shenkimithro: yep09:52
mithroshenki: got 30 minutes to help me understand what is going on here?09:54
mithroshenki: could use a brain to bounce ideas off10:00
shenkimithro: sure10:05
shenkimithro: ive got 10 minutes10:05
mithroshenki: I think what I'm seeing is that one of the selection resistors is wrong10:07
mithroshenki: when I measure the resistance across the resister I'm getting non-zero10:07
mithroshenki: do you know of any way a "fails"?10:08
mithroshenki: I'm thinking that a pad could lifted or something10:11
shenkimithro: hrm? the resistor is a zero ohm link?10:11
mithrowell it's suppose to be10:11
mithroit works10:12
* shenki brushes his hands together10:12
shenkijob done10:12
mithroI jumpered the a wire over the resistor10:13
shenkimithro: what did you change?10:13
shenkiso it's loaded at the wrong value? or just a faulty part?10:13
mithroshenki: not sure - I was seeing the same behaviour with both boards10:13
mithroshenki: now it appears when I start sending RX data the output stops working10:23
mithroshenki: which I think is a clocking issue10:23
mithrowell I have input going to the output now!11:40
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shenkimithro: nice!12:45
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shenkimithro: nice setup13:34
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rohitksinghmithro: Got the PCB to respond! (Finally!!) Its properly taking commands and correctly detecting number of HSYNCs per VYSNC! Going for sleep now. Will test VGA capture using it tomorrow morning!21:32
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CARAMhey aps anything new I need to make sure is in ported docker images?23:09
apsCARAM: not yet, I hope it will be easy to pull changes into the docker image?23:11
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CARAMif you are pushing them to the same spot, I just run a rebuild23:11
CARAMso yes23:11
apsCARAM: and is it easy to change this "spot"? I meant point it to another repo?23:14
CARAMyeah sure23:14

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