Thursday, 2014-08-07

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aps-sidsCARAM_: just got up. you still around?04:37
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aps-sidsCARAM: okay. Your container is based on which OS?04:44
CARAMit's precise right now but I think mithro was thinking trusty04:44
CARAMhonestly, whatever you believe easiest should work04:45
aps-sidsCARAM: the unported flumotion works on precise and our reason for porting is that it should work on trusty. Do you first need to run unported version to make sure it works without any problem? I'm not sure how docker works, so don't know how much effort it is to change OS and get ported version running.04:46
CARAMaps-sids: no, shouldn't need to get unported to trusty04:48
CARAMif you can tell me how I can get it running on trusty, I can probably get it into a trusty container :)04:49
aps-sidsokay, wait a sec04:50
tpbTitle: Running flumotion on Ubuntu Trusty (at
aps-sidsCARAM: you can run commands on terminal in docker right?05:03
aps-sidsokay. Just try and ping me if there is some issue.05:03
CARAMsure. going to head out for the night, but I'll ping you tomorrow if there's any issue05:04
CarlFKaps-sids: you can, and many do.. but 'normal' use doesn't have a full OS install, just the one app and libs05:04
CarlFKat least thats what I have learned at docker talks :)05:04
aps-sidsCarlFK: Okay, I guess then we install flummotion and run it as a service, like we do in streaming-system. This is easier for testing and easily fixing if some problem is there.05:07
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aps-sidsslomo_: I figured out that my error was due to caps negotiation problem in videorate element, which is used in flumotion as an effect in a bin along with capsfilter element. But I don't know how to fix this :(08:40
aps-sidsHere's a grep of debug log -- Please see if you can help08:40
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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aps-sidsI just noticed that I had my google/gmail password lying in one of my github repos for more than one year! :/10:12
techman83whenever I write something, Auth credential storage outside the repo happens first10:13
techman83(I have made a similar, less dire, sooner noticed mistake)10:14
aps-sidsThankfully, I am not very famous and no one noticed it :P10:14
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shenkiive found a tool on github that parses the xilinx ISE logs and pretty prints the warnings, lets you filter by severity, etc11:45
shenkixmsgs-tools it's called11:45
shenkianyway, there are about 30 'severe warnings', most of which (ive looked at 16 so far) were innocent warnings11:46
shenkibut ive just found one where we assign a 8 bit wire into a 7 bit register!11:46
shenkimithro: ^11:46
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tvCommitBot[HDMI2USB] shenki opened pull request #90: Suppress severe warnings (master...suppress_severe_warnings)
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shenkianyone who wants to review a verilog pull request, please take a look at the above and comment on the issue - even if it's just that it looks good!12:30
shenkimithro: should this have worked?
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community (at
aps-sidsthaytan: I figured out that my error was due to caps negotiation problem in videorate element, which is used in flumotion as an effect in a bin along with capsfilter element. But I don't know how to fix this :(12:54
aps-sidsHere's a grep of debug log -- Please see if you can help12:54
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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CARAMmithro: how important is reloading a config without restarting register?19:33
CARAMI know we talked about it a day ago and you didn't like the idea19:33
CARAMthe problem is, I currently bake the config into the image because the ways docker gives you to add configuration to containers is kind of limited19:35
CARAMso right now, a new config means we gotta rebake the container and then start it up again.19:36
CARAMwhich is pretty painless. but register is going to drop during that time19:36
CarlFKCARAM: how long does it take to rebake?19:36
CARAMalmost instant19:37
CARAMdue to the way docker does it's cool commit thing19:37
CARAMI mean, probably like a second19:37
CARAMor two of downtime19:37
CarlFKok, so not a show stopper.19:38
CARAMnot at all19:38
aps-sidsCARAM: Any luck with running ported flumotion on trusty container?19:39
CARAMsec aps-sids19:42
CARAMit's building, I'll let you know how it goes20:00
CarlFKyou experts will let the play in the background...
tpbTitle: - Docker 101: Meet the portable future (tutorial) (at
CarlFKer, if you want to..   1/2 cuz maybe you will learn something, and 1/2 to comment on problems (either video quality or content20:01
CARAMaps-sids: having AttributeError: 'EPollReactor' object has no attribute 'listenWith'20:16
CARAMis this the twisted 11 thing?20:16
aps-sidsCARAM: yeah, just wait. I'll push the fix for this20:31
aps-sidsCARAM: please pull changes20:36
aps-sidsthis will fix this issue20:36
aps-sidsCarlFK: Where are volume and other controls for this video?20:37
CarlFKhmm.. sounds like the subtitle wrapper ..20:37
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aps-sidsCarlFK: sound is breaking at some places. Is that an equipment problem or streaming-system issue?20:43
CarlFKwell, "streaming-system" to mean means the live stream part, and outside of what touches the content that gets uploaded20:45
CarlFKso no, if thats what you mean :p20:45
CarlFKwhat time does it ocurr at?20:45
aps-sidsCarlFK: Isn't the flumotion disker component used to save feed to disk? I thought that was used20:46
tpbTitle: Docker 101: Meet the portable future (tutorial) - YouTube (at
CARAMaps-sids: okay rebuilding20:49
CarlFKaps-sids: no - audio -> camera-> firewire->laptop->dvswitch->disk20:50
aps-sidsCarlFK: ah, then probably mic issue20:50
CarlFKdvswitch  -> streaming-system (not exactly sure how.. something that gets run on the collector connects to dvswitch's output.20:51
aps-sidsyeah, flumotion dvswitch component does that20:52
aps-sidsBreaking sound killed my excitement :(20:53
CarlFKswell.. yeah.. that's bad.20:56
CarlFKchecking .dv files20:57
aps-sids I almost always faced this problem while covering events at my university (I'm part of the dept. that handles that). So, we keep a backup recoding from camera's built-in mic in case things go really bad.20:59
CarlFKoh!  yay!! I have that!21:00
CarlFKomg silly me.21:00
CarlFKI feed the PA system into the left and use the mic for right21:01
CarlFKdefault encode params are : copy left to right21:01
CarlFKI think "mix to mono" will be good here21:01
aps-sidsCARAM: Any luck?21:04
CARAMjust finished building21:05
CARAMlet me try the test streams21:05
aps-sidsCARAM: It's almost 3 AM here and I'm waiting for your results so I can sleep peacefully :P21:24
CARAM aps-sids: it's complaining missing X21:24
aps-sidsmissing what?21:25
CARAMwhich sounds like something that I might have to resolve21:25
CARAMI can show you the output, sec21:25
tpbTitle: INFO [ 22] jelly Aug 07 21:26:51 - (at
aps-sidshrm,  ImportError: Gtk3 requires X11, and no DISPLAY environment variable is set21:30
aps-sidsCARAM: try this21:31
CARAMnot sure what it needs gtk for, because this is the worker output21:31
aps-sidsexport DISPLAY=:99.021:31
aps-sidssh -e /etc/init.d/xvfb start21:31
CARAMgotta install xvfb heh21:32
aps-sidsjust try with 1st line21:32
aps-sidsif it fails, then try 2nd21:32
aps-sidsas well21:32
CARAMthey're warning nows21:34
CARAMwe get a bunch of (flumotion-job:571): GStreamer-WARNING **: gstpad.c:4555:store_sticky_event:<eater:default-identity:src> Sticky event misordering, got 'segment' before 'caps'21:35
aps-sidsCARAM: ignore those21:35
aps-sidssee if stream is running21:35
CARAMwhat port is output on?21:36
aps-sidsCARAM: see
aps-sidsin browser or  "gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri="21:38
aps-sidsCARAM: got something?21:40
CARAMno dice21:41
CARAMlast output from worker21:41
CARAMINFO  [   17] "manager-bouncer"                htpasswdcrypt     Aug 07 21:41:09      removed keycard with id 20140807213901-10 (flumotion/component/bouncers/
aps-sidsumm. this would be from manager I guess21:42
aps-sidsCARAM: In a new terminal run this,   "gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri="21:42
CARAMwant the output?21:43
tpbTitle: Setting pipeline to PAUSED ... Pipeline is PREROLLING ... INFO [ 105] - (at
aps-sidsCARAM: ah, can you access this stream running on port 8800 from outside the container?21:45
CARAMthis was from inside the container21:45
CARAMand I tested with tcp forwarding to 8800, yes21:45
aps-sidsOpen this in your web browser
aps-sidsreplace this ip with IP of container (if thats something else)21:46
CARAMyes, I've tried21:46
aps-sidsand what happens?21:46
CARAMno connection21:47
CARAMas if there isn't anything listening21:47
CARAMweird thing is I have flumotion jobs running21:47
aps-sidsWell, then there's some issue with port forwarding maybe. We access container using
CARAMdoes the output that I run from inside container look correct?21:49
CARAMI think I forwarded correctly21:49
aps-sidsgst-launch command is not working since you dont have anything installed to play the video21:49
aps-sidsdo one thing, give me whole output of manager21:50
CARAMthanks for patience, was having issues with the container for a sec21:57
CARAMhere it is21:57
tpbTitle: [email protected]:/flumotion-orig# cat manage.log INFO [ 525] - (at
CARAMworker output here21:59
tpbTitle: [email protected]:/flumotion-orig# cat worker.log INFO [ 528] - (at
aps-sidssee the manager output. audio, video producers and encoders, muxer and streamer all are "happy". This ideally means stream is working :)22:00
aps-sidsCarlFK: mithro yay! ^^^22:01
CarlFKaps-sids: yay!!!22:01
CarlFKum.. I am excited.. but what am I really excited about?22:02
aps-sidsCarlFK: That you will soon upgrade to Trusty :P22:02
CARAMso you are sure it is a forwarding issue?22:02
aps-sidsCARAM: it should be that.22:03
CarlFKaps-sids: does this mean we don't need to compile so many things?22:03
CarlFKlike less make and more apt-get22:04
aps-sidsCarlFK: If that's how docker works, then yes.22:04
CarlFKoh, so the flumotion stuff is still on the older versions22:05
CARAMyou are right, it is forwarding issue22:05
CARAMsorry for wasting your time22:05
CarlFKbut I can now drop the whole thing onto anything22:05
CarlFKthats good too ;)22:05
CARAMoh duh22:06
CARAMit's not localhost, it's the virtualbox vm22:06
aps-sidsCarlFK: there are two things happening here. flumotion is using gstreamer 1.2.4 now and you have a container which is easy to use.22:09
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CarlFKflumotion is using gstreamer 1.2.4  - I think that means apt-get.. bye!22:10
CarlFKI need to run too.. din with pycon chair in an hour22:10
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CarlFKflumotion is using gstreamer 1.2.4  - I think that means apt-get.. bye!22:28
CarlFKI need to run too.. din with pycon chair in an hour22:29
aps-sidsokay. I'm about to sleee...   zzzz22:30
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