Saturday, 2014-07-19

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CARAM_mithro: check out
tpbTitle: Manage Max Stritzinger (at
tpbTitle: Running Docker'd Streamingsystem - Max Stritzinger (at
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mandrakeI have an ATLYS, downloded the bitfile, and get the test pattern!04:27
mandrakeCan I build the source, from the free webpack on windows, or do I need the SDK (free for 30 days)04:28
mandrakeI have a demo comming up, and want to use a piece of what you have done, to display an image.  I am a herware guy (boards, layout, Cadence) and just getting into FPGA code.04:30
mandrakeThe perfect thing, to get support for going forward, is to display a static image, file from the USB stick.  How hard is that going to be for a noob?04:33
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tijamandrake: you can build using free ISE webpack.04:38
mandrakeNo SDK required?04:38
tijaNo, if you are using atlys only ISE is required04:39
mandrakeHow about a fast link to the root, so I can try a build?04:40
mandrake(The project directory is a little confusing)04:40
tijaThe prebuilt but files are already available04:41
tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
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mandrakeSure, I already did that, as I said, I would like to build from source, for tinkering and learning.04:42
tijathere is a make file. You can use that04:42
mandrakeOK, so I must use Linux as my build platform, I have it on the other partition but that ads another layer of complexity as I must install all the tools again over there.  Is any body building on windows?04:45
tijayou can build on windows using cmd.04:46
mandrakeOK, I see there are some bat files for the launch04:46
mandrakeThanks for the encoragement, I have to find the rood dir, and grab the code to give it a try.04:47
tijaor you can got to ise folder, open hdmi2usb.xise using ISE, add the required files and then use ISE gui to build it.04:47
mandrakereally, woo hoo04:48
mandrakeNow, about add the required files...  what can you say about that?04:49
tijaHave you opened hdmi2usb.xise?go to hdl folder. This contains all the hdl files, search for the required file and add.04:51
tijamandrake: you want to send a static image from USB stick to HDMI?05:05
mandrakethats my plan, for the demo, to show to the client, I am a hardware engineer (Cadence, bords signal integrity) but they wan to see some FPGA skills.05:08
mandrakeI have had the digilent board for a week, learning ISE, DCM, and playing with testpattern stuff, I wan to do a DDR framebuffer example to close the deal.05:12
tijamandrake: okay best of luck. Were you able to build?05:13
mandrakePulling it down now...  Trying to find the root on git05:14
tijayou can download the zip of the repo. You don't need git for that05:16
mandrakeCan you drop a link here?  I want to contribute,  If you guys want board design I am you man, I am 10 years as a Cadence guru.05:18
tijaokay then you use git and make a local repo for yourself05:20
tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
tijathere are two ongoing project which require board design05:23
tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB-vmodvga · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB-vmodserial · GitHub (at
tijayou can have a look05:23
mandrakeVery good.  I will look at the board projects, certinly something I can do.  I have the zip, and will fire up ISE in a moment for the build05:25
mandrakeLooks like I have some absolute paths in the ISE project, 82 files,  Where shoud I unsip this to launch ISE, instead of moving things about?05:32
tijayou can add the files from hdl folder. You wont have to add all 82 files. just try05:34
mandrakeTick tock... it is synthesizing, thanks so much!05:41
mandrakeLooks kile I have to track down the ucf, forgot about that05:46
mandrakenow the pins and the device, this is not a ATLYS project?05:50
mandrakeERROR:ConstraintSystem:59 - Constraint <NET     "ddr2_comp/ramComp/memc3_wrapper_inst/memc3_mcb_raw_wrapper_inst/selfrefresh_mcb_mode" TIG;>    [C:/xilinx/tutorials/HDMI2usb/HDMI2USB-master/ucf/hdmi2usb.ucf(283)]: NET    "ddr2_comp/ramComp/memc3_wrapper_inst/memc3_mcb_raw_wrapper_inst/selfrefresh_    mcb_mode" not found.  Please verify that:    1. The specified design element actually exists in the original design.    2. The speci05:51
mandrakeIn Cadence we have a swithch in the project to flip forward and back slashes, could that be it?05:52
aps-sidsCARAM_: pong05:59
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mithroHi mandrake11:18
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mandrakeHi Mithro, just getting back on your project this morning15:22
mandrake(PST, I am in Los Angeles)15:23
mandrakeI have HDMI2usb  synthesizing without errors!  But lots of warnings, is this normal?15:55
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tijamandrake: Got it to work?15:59
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