Sunday, 2014-08-03

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CARAM_Mithro: pong00:01
CARAM_Did you get docker working?00:02
mithroCARAM_: yes00:08
mithroCARAM_: so I wanted to chat about how to "merge in" your work00:08
CARAM_Currently it exists in two separate areas, the part that builds the flumo docker images and the modified streamingsystem that utilizes them00:21
CARAM_The modified streamingsystem is currently just the 'docker' branch and the build area is a separate repo00:22
mithroCARAM_: so, are you uploading images to docker hub at all?01:03
CARAM_mithro: yeah there's two up right now I believe01:11
mithroCARAM_: under your user?01:11
CARAM_Under the streamingsystem user01:11
CARAM_One is the flumotion base and the other is a modified precise base we need for building01:11
mithroCARAM_: does the docker hub have any type of user management?01:15
mithroCARAM_: IE Can you give other people permission to the streamingsystem user or do we have to just share username/password?01:15
CARAM_As far as I know I think we just have to share, but I'll take a look when I get home01:21
mithroCARAM_: thanks01:34
mithroCARAM_: I'm sure you explained it before, but how does the "" stuff and the docker stuff work?01:35
CARAM_mithro: just got home so I'll be more responsive now01:45
CARAM_so, before we were pushing out flumotion configs to hosts with flumotion installed01:45
CARAM_and then manually starting the flumotion service on each machine01:45
CARAM_in the new deployment, we have json files that define a list of services each hosts provides. these *can* be generated manually, so adding a stream is easy enough, but they are intended to be generated from config.json01:47
CARAM_if you don't want to deal with them, you really don't have to, but it's good to know they exist01:48
mithroCARAM_: I'm at the PyCon AU conference, so I'll be a bit in/out01:48
CARAM_I'll continue with the explanation -- if there's anything I can expound on just let me know01:49
mithroCARAM_: ---> we have json files that define a list of services each hosts provides. these *can* be generated manually, so adding a stream is easy enough, but they are intended to be generated from config.json01:49
mithroCARAM_: I don't quite understand that...01:49
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CARAM_mithro: as I mentioned, it's really not something you have to think about if you don't want to. but since we are moving to a system where we potentially want more than one flumotion 'service' on a host, they make it clear which services a host runs01:53
mithroCARAM_: I'm wondering from the point of view of updating a flumotion configuration while flumotion is running01:54
mithroCARAM_: I was also wondering how you access the watchdog / register output?01:54
CARAM_mithro: well that's an interesting thought. in what way would you want to update the configuration?01:57
CARAM_for example, changing the encoder a collector connects to is very easy01:58
mithroCARAM_: you added a new component or tweaked a setting01:58
mithroCARAM_: previously it was "edit the templates,, ssh <box> service flumotion restart"01:58
CARAM_it's probably about the same. you'd edit the template and run a `fab deploy` `fab restart`02:00
CARAM_but I should think more about that feature02:01
CARAM_and making it easier02:01
mithroCARAM_: does that restart the whole VM?02:03
CARAM_no, just the containers02:03
CARAM_so just that one component02:03
mithroCARAM_: "containers" ?02:04
CARAM_yes, the container for that flumotion component02:04
mithroCARAM_: ah, that is kind of annoying02:05
mithroCARAM_: you don't really want everything to restart - just the flumotion part02:05
mithroCARAM_ --> I was also wondering how you access the watchdog / register output?02:06
CARAM_mithro: you have to 'attach' to the container02:06
CARAM_I'll work on making that easy02:06
mithroCARAM_: once you attach, how do you see it?02:07
CARAM_once you are attached to a container you can think of it as being inside an ubuntu system02:09
CARAM_right now when you attach I think the default output is the flumotion log02:09
CARAM_but I could make it so the default is the watchdog output02:11
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mithroHave you actually streamed something with your containers?02:53
CARAM_mithro: haha not quite. I was struggling with getting a dvsource before I switched over to something else03:25
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mparuszewskimithro: good morning :)06:08
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mithromparuszewski: where should we be logging issues with the website?08:38
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mparuszewskimithro: I think comment to issue #20 in getting started project could be a good place, I don't have any experience with applications for bug tracking :)12:23
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shenkiJoelw: your blog is #3 on hacker news!12:59
shenkimithro: i commented on your scripts13:07
mithroJoelw / shenki: you should pimp the HDMI2USB project on that thread.13:52
aps-sidsmithro: I was wondering if it is possible to setup a Youtube live stream from our encoders?14:25
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CarlFKshenki: hn url?16:20
tpbTitle: Cheap FPGA Development Boards | Joel's Compendium of Total Knowledge (at
tpbTitle: Cheap FPGA Development Boards: What to look for | Hacker News (at
CarlFKyeah, that one.  thanks16:23
CarlFKlol "Each development environment is completely different and often a design-by-committee mess to navigate,"16:26
aps-sidsCarlFK: you're to trusty? can you please do " gst-inspect-1.0 faac "?16:31
CarlFKNo such element or plugin 'faac'16:31
CarlFKdo I need to apt-get a gs package?16:32
aps-sidsCarlFK: we need bad plugins package. I have that installed but still it can't find faac16:33
CarlFKaps-sids: move this to #gstreamer16:36
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Joelwshenki: Yeah! It was a fun surprise when I saw it last night :) Glad my site stayed up!23:33

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