Monday, 2014-08-11

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tijashenki: Hi03:30
shenkitija: hello!03:41
shenkitija: long time no chat03:42
shenkitija: how are things?03:42
tijashenki: was working on control port via uart. It is almost ready.03:42
shenkitija: cool03:43
tijashenki: vc?03:44
shenkitija: yep. give me a sec03:52
shenkitija: im in03:54
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mithrohey rohitksingh05:13
rohitksinghmithro: Hi!05:14
mithroI've been away from work for 3 weeks so trying to dig my way out of 3 weeks of missing stuff - but we should sync up sometime05:15
mithrorohitksingh: how is the new PCBs going?05:15
mithroI also haven't reviewed people's snippets yet05:15
mithromparuszewski: ping?05:15
mparuszewskimithro: pong05:16
mithromparuszewski: did you get those instructions / information stuff I was requesting done?05:16
rohitksinghmithro: I assembled it yesterday. The power supplies were working fine, but the IC wasn't responding to I2C! :( I double checked all the connections, they were fine. Maybe IC should damaged by too much heat from hot-air station. I'll try with my spare AD9984A IC today05:17
rohitksingh*IC got damaged05:17
mparuszewskiI have updated readme in getting started and added wiki articles to getting started :)05:18
mithrorohitksingh: you should order more05:19
mparuszewskiOn my blog I wrote what I have to do till end of gsoc
tpbTitle: pino IT / ruby / developer: [GSoC Snippet] 10/08/2014 (at
mithromparuszewski: I have a whole bunch of stuff to log in an issue tracker about the website05:21
rohitksinghmithro: Yeah. All my samples from Analog Devices will get exhausted today, once, I replace this IC with my last spare one.  Also, I'm exhausted of ADP3334 v.regs. Will order today itself.05:22
mithrorohitksingh: where can we purchase the VGA chips from?05:23
mparuszewskiI would like to know what can I do for you now, what have the highest priority05:24
rohitksinghmithro: Digikey, Mouser, Element14 all have the AD9984A ICs05:25
mithrorohitksingh: okay, we should organise to get enough to populate the PCB's you have05:25
aps-sidsmithro: Hi! I figured out that problem was a caps negotiation problem in one of the effects in the EffectBin (Deinterlace + Videorate + Videoscale + Audioconvert) applied over DVSwitch flumotion component. By removing this Effect Bin, I was able to successfully stream the video.05:28
aps-sidsI'm not sure if we really need to fix this or we can live without these effects. One way could be adding these directly in the pipeline here --
aps-sidsmithro: Another good news, CARAM was able to "watch" a test stream using docker with the ported flumotion.05:28
tpbTitle: flumotion-orig/ at porting-dvswitch · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
shenkimithro: where does your UCF generation spreadsheet live?05:40
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB/ at generate-ucf · mithro/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB Variants - Google Tabellen (at
shenkimithro: thanks05:43
shenkimithro: is it self documenting?05:44
shenkimithro: i plan to make it go for the zybo05:44
mithroshenki: probably not :P05:44
aps-sidsmithro: I had a question, does this line look wrong to you?  --  (this exists before the porting started)05:50
tpbTitle: flumotion-orig/ at porting-to-gst1.0 · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
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mithroaps-sids: you have private messages06:26
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rohitksingh1mithro: A problem I'm encountering is that PCB's pads are getting detached quite easily. Never experienced this with Jahanzeb's PCBs. Have 2 PCBs discarded due to this problem. Latest one was the completely assembled one, so will have to do whole soldering from scratch on another PCB :/13:17
mithrorohitksingh1: if your lifting pads then your soldering iron / air rework station is probably too hot13:18
mithrorohitksingh1: I would also recommend asking in #hackvana about it too13:19
rohitksingh1mithro: Seems so. Thanks for the link13:19
rohitksingh1mithro: One more issue. Would it be possible to either prepone or postpone tomorrow's VC? Because I'll be in college tomorrow13:20
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mithrorohitksingh: okay, when is better?13:24
rohitksinghmithro: I'm okay with today or day-after-tomorrow13:25
mithrocan't do today as I need to go home to bed soon13:26
rohitksinghmithro: How about day-after-tomorrow? Or, any other day you find convenient13:27
mithrorohitksingh: wednesday at the same time work?13:28
rohitksinghmithro: yeah. same time as usual VC13:29
rohitksinghmithro: Got the mail. Thanks!13:29
mithrorohitksingh: awesome13:30
mithrorohitksingh: I haven't looked at your (or any other student's blog) recently13:31
mithrorohitksingh: will hopefully get to that tomorrow13:31
rohitksinghmithro: awesome!13:31
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mithroshenki: my parent's will drop the Xilinx JTAG cable around sometime14:29
mithroshenki: if they haven't already14:29
shenkimithro: okay, thanks14:29
shenkimithro: im in canberra still, but mandy is home14:29
mithroshenki: oh, you have an EC2 machine with the Xilinx tools installed right?14:30
shenkimithro: yep14:30
mithroshenki: could you create an AMI from it and share it with me?14:30
mithroshenki: and miselin14:30
shenkimithro: err... i'll learn how to do that, yep14:30
mithroshenki: right click on the machine "create AMI" I think14:31
mithroor something similar to that14:31
shenkimithro: okay, it's generating it now14:34
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shenkimithro: what's your AWS acct number?14:38
shenkimithro: okay. it's still pending, and i can't add you until that's done14:40
mithroshenki: yeah - stupid interface14:41
mithroshenki: you using tripit yet?14:43
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shenkimithro: yeah, i use tripit14:45
mithroshenki: you got pro?14:45
shenkimithro: nup14:46
shenkimithro: i don't travel enough...yet14:46
shenkimithro: almost had to go to austin next week14:47
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mithroshenki: it's a tax deduction and your work might get it for free14:49
mithroshenki: then you can auto-share your trips with me and I can stalk you :P14:49
mithroshenki: did you find that xmsgs-tools stuff via looking into the Zynq stuff?14:59
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tvCommitBot[HDMI2USB] cfelton opened pull request #92: DCT1 register initial vs. register reset values. (master...master)
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CarlFKmithro: how did you do streaming music between talks?19:29
aps-sidsCarlFK: I'd say, using flumotion loop producer.19:39
CarlFKwell, I don't want to do something new.19:40
CarlFKin fact, I don't really want music.. but wondering what was done before19:40
aps-sidsYou just need to add a component in the config file. But I don't know what was actually used.19:41
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