Tuesday, 2014-07-01

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mithromparuszewski: ping?03:06
mithroayush3504: ping?03:17
mparuszewskimithro: pong03:21
ayush3504mithro: pong03:21
ayush3504mithro: just updated header pinouts to be PMOD UART Type 4/ 4A compatible (commit e9f3a)03:22
mithroayush3504: going to chat with mparuszewski first03:22
mithroayush3504: then I want to talk about the PMOD stuff a little03:22
ayush3504mithro: sure03:22
mithroayush3504: have you finished the schematic stuff from last night? and started the PCB layouts?03:23
mithromparuszewski: so, techman is out for the next 2 weeks - I assume he mentioned that to you?03:23
mithromparuszewski: so I was wondering how things are going, how soon can we deploy something? etc03:24
mparuszewskimithro: yes, I talked with him about it yesterday :)03:24
ayush3504mithro: had dinner after you left, went to bed, did the pmod changes after waking up this morning03:24
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mparuszewskigetting started page is ready to deploy I think, it has prose.io support and easy edit interface03:25
mithromparuszewski: okay, can we organise a time to sit down and do a review?03:27
mparuszewskiYes of course. Tomorrow unfortunately I will be sitting in the car and driving for 20-24 hours (I will be in Croatia for 2 weeks), I have there Internet connection so it wouldn't be a problem to talk and do review :)03:28
mparuszewskiUnfortunately we can't use gh-pages branch to let GitHub generate the page, but I think we can add a hook, so after commit there will be message to generate.timvideos.us or Travis CI that there was a change and page should be rendered.03:32
mithromparuszewski: That was always the plan, no?03:32
mparuszewskiYes, that was always the plan, but since we set that getting-started will be only a static page and need now custom generation I thought that we could use GitHub to generate, but still we have some small plugins and GitHub is very strict about it.03:34
mithromparuszewski: yeah03:37
mithromparuszewski: if the plugins are very useful, then maybe we should petition for them to get included in the default github pages generation stuff03:37
mithromparuszewski: so, would the weekend coming up be good?03:38
mparuszewskiMaybe, I will check it, remove unneeded plugins and see what plugins do we need. Yes of course, weekend would be good.03:39
ayush3504mithro: brb 20 min03:48
mithromparuszewski: I'm just checking my calendar03:49
mithromparuszewski: I could probably do Friday night, Saturday morning or Sunday night03:50
mparuszewskiIn your time, right? :)03:50
mithrothat would be Friday morning, Friday night and Sunday morning I think?03:51
mithro(for you?)03:51
mparuszewskiChoose date that fits you best, I will available all day :)03:52
mithroI think Friday night my time is probably best?03:53
mithrowhat is your timezone again?03:53
mparuszewskiWarsaw/Berlin, CEST, GMT+2h :)03:54
mparuszewskiFriday morning also fits me, what hour would you like to meet?03:55
tpbTitle: The World Clock Meeting Planner - Results (at www.timeanddate.com)03:58
tpbTitle: The World Clock Meeting Planner - Details (at www.timeanddate.com)03:59
mparuszewskiGreat, I've added it to my calendar :)04:01
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mparuszewskiI need to pack to Croatia, I will be tomorrow online, bye guys. :)04:21
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mithroayush3504: ping?05:07
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mithroshenki: is the DDR fast enough to continually stream [email protected] frames into the memory while reading the frames out at 30Hz?06:37
mithroshenki: it might have high latency, but it also has pretty high bandwidth right?06:40
ayush3504mithro: back06:40
mithroayush3504: So did you see the PMOD spreadsheet I did?06:41
ayush3504mithro: yes06:41
mithroSo, I'm not sure how that all maps to your connector06:42
ayush3504mithro: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d9cyn66c7w48yt9/type%204%20compatible%20pinout.png06:42
tpbTitle: Dropbox - type 4 compatible pinout.png (at www.dropbox.com)06:42
ayush3504mithro: compatible with type 4 and 4A06:42
mithroayush3504: I think your connector should be a PMOD+i2c interface + Pmod Interface Type 4A (expanded UART) / double width Pmod Interface Type 1 (GPIO) ?06:43
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ayush3504mithro: if you populate headers on pin 1-6 , 15-20, only it becomes PMOD compatible06:45
mithroso it seems there are 2 parts of PMOD, a i2c interface which is totally different and designed to be daisy chained, and then what I thought as PMOD, the 12 pin connector?06:46
mithrotook me a little bit to figure that one out06:46
ayush3504mithro: i think all the pinouts are for different use-cases of 6 pin /12 pin headers. I chose the 12pin type 4/4A06:47
shenkimithro: you can't read and write at the same time06:48
ayush3504mithro: the pinouts given in spreadheet06:48
shenkimithro: the way the system currently works is to write an enitre frame to ddr, and then start encoding06:48
shenkimithro: while encoding, it will drop frames06:48
mithroshenki: but you can interleave reading and writing ops? Or is there a switching direction costs?06:53
mithroayush3504: the 12 pin PMOD connector has a bunch of "interfaces" right (see one of the sheets in that spreadsheet)06:55
mithroayush3504: but there is a totally separate spec for PMOD I2C with even a different connector06:55
mithroshenki: you write/read x bytes at a time (x =16bit = 2 bytes) right?06:56
shenkimithro: yeah, the next thing to work on is to be kicking off the encoding whenever you get enough data to feed it06:57
shenkiinstead of just when a frame is done06:57
shenkiso every 16 lines of picture you can start encoding06:57
shenkitija: hey06:57
mithroshenki: I'm just talking generally about DDR at the moment, we can chat about HDMI2USB implementation shortly :)06:58
mithroshenki: so it looks like with the DDR interface there is basically a queue of "operations" that the controller reads from and executes?06:59
ayush3504mithro: yes, I made it according to 4 and 4A type. Are there any changes that you suggest?06:59
mithroHrm, no Rohit yet....07:00
shenkimithro: right, so no, i doubt you'd be doing 16 bit accesses07:00
mithroSingle byte accesses?07:00
shenkimithro: ddr as an interface is 64bits07:01
shenkibut we shoudln't talk about ddr, we should talk about the interface that our controller exposes to the fpga07:01
shenkicoz that's what we care about07:01
shenkiin that case, the normal width is 32 bits07:01
shenkibut you can usually do a burst transaction of 64 bits07:01
mithro128Mbyte DDR2 16-bit wide data07:02
mithroshenki: I'm trying to understand how DDR controller works and hence what is going on and then what the interface is mapping to?07:02
mithro64bit = 48bit address + 16bit data? Or?07:04
mithroI'm probably horribly confused about all this :P07:05
mithrobe back in an hour, meeting with ayush3504 and rohit07:14
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mithrohey rohitksingh07:24
rohitksinghmihtro: Hi! Sorry!, was caught in sleeping..Is the VC started?07:25
rohitksingh*mithro: Hi! Sorry!, was caught in sleeping..Is the VC started?07:25
mithrorohitksingh: yes, please join07:28
rohitksinghokay. great!07:28
mithrorohitksingh: http://www.fpga4fun.com/PongGame.html08:23
tpbTitle: fpga4fun.com - Pong Game (at www.fpga4fun.com)08:23
tpbTitle: A Simple VGA Interface for the XuLA FPGA Board | XESS Corp. (at www.xess.com)08:23
tpbTitle: FPGA VGA - Hamsterworks Wiki! (at hamsterworks.co.nz)08:24
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tpbTitle: fpga4fun.com - Crossing clock domains (at www.fpga4fun.com)08:29
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mithro6:26 PM <•mithro> http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/application_notes/xapp523-lvds-4x-asynchronous-oversampling.pdf08:30
mithro6:27 PM <•mithro> http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/application_notes/xapp250.pdf08:30
mithro6:29 PM <•mithro> http://www.fpga4fun.com/CrossClockDomain.html08:30
tpbTitle: fpga4fun.com - Crossing clock domains (at www.fpga4fun.com)08:30
rohitksinghmithro: browser crash! the latest firefox is very unstable...I'm back08:32
rohitksinghmithro: I think I lost you on chat08:46
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CARAM_mithro: possible we can go over my new 'pusher' when you have time?18:30
CARAM_or maybe better to go over with CarlFK18:31
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