Thursday, 2014-06-12

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CARAM_mithro: huh00:36
mithroCARAM_: didn't look at it very closely00:36
mithroCARAM_: also, I haven't seen daily snippets from you00:36
CARAM_I missed a day or two I think because of finals00:37
mithroLast GSoC Update is 04-Jun00:37
mithroCurrent date is 11th/12th Jun right?00:38
CARAM_lemme take a look..00:38
mithroCARAM_: could it be your custom feed?00:39
CARAM_the posts aren't even showing on my blog00:45
mithroSo you be doing them?01:03
CARAM_they were getting saved as drafts on my CMS01:06
CARAM_they are now "publish" status :p01:06
CARAM_so feed should update with them01:06
CARAM_anyway, is AppEngine something you would like me to look into supporting as I go forward?01:07
mithroCARAM_: no idea. What are the restrictions?01:08
CARAM_afaict it looks like managed vms is some new feature of AppEngine that is going to support docker containers01:08
CARAM_I haven't heard too many great things about AppEngine but let me read more about what managed vms is/is going to be01:09
mithroI don't follow AppEngine development01:09
CARAM_docker support might make it okay I think01:11
CARAM_I'll fill out a request form and see if I can get access01:12
mithroCARAM_: oh, there is also one "flumotion" config we haven't tested / used01:14
mithroCARAM_: it's a "repeater" config01:14
mithroCARAM_: the flumotion docker should include the watchdog / register stuff in it01:15
CARAM_yep, it does01:15
CARAM_mithro: also, I posted about this in a snippet, but how do you feel about chef?01:28
CARAM_chef-metal seems like it might be the ideal way to provision hosts given that it is a solution that already works01:28
CARAM_it doesn't support PXE(for now) so I'd still do some work in cobblerd, but it should be an easy transition once it does01:30
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mithroCARAM_: I don't understand where "provisioning hosts" fits into this01:32
CARAM_these are just thoughts related to the later part of the project01:33
mithroCARAM_: IE the deployment of the docker images seems like a step after the docker images work01:33
mithroCARAM_: We may want to just deploy one EC2 instance to each docker image01:40
CARAM_mithro: okay, I think that sounds fine. multiple containers -> EC2 instance shouldn't be an issue though01:45
mithroCARAM_: probably a non-goal01:45
CARAM_fair enough01:45
mithroCARAM_: having multiple docker instances on real hardware in a venue is much more likely01:46
mithroCARAM_: in fact that is the reason we started down this docker route01:51
CARAM_makes sense.01:52
CARAM_at some point later on would it be possible for me to get your workflow for setting up a conference?01:52
mithroCARAM_: sure01:55
mithroCARAM_: setup config.json with rooms config02:02
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mithroCARAM_: bring up X EC2 instances02:02
mithroCARAM_: set up DNS02:03
mithroCARAM_: use push_configs to send the configurations02:03
mithroCARAM_: do something custom for the in room stuff (which is mostly set up DNS, ssh into each machine and manually set it up, use push_configs to send values)02:03
CARAM_mithro: seems straightforward enough02:07
CARAM_I'll pop that into a note and save it for later just in case though02:07
mithroCARAM_: it'd like the last part to be "deploy docker application on host", push config to docker application02:07
CARAM_mithro: haha okay, hopefully I can make things better :) also - unrelated question, does the website need a django superuser? I had been testing without one, but I assume in production it will?02:14
mithroCARAM_: btw can send the whitespace cleanup patch as a pull request?02:30
CARAM_yep, sure02:32
shenkimithro: oh, back on the topic of our makefiles for the xilinx stuff02:32
shenkii was considering moving to the layout that bunnie and xobs have02:32
mithroshenki: what layout do they use?02:32
mithroshenki: your in #kosagi on OFTC right?02:33
mithroshenki: aparently bunnie just uses ISE on Windows :P02:33
CARAM_mithro: django superuser?02:33
CarlFKCARAM_: I don't think there is anything in the site that that needs auth02:35
CarlFKCARAM_: but also I don't know :p02:35
mithroCARAM_: probably, we don't store any state at the moment02:36
mithrobut the new bug tracking stuff will add state02:36
CarlFKbut but that's a different django site (I think)02:37
mithroshenki: how would the layout change?02:37
CarlFKCARAM_: I found another page of setup notes:
tpbTitle: veyepar/setup/timvideos/streaming/install.txt at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKCARAM_: but I still have not installed everything, so either I can't follow my own instructions, or they are missing bits ;)02:38
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mithroCarlFK: we should have a cleanup and remove all your old instructions02:51
mithroshenki: did you track down the billing issue at all?03:06
mithroshenki: Amazon support seem to be pretty good, they even have phone support03:06
shenkimithro: yeah, it was a kindle purchace. sorry for the hassle04:00
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mithrois there a less retarded gdb interface then ddd?04:37
shenkimithro: you can use eclipse04:59
mithroI said less, not more :P04:59
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shenkiyou've got big monitors, eclipse is fine :)05:00
mithrothis code is making me crazy05:04
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mithroCarlFK: what do we need to do to get you to LCA2015?06:12
CarlFKmithro: not much really - plane tickets for 2 and a place to sleep06:14
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CarlFKI am off to bed -07:15
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aps-sidsmithro: CarlFK: great news! I just "watched" a stream using videotest producer + theora encoder + ogg muxer + httpstreamer. :)11:51
aps-sidsI'm just cleaning up things, commits and then I'll create the blog post about it.11:54
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CarlFKaps-sids: yay \o/13:10
mithroaps-sids: [email protected]?13:10
mithroaps-sids: do your blog post and then take the afternoon off to celebrate :P13:11
mithrohrm, no ayush13:11
slomoaps-sids: good work :)13:25
mithroaps-sids: only like 50 components left to port, right? :P13:28
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aps-sidsmithro: hehe, I'll probably celebrate after midterm :P14:03
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aps-sidsCarlFK: you should probably test the stream now, if you have time.19:39
CarlFKI am excited.. and hope to squeeze that in soon.  also need to get some emails sent that I have been trying to send starting Monday.. so 0 clue how soon19:49
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CarlFK          Specifications: Software System: Linux ...  *PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT SUPPORT WINDOWS SYSTEM19:59
CarlFKnow to figure out what it does ;)19:59
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