Sunday, 2014-08-10

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aps-sidsCarlFK: Have a look at
tpbTitle: PROBLEM FOUND. MUST FIX. | GSoC '14 Progress Blog (at
aps-sidsCarlFK: Do we really need to use these effects?00:05
CarlFKaps-sids: hmm.. Deinterlace... um.. I understand what it is, I am 1/2 understand how to deal with it00:10
CarlFKI think the answer to your question is:00:11
CarlFKwe can live without it.00:11
CarlFKit may degrade picture quality, and maybe enough to make people annoyed.00:11
aps-sidsCarlFK: I have generated two small FLVs (using dv source from your dvsmon and videotestsrc) without using these effects. I'll send you these so you can see quality difference.00:39
tpbTitle: GSoC test video files (at
CarlFKdoes my dvsmon and videotestsrc have the bouncing ball feed?00:41
CarlFKI think that will bring out the problem  (jagged edges when something is moving)00:41
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aps-sidsI'll try with that00:43
aps-sidsCarlFK: shared another file in same folder00:49
CarlFKlooks fine to me00:52
CarlFKI think that means something is doing the interlacing00:53
aps-sidsI think we can use these elements directly in pipeline.00:54
aps-sidsBut some values will be hard-coded00:55
CarlFKum.. what?00:55
aps-sidsI mean we can add these elements (videorate, deinterlace, etc) into the pipeline string here --
tpbTitle: flumotion-orig/ at porting-dvswitch · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
CarlFKI suspect that is just fine.  I would think it is better to keep the dvswitch-gstreamer component simple and use .. um.. external? gstreamer components01:03
CarlFKnot to mention whatever you have done seems to work, and nothing smells like a bad hack01:03
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shenkimithro: hey, where does your ucf generator live?12:27
shenkimithro: google docs is just sitting there saying "Waiting..." when i try to search for docs from you12:27
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