Monday, 2014-06-02

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shenkimithro: morning01:10
CARAM_mithro: around?01:33
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mithroCARAM_: I am now02:32
CARAM_mithro: question about streaming system website03:13
CARAM_I assume whatever goes in website/private/requirements.txt is important?03:13
CARAM_or does anything go there at all?03:14
CARAM_also, there is a very minor change to a website script that needs to be made for it to work properly, should I just submit a pull request?03:17
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] maxstr opened pull request #61: eventfeed2internal fix (master...master)
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tijaWhile trying makefile for drivers of UART-USB chip I am getting this error.
tpbTitle: Error - (at
tijaAny with the fix?04:51
tijaJoelw: Ping?05:04
shenkitija: the driver is written for a different (older?) version of the kernel05:16
shenkitija: we can try forward porting it if you like. where can i find the source code?05:17
tpbTitle: Software Driver Use Terms (at
tijashenki: atlys uses XR21V141005:18
mithroCARAM_: the requirements.txt in private is used when deploying the system rather than when developing05:29
mithroCARAM_: will we start seeing daily snippets from you now?05:29
Joelwtija: Hi!05:33
tijaJoelw: Hi! You mentioned you have used UART on atlys board, right?05:34
JoelwThat's right05:34
JoelwAnything you want to know? :)05:36
tijaJoelw: I am having problems installing drivers on my ubuntu. Did you have any?05:36
JoelwSorry, I've only ever tried using it on OS X, which didn't have any problems with the manufacturer's drivers05:37
tijaJoelw: There seems to be a problem with the drivers on linux05:40
JoelwDunno. It says "3.5.x and newer", but there's a good chance it hasn't been tested on 3.1105:43
JoelwI'd be inclined to change to a 3.5 kernel and see if that works. Life's too short to waste all your time on little things that aren't related to what you're actually supposed to be doing! :)05:44
tijaJoelw: True! Will test my UART on windows. Hope drivers work there.05:46
JoelwYeah, probably a bit easier to do that! :)05:46
shenkitija: if you want to use it on linux, this should work:
tpbTitle: shenki/exar-uart-driver · GitHub (at
tijashenki: that was pretty quick :D05:54
shenkitija: :) it took longer to put it on github than it did to fix the problems05:56
shenkiit's annoying that our friends at exar haven't upstreamed their driver05:56
shenkithey've gone to the trouble of writing it, it's well written, obeys the kernel coding standards05:56
shenkiyet everyone suffers because they haven't upstreamed it05:56
CARAM_mithro: yes, sorry for the sparse communication thus far. things were far more hectic this week than I could have realized.06:07
shenkitija: did it work?06:16
tijashenki: Yes!06:19
shenkitija: cool06:25
shenkiwe should upstream the driver06:25
shenkii wonder how far it is away from being a cdc device...06:26
tijashenki: wait! I haven't tested it on hardware! I meant makefile work :D06:26
shenkiah okay06:29
shenkithat part was to be expected :)06:29
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tijashenki: it is working!!06:59
shenkitija: excellent07:02
shenkitija: im reading through the driver and comparing it to the code that exar based it on07:02
shenkitija: they have essentially just replaced the names of the functions and structures with their own, and deleted comments - no extra code07:02
shenkithe only functionality they added was a set of ioctls for getting/setting some internal registers and state07:03
tijaBut I am having a problem. I used lsusb and it showed exar driver and then dmesg showed UART to usbt is connected to ttyUSB1.07:06
tijaBut now gtkterm is not opening up07:06
tijaterminal is hung07:06
JoelwI usually just use screen /dev/ttyUSB1 960007:10
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Joelwtija: I usually just use screen /dev/ttyUSB1 960007:13
JoelwNo reason that gtkterm shouldn't work though07:13
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
shenkitija: which device did you use? the documentation suggests that 4 devices will show up07:24
tijashenki:atlys board07:24
tijashenki: I am using this blog post to set things up.
tpbTitle: Blog post | Realtime Embedded (at
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tijashenki: Things are working in windows! And yes my UART code is also working on Hardware!07:56
shenkitija: good work!07:57
shenkitija: can you send me the bitstream? I would like to try it on my board too07:57
tijashenki: I am going for lunch. I will come back and send it to you.07:59
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mithrois the planet broken for anyone else?13:24
mithromparuszewski: poke?13:24
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mparuszewskihello mithro13:32
mithromparuszewski: the planet appears to be broken?13:32
mparuszewskiI've noticed that, I'll check that.13:33
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mparuszewskiFirst look doesn't tell me whats wrong.13:33
mparuszewskiMain page is missing and there is a page that refresh every second. And in repository everything is fine.13:34
mparuszewskiI'll rebuild that and then check.13:34
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mithromparuszewski: that page I think comes from
tpbTitle: getting-started/planet/index.html at master · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
mparuszewskioh, you are right, I'll remove that definitely.13:40
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] pinoss pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master c29a577 Maciej Paruszewski: Remove planet because of unaccessible planet.timvideos.us13:56
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mithromparuszewski: you need to push to the wiki github and then the auto-script will push it to the base repo and do the generation13:57
mparuszewskiOk. I don't know why but I can't login to ssh.14:11
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mithromparuszewski: what does it say?14:22
mithroyou can use "ssh -v" to get better debugging output14:23
mithromparuszewski: it looks like the server is overloaded14:25
mithromparuszewski: we should put some type of lock around the generate script so only one runs at one time14:26
mithromparuszewski: my guess is that there are a lot of's or similar running14:26
CarlFKmithro:   how can I get that to test it?  (if I have to run patch I give up - I am hoping there is a git get-pull-request kind of thing..)14:27
tpbTitle: eventfeed2internal fix by maxstr · Pull Request #61 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKlike can I pull it into my fork?14:27
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mithroCarlFK: aparently like this
tpbTitle: Checkout github pull requests locally (at
mithroheading to bed now14:29
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mithroCARAM_: comment posting on your blog doesn't appear to work? Or I'm getting spam filtered?14:31
mparuszewskimithro: I will do research and find solution to lock script to runs only at one time14:51
mparuszewskican we fix that now, even if I can't log in?14:52
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aps-sidsmparuszewski: ping?22:19
mparuszewskiaps-sids: pong22:20
aps-sidsmparuszewski: I edited my blog post just now (week number was wrong) and two posts are being shown in planet now.22:21
aps-sidsAny way to fix that?22:21
aps-sidsor this kind of functionality in general?22:22
aps-sidsI edited title basically.22:22
aps-sidsso, planet took it as two different posts.22:23
mparuszewskiPlanet looks into your feed.xml and if there are new posts it downloads them and then they are rendered, I will check if I am able to add a comparer to remove posts that are almost the same22:24
mparuszewskiBut planet cannot say if you created new post or edited last one, it is stateless, it looks at your feed and downloads everything what is new22:25
aps-sidsmparuszewski: These are not different posts. I deleted a post and added a new one. Planet still has the deleted post in it (url is same as new post).22:26
aps-sidsDoes the planet act if something is removed from feed?22:26
CarlFKI wold ignore the extra entry.  it will drift away soon enough.22:26
mparuszewskiOk, now I understand. This is a kind of functionality, planet archives all posts, it can only download new posts, doesn't look at already saved22:27
mparuszewskiI'll fix that manually :)22:27
puckIs the planet public yet?22:31
tpbTitle: Planet - Developers News (at
puckaps-sids:  groovey, thanks22:31
CarlFK 40423:10
CarlFKdoes someone have the URL of the firmware loader ?23:10
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mparuszewskiCarlFK: you can reach a copy of at
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Getting Started (at
mparuszewskiI will check whats wrong with code.timvideos.us23:33
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tvCommitBot[getting-started] timvideos-website pushed 2 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master 238645c Maciej Paruszewski: Remove planet redirection because of inaccessible planet.timvideos.us23:47
tvCommitBotgetting-started/master de04e17 Tim Videos Website Generator: Merge branch 'master' of
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mparuszewskiNow all should work :)23:56
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Getting Started! (at
mparuszewskiI don't know why doesn't work, but in few minutes all should work.23:58

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