Thursday, 2014-07-10

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mithroshenki: so what should I be reviewing?01:39
mithroCARAM_: ping?01:40
shenkimithro: the top 5 commits here:
tpbTitle: Commits · shenki/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
shenkitija needs to add copyright headers still01:41
shenkiI guess I need to teach him how to use interactive rebase to edit his patches01:42
mithroshenki: so it looks like I'll get assembled boards on the 21st01:54
shenkimithro: sweet01:54
shenkimithro: how many?01:54
shenkimithro: have they brought one up?01:55
mithroCurrently planning for one with a LX45 and one with a LX45T at the moment01:55
mithroPut I could possibly get two of the LX45 ones (and one LX45T)01:58
mithroshenki: are you coming to PyCon AU?01:58
shenkii haven't booked01:59
shenkii wanted to go, but it's mandy's birthday on the friday01:59
shenkiconvince me to go :)01:59
CARAM_mithro: pong01:59
CARAM_Kind of on the move right now though02:00
mithroWe if you want a T-shirt you need to book today02:00
mithroIts also a tax deduction02:00
shenkimithro: someone sent me a pull request to add debian packaging to my hacked exar uart driver!02:01
mithroCan you make it not conflict with the usb-acm driver?02:04
mithroSo I fly from sydney to Brisbane late on the Thursday 31st02:05
mithroSo I was thinking of being in Adelaide for the week of the 21st to do HDMI2USB firmware stuff02:07
* shenki checks02:08
shenkiso you'd come to adelaide for the week of the 21st, then go back to sydney, ond then fly to brisbane on thursday?02:12
mithrothat is a current thought02:16
mithroso my parent's place is going to be empty for that entire time from what I understand02:16
mithroshenki: I was thinking getting the boards ship to your place02:22
mithroincase they are late or anything02:22
shenkiok, that should be fine02:23
mithroshenki: do you think you'd have time to take off?02:24
shenkimithro: hrm, probably not, as I was planning on taking a week off next month02:25
shenkito go to the snow02:25
shenkimithro: i might be able to take a day off to join in?02:25
mithroshenki: would you be free on the weekends?02:25
mithroshenki: that is good to know as then I can plan to try and include more weekends?02:25
mithroshenki: did you ever ask rusty about your office space in the end?02:27
shenkii didn't get to asking rusty. im not in the office today, but I will ask tomorrow02:28
shenkimithro: im busy on the 19th and 20th. the 26th and 27th look free (with the exception that I was thinking of coming to Sydney that weekend :P)02:29
mithroshenki: what ya doing on the 19th/20th? :)02:30
shenkilan party, seeing a band on saturday, and going rogaining on sunday02:32
shenkii also have a free ticket for AVcon that weekend, but im not sure that I'll have time to go there02:32
shenkiit's like orienteering02:32
shenkiive not done it before, a friend invited me out02:32
mithroIsn't rogaining a hair loss treatment? :P02:32
mithroshenki: you know if AVcon still has tickets?02:33
shenkii think so02:33
shenkii dont really know, as I have a free one :02:34
shenkia friend is the treasurer02:34
mithropondering if I should fly in for the weekend and hang?02:38
CARAM_mithro: where at?02:52
mithroCARAM_: got a moment to chat?02:52
CARAM_just got home from the store02:52
mithroCARAM_: can you give me a quick summary of where your project is at? What are you goals for the end of GSoC?02:57
CARAM_yeah sure02:57
CARAM_so flumotion as a streaming system component is 'dockered'02:58
CARAM_including watchdog, register02:58
mithroCARAM_: this is based on the current flumotion on a Ubuntu Precise?02:58
CARAM_so you provide a worker and planet xml and just do a docker build and you have your custom image02:59
mithroCARAM_: okay cool03:00
CARAM_so I built a tool pretty much based entirely off of the current pusher that generates the config and docker files, pushes them to the host running the docker daemon03:00
CARAM_the tool also can bring up/down the entire streaming system03:00
mithroCARAM_: cool03:01
CARAM_so all deployment is right now is filling out your hosts in your config.json and then running a `fab deploy` from the push directory and a `fab up` to start the streaming system03:01
CARAM_filling out the default worker/planet xmls03:02
mithrocan you explain what fab is?03:02
CARAM_fabric is a python library for interacting with remote hosts03:02
CARAM_and also allows you to use it as a command line tool03:02
CARAM_also, the use of containers allows for multiple flumotion components on a single host03:03
CARAM_so you can have a group's encoder and collector on the same host, or many encoders03:04
mithroCARAM_: okay03:04
CARAM_whatever you want. just list them in config.json and it handles connecting the ports up and whatnot03:04
mithroCARAM_: so, where are we at with documenting all this?03:04
CARAM_well to be honest, I haven't done too much documentation outside of my blog03:05
mithroCARAM_: okay :)03:06
CARAM_where would you like it to go/what would you like documentation to look like?03:06
mithroCARAM_: that is a good question and needs some thought03:07
mithroCARAM_: so you've dockerize flumotion + register + watchdog03:07
mithroCARAM_: have you dockerize other parts of the system?03:07
CARAM_I did the website as well03:08
CARAM_and can do other components too if you'd like03:08
mithroCARAM_: can you explain the "website" bit a little too?03:08
CARAM_sure, the tracker and the frontend03:09
mithroCARAM_: in the same container, or in different containers?03:09
CARAM_I don't know how useful 'dockering' that portion was03:09
CARAM_different container for sure :)03:09
mithroCARAM_: great!03:10
mithroCARAM_: does the tracker container include a postgresql, nginx and all that?03:10
CARAM_it absolutely can, yeah03:11
mithroCARAM_: but doesn't at the moment?03:12
CARAM_it's not a lot of additional complexity to add them. but the way I was using it was with the psql database external to the container03:12
mithroso what "parts" of the system have you identified which are not yet containerized?03:13
CARAM_haha just from looks like the supybot and mplayer03:14
mithroso what is the plan for the rest of GSoC?03:15
CARAM_rest of GSoC is, at least currently, working on provisioning hosts03:15
CARAM_and documentation03:15
mithro"provisioning hosts" ?03:16
CARAM_so provisioning through PXE with cobbler03:16
CARAM_or through amazon cloud api03:16
mithroI don't quite understand this part?03:16
mithroshenki: so it looks like I have 26 days of leave avaliable at the moment03:17
CARAM_so we have a system right now to automatically push out to our docker hosts and run03:17
CARAM_and we would like to have a system to automatically provision docker hosts03:17
mithroCARAM_: I would expect systems for automatically provisioning docker hosts already exist?03:18
CARAM_yeah there are many for the cloud03:19
CARAM_couldn't find any for pxe though03:19
CARAM_it's really not too much work03:20
mithroCARAM_: I'd really love to see you try and dockerize aps-sids's work03:20
CARAM_mithro: sure03:21
mithroCARAM_: it might also be worth discussing with CarlFK about the possibility of dockerizing dvswitch03:21
mithroCARAM_: dvswitch has the complexity that it needs to access raw hardware (the firewire devices) and has an X UI03:21
CARAM_okay. might be tough03:22
CARAM_because hardware access03:22
CARAM_but probably doable03:22
mithroCARAM_: I think that is probably low priority03:23
mithroCARAM_: did you end up looking at the docker container support on Amazon's Beanstalk and on AppEngine?03:24
CARAM_high priority is aps-sids03:24
mithroI think that is probably a higher priority03:24
CARAM_google never sent me access to docker support on AppEngine so I can't test it out03:24
CARAM_I can give beanstalk a go though03:24
mithroyeah, I'm working on that03:24
mithroCARAM_: what is the API like though?03:25
CARAM_haven't checked03:26
mithroCARAM_: I think documenting the process for setting up / deploying a docker host is probably enough - I don't think we need an automatic tool for that03:30
CARAM_okay, fair enough03:30
CARAM_should be looking at aps-sids work then and getting it into a container?03:32
mithroCARAM_: yes, that would be a good goal03:33
mithroCARAM_: I think that container should be based of Ubuntu trusty03:33
CARAM_does aps-sids flumotion work with twisted 12+ or whatever?03:34
mithroCARAM_: documentation I think is a big part too03:34
mithroCARAM_: I'm not sure if he fixed that bit yet03:34
mithroCARAM_: do you think the GitHub wiki on streaming-system repository would make sense?03:38
CARAM_I think so, yeah03:39
CARAM_I have a 'dockered' branch of streaming-system, can you do a wiki for a specific branch?03:39
CARAM_or I guess it doesn't matter03:40
CARAM_it could just be a separate section03:40
shenkimithro: you're welcome to come over any weekeend to hang out :)03:41
shenkimithro: can you see my calendar?03:41
mithroshenki: no idea?03:42
shenkimithro: do i need to fill out the tshirt form again?03:42
mithroshenki: nope03:45
mithrotariq786: ping?03:48
mithroCARAM_: We should also think about how to merge your changes03:51
tariq786mithro: yes04:02
tariq786mithro: here am i04:02
mithrotariq786: your response to the tshirt form was mangled - I'm suppose to get your full address in one value and then your address split into separate parts in the second section04:03
tariq786mithro: let me fill that again04:04
mithrotariq786: you should be able to edit your response04:04
tariq786mithro: i was able to get rtp packets across the ethernet04:04
tariq786mithro: i am working on sending more packets04:05
tariq786mithro: and i shall give a writeup by the end of this week for anyone to reproduce the experiment04:05
tariq786mithro: the 2nd form says the street name and number? Why this distinction?04:07
tariq786mithro:can you give an exmaple? how should the two forms look like?04:08
mithrotariq786: the first one should be your full address as you'd put on the front of envelope04:14
mithrotariq786: the rest is your address split into bits04:14
tariq786mithro: i submitted again. If it is still mangled, then please by all means, give it to someone else04:15
Joelwshenki: Rogaines are good fun! :) I've done a few 24 hour ones.04:32
tariq786joelw: it seems fun. I never heard of this before. Just looked at wikipedia04:36
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shenkiJoelw: that's extreme! we're doing a 6 hour one up in the hills05:19
mithroayush3504: got PCBs to be reviewed?06:02
mithroshenki: I'm about to do a Digilent order, do you want anything from them?06:09
shenkimithro: what are you buying?06:12
shenkii don't think i need anything06:13
mithroPlan to probably pick up a ZYBO06:14
mithroand a FMC Carrier S6 because I've seen a lot of boards I'm interested in playing with that have the FMC connector06:15
tpbTitle: Opto Isolator Breakout (at
tariq786mithro: avnet  has also a few boards that you might want to look into06:19
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Joelwmithro: I would probably spend the extra money and get an SP605 rather than an FMC Carrier S6. The latter does FMC and pretty much nothing else.06:26
JoelwOr a Zedboard if you want a Zynq and only need FMC-LPC06:28
JoelwActually, the only good thing about the FMC Carrier S6 is that it's an FMC-HPC06:28
mithroJoelw: want anything? :)06:29
JoelwNo thanks! :)06:29
mithroJoelw: I assume you wouldn't have the time to spend a couple of days hanging out and hacking on HDMI2USB related stuff around the week of 21st July?06:30
mithrotariq786: it sounds like you have the Atlys board successfully sending RTP packets and your getting them on the computer (as shown in wireshark)?06:39
shenkimithro: another possability for a spot to hack is the hackerspace06:44
shenkimithro: we recently moved to a new location that has no other occupants06:45
shenkinot sure if that means we can use it at any time, but i can't see why not06:45
shenkiactually, there's no internet there yet06:45
shenkiso it's not great06:45
mithrono internet would be a killer06:45
mithroJoelw: what is your thought on JTAG programmers these days?06:46
mithroshenki: any opinion on JTAG programmers?06:47
shenkimithro: not really. i used the JLink while at minelab for all the ARM boards we used06:48
shenkifor most devices openocd + a FT2232 is all you need06:48
shenkilots of the device-specific ones are FT2232s inside a box, driven by the vendor's software06:48
tariq786mithro: yes that is right07:01
mithrotariq786: does that mean you could have a program running on your computer which reconstructs the image and displays it? (Using something like gstreamer?)07:02
tariq786mithro: i shall put the instructions so you can reproduce it07:02
mithrotariq786: great!07:03
tariq786mithro: that is a fair question. this is s what i have to try and get done07:03
mithrotariq786: great07:03
tariq786before that i have to send real HDMI traffic which is buffered in DDR207:04
mithrotariq786: I think making sure you can receive the data you are sending is more important than changing the value you are sending07:04
tariq786right now  was gettng ing ttrue07:05
tariq786sorry for that07:06
tariq786i am remotely logging and the connection is pretty slow07:06
tariq786mithro: i agree07:07
tariq786mithro: i am at a  conference in Tampa Florida07:07
tariq786i shall be back on the weekend07:07
tariq786then i shall complete other parts07:08
tariq786mithro: documentation is very important07:09
tariq786i want to spend a day in 2 weeks updating the spec07:09
tpbTitle: HDMI2Ethernet Specification - Google Docs (at
tariq786what do you think?07:10
tariq786i am off to bed as it 3:10 AM07:10
tariq786please email me with your thoughts07:11
mithrotariq786: okay07:12
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mparuszewskimithro: pong07:15
mithromparuszewski: we should discuss the deployment again sometime but not right now07:15
mparuszewskiok, currently I work on issues filter, then I will work at Travis CI, so I think we can discuss the deployment process after I did some research and work on Travis CI.07:17
mithromparuszewski: got some more info on how that is working / things to show / etc?07:17
mparuszewskiyes. Generally I need to know if Travis CI will help us with deployment process, I found information about Travis and even deploying Jekyll sites with Travis, but I want to know more about it and now I would like to end the issues part :)07:19
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Joelwmithro: I use a Xilinx Platform Cable USB clone, because I like using ChipScope Pro07:44
JoelwIf you don't care about that, anything's fine, really!07:44
mithroJoelw: where can I get one?07:44
Joelwmithro: eBay!07:44
JoelwI might have a few hours after work on the week of the 21st of July, but I won't be able to take any time off, sorry :(07:45
Joelw(we're launching the project I was brought on to launch)07:45
mithrowhat is ChipScope Pro btw? :P08:03
JoelwIt's like an on-board logic analyser08:04
JoelwYou can create a CSP core and set up any number of inputs, clocks, trigger conditions, and sample memory08:05
JoelwThen hook that up to signals in your design, and it'll capture samples, transfer them over JTAG, and display them on your computer.08:05
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tijarohitksingh: ping09:10
rohitksinghtija: pong09:12
tijarohitksingh: Hey! I am trying to make a debugger for HDMI2USB firmware. Did you check the design doc?09:13
tpbTitle: Debug Design - Google Docs (at
rohitksinghI had read it earlier. Let me read it see if you have updated something. BTW I was planning on using your Debug code. I myself would like timing values too, so I though of using your code09:15
tijarohitksingh: Do you want me to add some more debug data which you thing will be useful?09:16
rohitksinghtija: At present, I suppose I need only counters for HSync and VSync, and their 'timing'. I would update the code and inform you if I need something more. The present code by you is quite sufficient for my purpose.09:19
tijarohitksingh: cool09:20
rohitksinghtija: I'll add your debug code today. I think the "state" info would also be very helpful in debugging my I2C and UART-I2C bridge codes09:21
tijarohitksingh: what do want to be added in the state info. I am planning to add the Input source, resolution, input frame rate09:22
rohitksinghtija: For VGA Capture, I don't urgently need state info.  I need it for I2C & UART-I2C bridge, values like Current Instruction pointer. Anyways, when I add the code, I'll get better understanding of what I need.09:29
tijarohitksingh: okay09:29
rohitksinghtija: Let me try them tonight! :)09:30
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mithroJoelw: they look to be about $40 AUD on ebay, is that price about right?13:18
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thaytanmithro, nice harvesting of personal details ;)23:44
thaytanWhere's your privacy policy?23:44
thaytanIf I get spam I'll be disappointed! :)23:45
mithrothaytan: you'll get spam of a tshirt23:50

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