Friday, 2014-06-13

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mithroCarlFK: It's MiraCast receiver I think04:23
tpbTitle: On Wifi-Display, Democratic Republics and Miracles | Ponyhof (at
mithrotechman83: ping?04:25
techman83mithro: pong04:25
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mithromparuszewski: heyo :)04:26
mparuszewskiHello. :)04:27
techman83mparuszewski: Yo!04:36
mparuszewskitechman83: Yo! :D04:36
mparuszewskiHow are you guys? :)04:36
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mithromparuszewski: techman83 will be back in 30 minutes. His having power issues at work.04:50
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techman83mparuszewski: my power did recover :D06:48
techman83Circuit breaker was tripped knocking out half the ground floors switch cluster06:53
mparuszewskiOne single circuit breaker? :) Too many devices connected to power supply or something happened?07:04
techman83One, not sure. But shouldn't be, it should be dedicated to that power point only. They were doing power works, so may have been bumped.07:05
tpbTitle: AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Docker (at
mithroNiharika: ping?07:40
mithroNiharika: <- would be good to read this07:40
tpbTitle: Official Google Australia Blog: What video quality do you watch your YouTube in? (at
Niharikamithro: Hi!07:44
NiharikaI´ll read up.07:44
NiharikaWorking on how to pass JS data to Django backend right now.07:44
mithroNiharika: you had your last exam on Tuesday?07:48
Niharikamithro: Yep.07:48
mithroNiharika: you seem to be missing snippets for a bunch of days?07:49
Niharikamithro: I wrote one yesterday. Not for the day before that.07:49
NiharikaForgot. :(07:49
mithroCARAM_: I'm also not seeing snippets for you on the 11th and 12th?07:50
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mithroMorning rohitksingh08:37
rohitksinghmithro: good morning! :)09:22
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rohitksinghnickserv help11:11
rohitksinghohh Sorry!11:11
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ayush3504rohitksingh: :p11:14
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