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JoelwInitially I'd just trigger on any transition in either sample and see what it looks like00:00
JoelwEither signal, rather00:01
JoelwSo the match condition would be 'B' (either transition)00:02
JoelwThen set up a trigger using that match condition00:02
JoelwYou might have to do an either transition condition for each signal (e.g. SCK and SDA) and then OR them together00:03
mithroJoelw: okay00:16
mithroso, I'm not quite sure how that maps to the UI :)00:17
mithroJoelw: do I need to do that in the Core Inserter or the ChipScope inspector?00:18
JoelwAfter you've inserted it and built and uploaded the bit file, in the other GUI thing00:23
mithroJoelw: getting screenshot now00:24
mithroJoelw: http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=1866600:25
tpbTitle: ImgBin.Org: The #1 site for free, fast image hosting (at imgbin.org)00:25
mithroJoelw: that is where I'm at00:28
JoelwOK, so you captured 1024 samples where every signal was high00:28
JoelwIs your rst active high or low?00:28
mithroJoelw: good question :P00:31
mithroif (~rst_n) begin00:32
mithroJoelw: btw - this is the chipscope setup -> http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=1866700:33
tpbTitle: ImgBin.Org: The #1 site for free, fast image hosting (at imgbin.org)00:33
JoelwShould be fine..00:34
JoelwIf not (active low reset)? Confusing! :) What's driving rst?00:35
mithroJoelw: it appears to be driven by an external pin00:36
mithroNET "rst_n"             LOC = "T15"  | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33;                                                           # (M0) Reset Pin00:37
JoelwIs your reset circuit synchronous or asynchronous?00:37
Joelw(is rst_n in your always statement?)00:37
mithroJoelw: what's an always statement :P00:38
JoelwIn the code, it's the statement that defines a process' sensitivity list00:38
JoelwAre you debugging a VHDL or Verilog module?00:39
JoelwIn VHDL, it'll be the process() bit00:39
mithroit's not in the process sensitivity list00:40
JoelwIn that case, you may have an asynchronous external input being used synchronously without synchronisation! :(00:41
JoelwNot that big a deal for a reset, but might be worth fixing00:42
mithroJoelw: so, if rst_n is 1, then if(~rst_n) is going to be entered right?00:42
JoelwYeah, I guess so00:43
JoelwAnyway, try setting a match condition of scl_q == B00:43
JoelwThen re-running it00:44
mithroJoelw: so under the "match" column I should just replace "X" with "B" ?00:45
JoelwSure! X is don't care, B is any transition00:45
mithroJoelw: it's just sitting at "Waiting for Trigger"00:47
mithroaah ha!00:47
mithroJoelw: what does "B" mean?00:48
Joelw"Sure! X is don't care, B is any transition"00:49
mithroJoelw: can I set "B" on all the signals on the port? IE trigger on any pin doing a transition00:50
Joelw"You might have to do an either transition condition for each signal (e.g. SCK and SDA) and then OR them together"00:51
JoelwOtherwise it might only trigger if both signals have a transition00:51
JoelwI can't say for sure though - test it and see?00:51
mithroJoelw: yeah, that is what happens if I set B on all the signal00:54
mithroJoelw: it sits there "Waiting for Trigger"00:54
mithroJoelw: I can't figure out how to add a second trigger condition?00:55
mithroI mean a second "Match" condition00:56
JoelwErrr... I don't really remember that00:58
JoelwJust try it on the clock signal for now?00:59
mithroJoelw: yeah, the clock signal looks really weird :/00:59
mithroJoelw: gah, I just lost it01:04
mithrochipscope doesn't like my window manager very much01:04
mithroJoelw: I accidently killed chipscope and now I need to rebuild because I changed the signals01:07
JoelwIt's great when you've got it all set up, but it does tend to make debugging a bit slower when you're fiddling lots - especially when the core makes P&R take ages longer01:09
shenkiJoelw: have you signaltap, the Altera equiv to chipscope?01:10
Joelwshenki: No, I've only used Altera stuff for a couple of hours all up01:11
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mithroJoelw: I need to upgrade awesome to a newer version which makes it a reparenting window manager and then the javascript will fight with it less01:13
JoelwGood luck!01:13
shenkiJoelw: okay. i used them at my last job, and found it pretty good01:17
shenkiJoelw: the hardest part was selecting the right clocks to sample from01:18
shenkiJoelw: but that was more an issue of not having designed the system, so i didn't know what to look for01:18
JoelwYeah! Unless you have a very well documented (debug) interface, there's a lot of just probing random things until you find something you care about01:18
mithroJoelw: so setting rst_n to a hard 0, everything stops working01:24
mithroJoelw: trying with a rst_n hard 101:25
mithroshenki: I set building of pull requests off for the repo01:34
mithroshenki: a guy here is working on getting the EC2 build stuff working01:34
shenkimithro: "a guy here"? Where are you?01:41
mithroshenki: at PyCon AU sprints01:41
shenkiah, of course01:41
shenkimithro: shouldn't it be the same as with hdmi2usb? except you just use the ec2 tool to fire up the VM first01:42
shenkiec2-run-instances foo bar baz01:42
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mithroshenki: yes01:43
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xfxfCarlFK: it's wierd being at a conference and not doing AV, isn't it?01:53
xfxfi don't know what to do with myself ;)01:53
CarlFKno kidding!01:53
mithroshenki: he's working on using libcloud to start up stuff01:53
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pcmattmanshenki: mithro noted you might be interested in https://gist.github.com/miselin/e3e64b105d7656e3ebea (atlys usb uart port on new ubuntu w/o drivers)01:56
tpbTitle: gist:e3e64b105d7656e3ebea (at gist.github.com)01:56
CarlFKxfxf: you were asking for priorities - my pick is gst-switch - figure out how to install (I think this is easy) and do something similar to what we do with dvswitch: feed it an input (even moc) and write a file to disk01:58
CarlFKI have tried a few times and seem to run out of spoons before I can accomplish anything01:59
shenkipcmattman: hrm? what do you mean?02:03
shenkipcmattman: the device is almost a standard usb-cdc acm device02:03
shenkipcmattman: the vendor driver is the upstream usb-cdc driver with a few changes02:03
shenkipcmattman: the upstream driver kind of works, but not quite. my plan was to work out what made it "not quite" and add those bits upstream02:04
shenkiwithout bringing in all of the ioctls that the vendor driver has02:04
mithroshenki: ahh, I thought it didn't even enumerate02:04
shenkimithro: nup02:05
shenkimithro: it pretty much works, you can connect to it and it will give you junk bytes02:05
shenkimithro: i assume the chip is in some default state, wrt baud rates and the like, so if your system runs at those settings, it will Just Work02:05
mithroJoelw: this is what I'm getting now02:07
mithroJoelw: http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2014-08-05_12_03_54-rARSZifQ.png02:07
tpbTitle: PicPaste - Screenshot_from_2014-08-05_12_03_54-rARSZifQ.png (at picpaste.com)02:07
mithrogoing to lunch, be back in 30-45 minutes02:11
shenkiis that motif?02:11
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Joelwshenki: I think it's Java Swing02:47
Joelwmithro: That clock does look a little bit like a data line, and your data line looks like nothing at all02:49
JoelwWhat are the drivers?02:49
shenkimithro: i used the github editor, and it let me commit straight to the repo02:50
shenkimithro: in the past ive used it and it generates a branch and pull request for you02:50
shenkibut i guess in those cases i didn't have commit rights to the repo02:50
shenkimithro: anyway, we have the travis badge on the hdmi2usb page now02:50
shenkiJoelw: ah02:51
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shenkino Justin Beiber for me03:18
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xfxfCarlFK: yo, does your youtube v3 script update the licence?  i can't see anything in the code and your recent videos seem to have wrong/default licence04:47
CarlFKgood q.  I am not sure what my options are with youtube04:48
CarlFKxfxf: what is correct?04:51
xfxfthe guys here have written their own post processing system04:53
xfxfi just poked at the reference docs and their code looks correct04:53
xfxfand you both based it off the same youtube example04:53
xfxfand re correct, i'd assume creative commons for most things04:54
xfxfwe definitely used to set this with the v2 api code because i remember hacking on it04:54
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mithroJoelw: is there a way to make chipscope probe pins?06:25
mithroJoelw: I concur with the sck pin looking like data06:25
tariq786mithro: yes06:26
mithrotariq786: how?06:27
tariq786mithro: if you are using xilinx ise suite06:27
tariq786mithro: you have to instantiate controller and logic anlayzer cores in your design06:27
mithrotariq786: yes, I have that done - the problem is connecting the probes directly to io pins06:28
tariq786mithro: i/o pins are mapped to some internal pins?06:29
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tariq786mithro: use chipscope on the internals06:29
mithrotariq786: I am, I was hoping to use them on the external pins06:30
tariq786i don'think you can do that but double check06:30
mithrotariq786: yeah06:35
aps-sidsmithro: Hi, I just posted a blog post with the debug log link. I'm going through it and looking for the problems.06:38
rohitksinghmithro: Hi!07:01
rohitksinghmithro: VC?07:04
mithroI'm at the conference still07:09
mithrorohitksingh: first thing is finding out what is happening with your pcb07:10
CarlFKxfxf: their code looks correct - can you point me at the bit that sets license?07:10
rohitksinghmithro: Okay. I just saw your convo at Hackvana channel07:11
CarlFKI am heading to bed now, so no hurry.07:11
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tijarohitksingh: ping15:39
rohitksinghtija: pong!15:39
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tijarohitksingh: Do you have any resource on timing of 1080p hdmi?15:41
rohitksinghtija: Did you see this? http://hamsterworks.co.nz/mediawiki/index.php/Spartan_6_1080p15:45
tpbTitle: Spartan 6 1080p - Hamsterworks Wiki! (at hamsterworks.co.nz)15:45
tijarohitksingh: thanks! will check it out15:46
tijarohitksingh: hamsterworks.co.nz/mediawiki/index.php/VGA_timings15:52
tijarohitksingh: I changed the vsync and hsync timing and I changed the pixel clock according to the table. Is this sufficient?15:56
rohitksinghtija: most probably it will fail. The reason is mentioned in the link I gave. The SERDES of Spartan6 are rated for 1050Mbps, whereas 1080p requires 1500Mbps15:59
rohitksinghtija: But, you can try.16:00
rohitksinghtija: It may work, but Xilinx can't guarantee that :D16:00
tijarohitksingh: I tried. My monitor is complaining" The current input timing is not supported by the display. Please change your input timing to 1920x1080 or any other monitor"16:01
rohitksinghtija: Is it possible to get from your monitor what timing it is reading? Maybe from Monitor's Configuration menu?16:02
CarlFKaps-sids: can you join me in a #debconf-video meeting in 3 hours (if you are awake and all)  you and mithro are the two people that can best talk about running the stream servers16:03
aps-sidsCarlFK: sure16:09
CarlFKaps-sids: thanks.  um.. that other server...  of...something16:09
aps-sidsso many blanks there :P16:10
CarlFKlet me dig it out of my config... unlss you know a /server ish command16:11
aps-sidsokay, I'm there16:13
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tijarohitksingh: http://hamsterworks.co.nz/mediawiki/index.php/Hidef_snow16:30
tpbTitle: Hidef snow - Hamsterworks Wiki! (at hamsterworks.co.nz)16:30
tijarohitksingh: got this working though.16:30
aps-sidsCarlFK: btw you must be knowing already but there is FOSSCON 2014 on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at Philadelphia. You might be interested in that?16:30
CarlFKum.. that's in 4 days right?16:31
rohitksinghtija: I haven't tried that, but had seen tim mention it somewhere. you tried it with HDMI2USB?16:32
CarlFK;/  interested yes.  chance of doing anything: 0.016:32
tijarohitksingh: yes got it working with HDMI2USB but with usb streaming  I am getting timeout error16:33
aps-sidsCarlFK: you know about this right?  http://lanyrd.com/topics/open-source/16:37
tpbTitle: Open Source conferences and events | Lanyrd (at lanyrd.com)16:37
rohitksinghtija: Interesting! That means SERDES, although not rated for 1080p, they nevertheless work! Great news! Ref to timeout error, maybe cypress's FIFO getting filled quickly? or high bandwidth problem somewhere16:37
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