Tuesday, 2014-06-03

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mithromparuszewski: I think we should get the output of the _generate scripts sent somewhere (or at least when it changes)00:01
aps-sidsplanet.timvideos.us is still being redirected00:03
aps-sidsmorning mithro00:04
mithromparuszewski: we also need that monitoring00:04
mithroaps-sids: you have a happy flumotion component?00:06
aps-sidsmithro: yes, videotest producer (only that is ported yet)00:14
aps-sidsI'm using flumotion-admin of a working flumotion installation to view this.00:15
mithroaps-sids: commented on your blog post.00:17
mithromparuszewski: I think the way we have the GitHub pages means code.timvideos.us and planet.timvideos.us are fighting?00:18
aps-sidsmithro: there is one problem with the tests (both on my machine and travis) that since some modules are ported and others are not, running all tests (using trial flumotion.test) freezes, probably due of import conflicts but individual tests run (and pass) just fine.00:27
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community (at travis-ci.org)00:27
mithroaps-sids: I think trial can take a list of things to run?00:34
aps-sidsmithro: I can add names of only ported modules in .travis.yml so only those tests are run?00:35
mithroaps-sids: maybe just a "working-tests.txt" or similar file? so people can run it locally too?00:35
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aps-sidsmithro: replied on comment00:58
CarlFKaps-sids: are you able to play a test stream in a video player?  (like vlc)01:02
aps-sidsCarlFK: encoder and streamer are not ported yet, so that won't work. As I mentioned in my post, I'm going to do it in this week.01:03
CarlFKwhat about the original unported code?01:03
aps-sidstest stream works for completely unported code, not partially ported. I will post an instructions post soon.01:05
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shenkimithro: looks like the amazon billing thing worked this time02:39
shenkimithro: any tips on setting up a machine?02:39
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mithroshenki: we should use 14.04 as the base version I think?03:01
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shenkimithro: yep03:41
shenkimithro: is it more expensive to run an instance in sydney?03:41
shenkihrm, pv vs hardware03:41
shenkiis there a 'hackers guide to aws'?03:46
shenkiit would make sense to use the free tier to install the tools, and then run it on the bigger ones when we're doing a build03:47
shenkitija: hello03:48
mithroYes but I don't know by your much. The latency improvements are probably worth it.03:58
shenkihrm, it's a bit opaque. i we want one really fast vcpu, not many of them04:10
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mithroshenki: I assume Xilinix stuff doesn't have an option to try and parallelize stuff?04:54
shenkimithro: you can run the multi-threaded par algorithims, yeah04:56
shenkimithro: they're different altorithims, so different outcomes to the single threaded ones04:57
shenkiwe should make sure everyone is using them if we switch to them04:57
shenkitija: do you have experience using the -mt options04:57
mithrotija / shenki: you guys should post about the UART stuff05:09
shenkimithro: agreed. i think it's on the way05:14
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mparuszewskimithro: planet and getting started are fighting, because planet folder on timvideos.github.io can behave in 2 ways: 1. It can be a folder inside timvideos05:20
mparuszewskiTimvideos.github.io repository05:20
mparuszewskiBut planet folder on timvideos.github.io can also be a website from gh-pages in project planet.05:21
mparuszewskiSorry that I answered so late, but I was in bed at the time you wrote the message. :)05:21
mparuszewskiToday I will be fixing both repos, and find a monitoring tool that will suits our needs. Maybe Google Analytics can do that. Definitely we need something to ping if website is up and check if content is loading properly.05:23
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mithroThere is uptimerobot for something very quick05:41
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mithromparuszewski: I came up with another solution for doing the run-one stuff in _generate.sh https://github.com/timvideos/planet/tree/using-flock -- from http://www.kfirlavi.com/blog/2012/11/06/elegant-locking-of-bash-program/ and looking at the run-one code at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/utopic/run-one/utopic06:59
tpbTitle: timvideos/planet at using-flock ยท GitHub (at github.com)06:59
mithroshenki: did you get anywhere with setting up that machine?07:00
mithroshenki: and we should set up a way to idle timeout the machines too07:00
mparuszewskimithro: I will be at home about 4 pm (+2 gmt), I will read everything and try to find perfect solution. :) I am happy that everything works fine now, thanks.07:04
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mithroI figured we probably want to make it so that if you run the script manually the crontab doesn't clobber it07:08
mithrohrm, no rohit...07:08
mithroayush3504: do you have your power back now?07:09
ayush3504mithro: yep. i'm there!07:09
mithrojust wondering where rohit is...07:09
mithrohold on a sec07:09
mithroayush3504: do you have power back on, IE should we do a normal hang out? Or should I call your phone?07:10
ayush3504mithro: normal. i've joined07:10
mithroif we need to do phone, I need to use an alternative room07:10
shenkimithro: no, i'll do some more on it tonight07:29
shenkimithro: i was thinking of setting up jenkins or something on a !aws machine07:29
shenkimithro: and that could fire up the aws machine, build the system, suck out the logs and bitstream, and shut it back down07:30
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rohitksinghmithro: hi!07:44
mithrorohitksingh: You get the time wrong?07:45
rohitksinghI just woke up now! Was up all night! :( Had slept at 6AM07:45
mithrorohitksingh: do you want to jump into the VC?07:50
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aps-sidsmithro: Any idea about this error? "GError: could not link identity to feeder:default-pay"08:22
aps-sidsThis is the pipeline code is creating and using, "videotestsrc is-live=true name=source ! identity name=identity silent=TRUE ! video/x-raw, format=(string)I420, width=(int)320, height=(int)240, framerate=(int)5, pixel-aspect-ratio=(int)1 ! gdppay name=feeder:default-pay ! multifdsink sync=false name=feeder:default buffers-max=500 buffers-soft-max=45008:22
mithroaps-sids: yes - but currently in a meeting with rohit08:23
mithrowill talk about it when I finish08:23
aps-sidsok, no problem08:23
mithrorohitksingh: you get disconnected?08:37
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ayush3504rohitksingh: are you making a 2 layer PCB or 4 ?10:19
rohitksinghayush3504: 2 layer!10:22
ayush3504just a note..if you take a look at the info about power supply rails on page 10 of AD9984A datasheet, you will see that it requires you to have ground plane. In general chips with multiple supplies, esp mixed mode chips require you to have that10:25
ayush3504but you can get away with that if you make sure that the supplies in your circuit are star connected. This star ground is usually at the negative terminal of the bypass capacitor..10:26
ayush3504this may help : http://www.analog.com/library/analogdialogue/archives/46-06/AD46-06_FIG_02.jpg10:28
rohitksinghyes, there would be a ground plane below and in vicinity of the AD9984A. I'll look into the star ground thing. Never knew about it.10:28
rohitksinghmany thanks for the help! :)10:29
ayush3504no prob! :)10:29
rohitksinghI think i'm beginning to understand this star ground. Will see more10:33
ayush3504basically the idea behind a star connection is that the current flowing to ground from one circuit does not create voltage drop in other circuit. in simple words, the ground currents of different circuits get isolated from one another with star connection10:36
ayush3504by ground current i mean the current going from the respective power supply of a circuit to the ground10:37
ayush3504i got to learn this when I had trouble running some ADC that was too sensitive to noise. Even your chip looks quite sensitive to grounding issues10:39
rohitksinghyeah, it is quite sensitive to voltages as well has noise due to its very high bandwidth10:47
ayush3504see if there are reference designs based on that chip, that should you out with noise problems.10:58
rohitksinghthere is one based on AD9984, and I'm using AD9984A.  Mostly similar. It is there in the 'docs' folder of the "HDMI2USB-vmodvga" repository11:05
rohitksinghalthough its not a complete design, just schematic...11:08
ayush3504Yes, I guess you can stick to that schematic except for the digital input part that you will be customizing. For the regulator part that you mentioned, I would prefer sticking to the power supplies given there in the reference design. It's generally a benefit for the manufactuers to show that their chips needs less extra parts so I would assume that those parts are necessary at least in the first few prototypes of the board.11:15
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rohitksinghyeah! great suggestions! Will not be changing the power supplies atleast until whole project is almost done11:25
ayush3504thanks and btw. i found some PCB layout suggestions in pg 40 of the datasheet.11:27
mithrorohitksingh: http://www.elmac.co.uk/pdfs/Lord_of_the_board.pdf11:45
rohitksinghayush3504: yeah i read those guidelines. will implement them11:52
rohitksinghmithro: thanks for the link! Awesome information along with illustrations! <Thumbs up>11:52
rohitksinghmithro: I've addressed the issues in the draft comments and published the weekly overview here along with pictures of the board http://dreamsxtrinsic.blogspot.in/2014/06/gsoc-weekly-overview-good-momentum.html11:56
tpbTitle: [GSoC Weekly Overview]: Good Momentum! | Dreams eXtrinsic (at dreamsxtrinsic.blogspot.in)11:56
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shenkiso a xilinx ise isntall is 18GB on my machine14:47
shenkiwhich is annoying, as there is no way you want to dynamicly install that on a vm to do a build14:48
shenkiso i wrote a fuse filesystem that records all the files that get opened in the ISE install dir when building the firmware14:48
shenkiand copied all those files out14:48
shenkidu -sh14:48
shenkivery hacky - i assume if eg. a different vhdl package is used then it will fail14:49
shenkibut for 1% of the file size, it's a bit of a win14:50
shenkiin the time that i managed to do all that, the ISE download to the ec2 VM is still only at 61%14:50
shenkimithro: ^14:51
aps-sidsmithro: around?15:13
CarlFKit is 1am, lets hope he is asleep ;)15:15
aps-sidsyeah :D15:15
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ayush3504shenki: That's interesting. Did you try running the implement for HDMI2USB? I'm wondering how fast it goes on the EC2, takes ~15 min on my machine.17:02
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