Thursday, 2014-06-05

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CARAM_mithro: whops gotta enable comments for those posts00:40
shenkimithro: take a look at the post i just made to the hdmi2usb list00:48
mithroCARAM_: any luck in getting the full post in the RSS feed?00:48
mithroshenki: if I'm understanding your results, EC2 isn't any faster?00:53
shenkimithro: correct01:05
mithroshenki: so the question is, why not?01:06
mithroIs the EC2 instance just crap?01:06
mithroMaybe we should add a "make upload" which collects /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/memstat and the output of the time run and uploads it somewhere?01:06
CARAM_mithro: gonna take a look tonight.01:08
shenkimithro: i was surprised01:09
shenkimithro: do you have a known-beefy machine you can compare against? perhaps your work desktop?01:10
mithroshenki: yes I can do that, probably not today01:10
mithroshenki: any chance you might have time to hack up the "make upload" thing?01:10
mithro(or maybe is should be "make timetest_and_upload" or something?01:11
shenkii can...01:14
shenkiim not sure how useful it is01:14
mithroWell, it would be good to track how the performance changes, both01:14
mithro* over time01:14
mithro* over different machines01:14
shenkido we have people using the makefile on windows?01:15
mithroNot to my knowledge, and not something I'm all that interested in supporting01:16
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mithroshenki: any idea if it makes a difference for the 6 hour case?01:47
JoelwYeah, I don't think one EC2 instance alone will be particularly high performance compared to a decent desktop computer01:54
JoelwWhat it'd actually be pretty good for would be to set up an on-demand cluster for SmartXplorer01:55
mithroJoelw: That is compared to a reasonably old *laptop* computer01:58
CarlFKJoelw:  /bin/sh: 2: xst: not found02:02
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroCarlFK: you didn't install the ISE tools?02:02
mithrocan't compile VHDL without the ISE tools02:02
mithroshenki: did you get any further with your incremental build stuff? I'd really like to merge that...02:03
mithroshenki: The time stats don't seem to indicate it being IO bound? Only 9s/5s in sys?02:04
aps-sidsmithro: morning. I'm trying to compile latest version of gst-python from source. ./configure creates this makefile.( )  but doing make gives this error >
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroaps-sids: that does look wrong03:00
mithroaps-sids: check the bug database and see if it has been reported03:00
mithroif not, probably worth reporting?03:00
mithroln -s -f ./$f ./$f03:01
mithroaps-sids: do you know how to use git to find out which commits made a tag?03:09
aps-sidsmithro: yes03:11
aps-sidsgit show <tagname>03:11
mithroaps-sids: so you should confirm under which tag the override was added03:11
shenkiCarlFK: /me == joel stanley :)03:12
CarlFKshenki: then who is Joelw ?03:13
JoelwThat's me!03:13
* shenki is
tpbTitle: Home | Joel's Compendium of Total Knowledge (at
shenkito keep it nice and confusing03:13
shenkinamespace collision03:13
JoelwSorry :(03:13
shenkiJoelw: don't be sorry, it's a great name03:14
shenkioh, you're from adelaide as well03:14
JoelwAdelaide's more than big enough for two Joels who are interested in FPGAs!03:14
shenkithis keeps getting creepier03:14
mithroI worked with Joelw at one company and shenki at a different one03:15
JoelwIf it makes you feel any better, I also did comp sys eng at Adelaide Uni03:15
JoelwAnd I'm a former co-worker of mithro.03:15
mithroJoelw: you started as something under Elec Eng right?03:15
shenkiJoelw: im imagining some kind of Flight Club style split personality, where i live a different life03:15
shenkithat im not aware of03:15
shenkimithro: cse is a type of elec eng, yeah03:16
mithroshenki: what did you do again?03:16
shenkimithro: cse03:17
Joelwmithro: Yep! I never finished it, though.03:17
shenkiJoelw: i tried pretty hard to not finish03:17
shenkiJoelw: it took me 8 years03:17
shenkioff and on03:17
mithroJoelw is now doing something in environmental science or something now? I remember something about attaching radios to lizards?03:18
shenkimithro: back to ec2, yeah, it doesn't look I/O bound at all03:20
Joelwmithro: That was my PhD - now I'm working for technology services at Uni Adelaide03:21
aps-sidsmithro: override was there in release 1.1.90,
tpbTitle: gstreamer/gst-python - Python bindings for GStreamer (at
mithroaps-sids: so the question is, why isn't it in your package03:23
mithroyou should check with dpkg --listfiles <package>03:23
shenkidpkg -L03:23
shenkiJoelw: what do you do at its?03:24
aps-sidsmithro: here <package> should be python-gi right?03:24
mithroaps-sids: nope!03:24
aps-sidsmithro: there is no python-gst or python-gst-1.0 for Ubuntu 12.04, THAT is the problem I think,
tpbTitle: Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- python-gst (at
mithroaps-sids: your installing from the PPA right?03:27
aps-sidsmithro: not there as well
tpbTitle: Packages in “PPA for GStreamer developers” : PPA for GStreamer developers : “GStreamer developers” team (at
mithroaps-sids: remove the precise filter03:28
aps-sidsmithro: yeah, but that won't be available for install in ubuntu precise right?03:28
tpbTitle: Packages in “PPA for GStreamer developers” : PPA for GStreamer developers : “GStreamer developers” team (at
mithroaps-sids: correct, but it does show such a package should exist03:29
aps-sidsmithro: everytime I talk about this problem on #gstreamer, I'm told to upgrade my OS :|03:30
aps-sidspackage is somehow not available for precise, that is why I'm trying to compile myself (which is again failing)03:30
mithroaps-sids: firstly, "somehow not avaliable" is not a correct statement03:31
aps-sidsit's not compatible with precise then?03:32
mithroaps-sids: A version of gst-python1.0 package for precise does not exist in the gstreamer-developers PPA03:32
aps-sidsyes, sorry, that's what I meant03:32
mithroaps-sids: This may be because the gstreamer-developers no longer want to support precise in their PPA, or because they forgot to upload it, or because there are no users and don't think it is worth their time, or many other reasons03:33
aps-sidsmithro: what should we do?03:34
mithroaps-sids: what do you think your options are? I can think of at least 303:34
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aps-sidsmithro: I can think of compiling it myself option03:35
mithroaps-sids: can you be more specific, "compiling it myself" has multiple possibilities03:36
Joelwshenki: I work in Research Administration Applications - application support and development for projects that support researchers and research branch.03:36
JoelwSort of devops and some associated small scale development, hacked together with bash scripts :)03:37
aps-sidsmithro: I meant what I was trying to do already. Getting latest version source of gst-python and make install it. (in which I was getting the error I mentioned before)03:37
shenkiJoelw: sounds coll03:38
shenkiJoelw: sounds cool03:38
mithroaps-sids: okay, what else could you do?03:38
aps-sidsmithro: I can add the overrides' code in flumotion codebase itself?03:39
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mithroaps-sids: you have wait more options then that04:34
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aps-sidsmithro: can you give a hint please :)04:42
mithroaps-sids: You could contact the person who added the module to the PPA to find out why they didn't do it for precise.04:43
mithroaps-sids: You could contact the owners of the PPA to find out if they are interested in support precise at all any more.04:43
mithroaps-sids: You could try compiling the package for precise yourself04:44
mithroaps-sids: You could try and see if the compile does install on precise04:44
mithroaps-sids: You could set up your own PPA of some sort04:44
mithroaps-sids: You could look at using the gstreamer side build stuff to install a complete tree into a different location04:45
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mithroaps-sids: make sense?05:37
mithroaps-sids: each one has pros and cons05:37
aps-sidsmithro: yes, I have another idea (might not be a good one). Since after porting is completed, flumotion will be run on newer Ubuntu versions which have packages in the ppa, placing manually in gi/overrides folder will do the work.05:45
mithroaps-sids: our next "standard" platform will be trusty05:46
mithroaps-sids: there are people interested in Debian, but no idea on what versions05:46
aps-sidsmithro: There is a gst-python 1.2.0 package in ppa for Trusty. I was mostly inclined towards compiling gst-python from source, but it's also giving errors.05:48
mithroaps-sids: do you know how to download a package and try recompiling it?05:48
aps-sidsnot really05:49
mithroaps-sids: I think this is probably worth spending a day learning05:49
mithro -- --
tpbTitle: APT HOWTO (Obsolete Documentation) - Working with source packages (at
aps-sidsmithro: okay. so you are suggesting that I should setup a ppa for gst-python1.0 for precise?05:50
mithroaps-sids: not necessarily05:50
mithroaps-sids: first step is to try and see if you can build the gst-python1.0 on precise first05:51
aps-sidsI'll do that then. Thanks for helping out.05:51
mithroaps-sids: if it works without changes, then it would be trying to find out why the gstreamer developers ppa doesn't include it would be good - because that informs if you want to do your own PPA06:00
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aps-sidsmithro: I asked in #gstreamer that missing package in PPA is a mistake or precise is not supported anymore. __tim says that precise is unsupported.06:16
mithroaps-sids: its worth asking them both, a) what platforms they are supporting in their PPA, b) why there are some precise packages in the PPA (and if they maybe should remove the obsolete/unsupported ones?)06:18
mithroaps-sids: obviously try not to sound demanding / entitled - try to just fine out their reasoning / thought process06:20
aps-sidsmithro: I compiled gst-python1.0 from source available in PPA and it works just fine. Overrides are now available in gi/overrides/Gst.py06:55
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CARAM_mithro: made custom feed, look okay?07:39
tpbTitle: Max StritzingerGSoC 2014: Dockerizing Flumotion, Building a Build System (at
mithroCARAM_: yes, much better! You should update the planet with the new URL and then send a pull request07:42
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mithroCARAM_: ha, mparuszewski got to the pull request before I did :P07:54
mparuszewskiJust got an email about the pull request, checked links, seems OK and merged. :D07:55
mithromparuszewski: yes, working as intended :P07:56
CARAM_mithro: cool :) also, should I just submit a new pull request with the commits squashed for that event2feed file?08:01
CARAM_or is there a way that I can edit my pull request without pushing additional commits?08:02
mithroIf you just push to the branch you sent the pull request from it will update the pull request08:03
CARAM_gotcha, thanks08:04
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shenkiopenssl security advisory \o/12:16
shenkiFeltonChris: hey12:37
shenkiFeltonChris: you should get some more RAM at the very least :)12:37
shenkiFeltonChris: what CPU are you running? $ head /proc/cpuinfo12:37
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aps-sidsmithro: Is this [ ] fix valid/ok for error number 1 here [ ]?13:11
tpbTitle: pspec pass; porting probes; · 5a1ac72 · bananadine/flumotion · GitHub (at
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shenkimithro: i have updated libssl on ns, lex and hopper, and restarted affected services13:25
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