Wednesday, 2014-06-25

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mithroI'll be around in 15-25 minutes00:22
aps-sidsmithro: morning, please see the FIXME comment here  --
aps-sidsDo I simply remove the class or replace it with something else?01:01
tpbTitle: flumotion-orig/flumotion/component/converters/overlay/ at porting-to-gst1.0 · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
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mithroOkay, I'm around now01:23
mithroaps-sids: that is what you have to decide01:24
mithroayush3504: morning01:24
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shenkitija: hey01:27
shenkitija: i can't access the document01:27
tijashenki: oops01:27
tijashenki: done01:28
ayush3504mithro: good morning :)01:28
shenkitija: did you share the link in here?01:29
ayush3504mithro: there are problems with spi daisy chaining. Rohitksingh has documented here -
tpbTitle: Guidelines for Auto-Detection compliant Expansion Board - Google Docs (at
mithroayush3504: sounds like you have sufficient reasons to choose I2C now01:33
ayush3504mithro: so should we stick with current design?01:33
mithroayush3504: assume I've forgot what the current design is :P, what is that at?01:35
ayush3504mithro: ""  ayush3504: no, I understand it - each daughterboard has an i2c eeprom who's address is set via the slot it is plugged into ""01:36
mithroayush3504: how does that interact with the motherboard detection01:39
ayush3504mithro: daughterboards will have slave addresses 1 to 7, motherboard eeprom will have slave address 0. So they're independent.01:40
ayush3504mithro: the detection would check eeprom 0 to get expansion board id, if it my board, it scans higher addresses. So they're independent.01:42
ayush3504mithro: we can also choose not to populate slave 0 eeprom on the mobo. so if the autodection routine can scan all addresses and see that its getting data from higher slave addresses, it can assume that a serial board is there.01:44
ayush3504mithro: either case, my schematic stays unaffected, because i2c is parallel and we can choose not to populate the eeprom pad on motherboard01:45
ayush3504shenki: What do you say. do you have any opinion on this?01:47
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mithroayush3504: see my update at
tpbTitle: It probably makes more sense for the serial interface to just be a 6 pin bus? · Issue #10 · ayushsagar/HDMI2USB-vmodserial · GitHub (at
ayush3504mithro: cool. didn't know that :)02:19
mithroayush3504: I'm unsure if KiCad still has the restriction that nets coming from a bus must be named BUSNAMEX02:20
ayush3504mithro: i'll have to play with this for a while and confirm it on pcbnew02:21
shenki   asdf~.02:22
mithroshenki: ?02:24
mithroayush3504: you can use a junction to connect two wires with different net names02:27
ayush3504mithro: yes. but is that related?02:28
mithroayush3504: if the labels coming out of a bus need to be BUSNAMEX, but it's better for them to be labelled TX0 you can use a junction to connect BUSNAME4 to TX002:29
ayush3504mithro: i think it's just like an array. I can have something like PORTA[0..5]02:30
mithroayush3504: yes, that is what I'm saying - you don't want to use PORTA0 as the wire name inside the schematic02:31
mithrobut you need it to be named PORTA0 to connect to the bus02:31
ayush3504mithro: true, that will hide pin info from the top sheet02:31
ayush3504mithro: if i use PORTA as the bus name, my pin labels PORTA0, PORTA1, PORTA2.... is that correct?02:33
ayush3504mithro: pin labels would be*02:34
mithroayush3504: yes02:34
ayush3504mithro: so is there a problem ?02:34
mithroayush3504: you want the pin labels to be TX0, RTS0, CTS0, right?02:34
ayush3504mithro: yeah, but i don't want to group them by TX?, RTS?, CTS? because that would mix the ports02:35
mithroayush3504: agreed02:35
ayush3504mithro: so what do you suggest02:36
mithroayush3504: so you have to connect a wire named PORTA0 to a wired named TX002:36
mithroayush3504: a junction should let you do that02:36
shenkimithro: sorry, desktop crashed on me02:36
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ayush3504mithro: got it02:39
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shenkiayush3504: how many slots do we have for boards?02:40
ayush3504shenki: 602:40
shenkiso the system will have physical space to fit 6 different boards at once?02:40
ayush3504shenki: yeah. you can see here:
tpbTitle: Mechanical specifications for serial expansion board and daughterbaords - Google Tabellen (at
shenkiwoah, it's massive :)02:41
shenkido the daughterboards connect with teh same connection? or they have their own header?02:42
shenki(sorry, im coming into this without any knowledge)02:42
mithroayush3504: are the slot number calculations right?02:43
mithroayush3504: it seems like you can get the Atlys + serial board with 2 slots in a half rack space?02:44
mithroayush3504: or just the serial board with 6 slots in a half width rack space?02:44
ayush3504mithro: true02:45
mithroayush3504: I think that indicates that 5 slots is the max size with a space between the 3rd and 2nd slots which allows the board to be cut down from 5 slots to 2 slots?02:46
ayush3504mithro: not sure what that means. btw, an important thing to ask, tell me about the led daughterboard02:47
ayush3504mithro: how many LEDs are required?02:48
ayush3504shenki: sorry, i missed that. They have their own headers. :)02:50
mithroayush3504: you have 6 pins - 6 LEDs seems like a good start02:50
ayush3504mithro: ok02:51
JoelwWith six pins you could charlieplex 35 LEDs! :)02:54
JoelwIt's like multiplexing, but was invented by Charlie.02:59
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tpbTitle: Debug Design - Google Docs (at
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CARAM_mithro: not a subscriber :(06:23
CARAM_Btw I should have something very cool for you to try out in the next day or so06:23
CARAM_Did you ever give the flumotion container a go?06:25
tpbTitle: A report from the first DockerCon [] (at
shenkiit should be free sometime today... it was publsihed on the 17th06:30
mithroCARAM_: sorry, I haven't had the chance06:32
mithroyou should poke CarlFK until he does06:33
mithroas well as aps-sids06:33
mithroaps-sids: I haven't noticed any snippets since the 21st?06:36
CARAM_shenki: thanks!06:41
shenkino worries06:42
CARAM_mithro: got it.06:44
shenkiJoelw: not this charlie?
tpbTitle: Charlieplexing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
Joelwshenki: That looks about right07:03
shenkii see07:04
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tpbTitle: Suitable Technologies Beam Remote Presence System (at
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aps-sidsCarlFK: have you tried setting up the flumotion test stream?18:49
CarlFKaps-sids: not yet19:01
CarlFKdrowning in trying to test some code to let people edit the description of their video, and drowning in trying to get all the parts to work .. which they should all just work.19:03
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CARAM_hey aps-sids are you developing on precise?23:04
aps-sidsCARAM_: yes23:14
aps-sidsCARAM_: ?23:24
aps-sidsCARAM_: are you working on precise as well? and can you set up a test stream to test my code?23:26
CARAM_yes to the first23:26
CARAM_maybe to the second23:26

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