Friday, 2014-06-06

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FeltonChrisshenki: my kids consume all discretionary spending02:39
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FeltonChrisprocessor: 002:43
FeltonChrisvendor_id: AuthenticAMD02:43
FeltonChriscpu family: 1502:43
FeltonChrismodel: 9502:43
FeltonChrismodel name: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-162002:43
FeltonChrisstepping: 302:43
FeltonChriscpu MHz: 2400.00002:43
FeltonChriscache size: 1024 KB02:43
FeltonChrisshenki:  thinking of getting a new box, one I can drill holes in the box to mount the ATLYS on, cables won't mechanically be pulling it all over the place02:45
CarlFKFeltonChris: someone here posted some 4" hdmi m/f extender cables - so that you aren't pulling pushing the connectors on the board, which makes me edgy02:49
aps-sidsCarlFK: morning. can you help with the error in my latest blog post?02:53
CarlFKaps-sids: if pspec == None:... seems like a bad idea03:09
aps-sidshmm, that's what I though. Last year student did that.03:09
CarlFKI suspect pspec should not be None03:10
CarlFKas in whatever is calling verbose_deep_notify_cb(object, orig, pspec, component) is broken03:10
aps-sidsIt comes in callback from a built-in library function, so I'm not able to figure out why is that None03:11
aps-sidsCarlFK: from here
tpbTitle: flumotion-orig/flumotion/component/ at porting-to-gst1.0 · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
CarlFKwell, that is not calling verbose_deep_notify_cb03:13
CarlFKquick python refresher...03:14
CarlFK>>> def foo(x): return x+103:14
CarlFK>>> bar = foo03:14
CarlFK>>> bar(1)03:14
CarlFKfoo is the function, foo(1) is calling the function and passing it 103:15
CarlFKwe can use the words "pointer to function" if that helps03:15
CarlFKbut some will argue about using that word with Python.. but whatever. the concept is what needs to be understood, not how it is implemented03:16
CarlFKand also...03:16
CarlFKI am pretty sure the values being passed should not be different between the old and new codde03:17
CarlFKthe system should be doing the same thing, so if pspec is now None, but it wasn't in the 0.10 code,  that smells like a problem.03:18
techman83good thing that's test user password04:58
techman83*completes sysadmin walk of wrong window shame*04:59
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tijashenki: Where does your make file store the generated .xsvf file14:00
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aps-sidsCarlFK: Hey, I just posted about how to run a test stream. Try it if you have time and let me know if you face any problems.17:38
aps-sidsOthers interested are also welcome to test :)17:38
CarlFKcool - thanks.  how long are you arround ?17:39
aps-sidsumm, about an hour17:39
CarlFKk - let me get on this17:40
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CarlFKaps-sids: er.. sleep well20:00
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