Thursday, 2014-07-03

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FeltonChrissaw some post for CDC, here is another decent article
tpbTitle: Crossing the abyss: asynchronous signals in a synchronous world | EDN (at
CARAM_CarlFK: ping01:37
CarlFKCARAM_: 1/2 here (helping host a python class)01:41
CARAM_did you ever manage to get a stream up?01:41
CarlFKhaven't tried :(01:41
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* shenki drops a pin06:24
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tijashenki: "shenki drops a pin" what does that mean?06:32
shenkitija: have you heard phrase "so quiet you could hear a pin drop"?06:33
tijashenki: yes06:33
shenkii was making a joke that it was very quiet in here today06:33
shenkiit was so quiet that when I dropped the pin, you heard it ;)06:34
tijashenki: :D06:34
shenkitija: how are you today?06:35
tijashenki: good, working on firing the encoder as soon as 8 lines are written into DDR.06:36
shenkitija: nice06:36
shenkitija: do you need/want the ec2 machine?06:36
tijashenki: no I am coding now06:37
shenkino worries06:37
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tariq786quick question for anyone who can share some information on the data inside image buffer18:47
tpb<> (at
tariq786are hsync and vsync signals being dealt while putting data in the image buffer?18:49
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