Sunday, 2014-06-01

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aps-sidsmithro: python module "q" you suggested is really useful. Is it possible to get an *interactive* console (ipython) using this module?00:27
mithroaps-sids: no idea. Probably not00:40
mithrooh wait00:40
tpbTitle: q 2.4 : Python Package Index (at
mithroTo start an interactive console at any point in your code, call q.d():00:40
mithroimport q; q.d()00:40
aps-sidsmithro: yeah, I'm doing this and it opens a python console. But it would be awesome if it could open something like ipython.00:42
mithroaps-sids: look at the code :P00:42
aps-sidsdid that as well, couldn't understand much :D #noob00:42
tpbTitle: q/ at master · zestyping/q · GitHub (at
mithrojust change the code.interact line to ipython equivalent00:47
tpbTitle: Using IPython from the Python shell like `code.interact()` - Stack Overflow (at
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aps-sidsgah, import IPython gives "cannot import name TextIOWrapper"01:17
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rohitksinghmithro: You online?08:54
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mithrorohitksingh: I'm just going to bed now, I've been up since 5am so pretty tired13:13 problems! Have a nice sleep! :)13:14
shenkimithro: i got an AWS request. when i click the link it tells me:13:42
shenkiYou are not authorized to perform this operation.13:42
shenkiYou are currently signed in as an IAM user that does not have permissions to the requested page.13:42
shenkimithro: can't work out what's wrong13:42
mithroshenki: maybe I used the wrong email address?13:42
shenkimithro: yep. use [email protected]13:48
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NiharikaHi. I´m getting ´A server error occurred. Please contact the administrator´ on accessing some specific URLs in the project site. Like I´m not able to figure out where the issue is. Any help?15:52
tpbTitle: Dropbox - Screenshot 2014-06-01 19.28.57.png (at
NiharikaMy looks like
tpbTitle: Snippet #270050 (at
CarlFKNiharika: can you push all your code to github?  (which will make skay grumpy unless you create a branch for stuff that doesn't work yet, but I do it all the time ;)16:17
CarlFKalso, localhost:8000 - I am guessing you are using the django dev server ( runserver) which should have an error on it;s console16:19
CarlFKand and and.. that error dose not look like what I would expect from django, so I am not sure what is going on16:19
CarlFKyour best place to ask for django help is #django16:20
NiharikaCarlFK: Someone on #Django told me it´s not related to Django. It´s related to the project...16:21
CarlFKgrumble - that wasn't helpful :p16:21
CarlFKin your vm, are you running apache or nginx?16:22
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/frontend at master · Niharika29/streaming-system · GitHub (at
NiharikaCarlFK: Er, I am not sure, I´m doing the make serve according to docs.16:22
NiharikaCarlFK: Someone (adian) on #django said that it´s a customized page, made by the project creator. Any idea what´s going on?16:26
CarlFKyeah - the readme or whatever docs had you setup a production server.. which is making this harder16:26
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skay_Niharika: hiya16:27
Niharikaskay_: Hi!16:27
skay_let me catch up with the irc log16:28
skay_I started installing a new distro on my laptop last night so I was distracted (and this morning too)16:28
skay_I have a mac though, so here I am16:28
NiharikaOh, okay. No problem. It´s a Sunday after all.16:29
CarlFKskay_: I am guessing gunicorn is on port 8000, so django dev server can't just use that.  turning it off may be a pain, so just use 8001 (again, kinda guessing at how it is currently setup)16:30
skay_I'll go check the docs to see how they have people set things up … you'll get more debug information if you run the django devserver16:30
skay_yeah, I'll be guessing until I see how the docs set things up16:30
NiharikaCarlFK: Some urls, like the streaming page etc. work perfectly fine. Only some urls give this error.16:31
CarlFK  that should track the docs - 90% happens by make (so Makefile)16:31
tpbTitle: streaming-system/Vagrantfile at master · CarlFK/streaming-system · GitHub (at
skay_make serve does use the django server. in settings, set DEBUG=True16:32
skay_I forget what local setting is… let me go check. I always forget if it is or or even if teh streaming-system uses that16:32
skay_oh, I just checked your repo and in your you have DEBUG set to True16:34
Niharikaskay_: Yeah.16:35
skay_nothing in private.settings overrides that?16:35
skay_double check16:35
Niharikaskay_: I don´t think so.16:35
skay_I notice the make server command doesn't have any additional args to pass to these args will be useful because it will have the console print out tracedumps ./ runserver --traceback -v 316:36
skay_it has been a while since I used make, so I am unfamiliar with how to pass args to a target.16:37
NiharikaAh, okay.16:37
skay_could you instead ssh to your vm, then go to the directory where manage is, and invoke it like I just mentioned?16:37
Niharikaskay_: Let me try.16:38
skay_also, later today when I have my linux laptop set up again I can get a dev setup for the streaming system frontend so I can reproduce these things16:38
Niharikaskay_: Okay.16:38
skay_I was also trying out carls Vangrantfile the other day — and I have a fork with it and also I added a new vagrant target so that the makefile would work nicer with vagrant, but I hadn't had time to play with that16:39
skay_also, I see in the irc log that CarlFK joked about me liking people to submit to branches then get them working then merging to master — we can go over how to do that later, but I won't be disgruntled for now if it is confusing16:40
skay_it is good practice, but at this point we aren't ready to make a pull request (PR)16:41
Niharikaskay_: Where can I see what all the make serve command does?16:41
CarlFKNiharika: Makefile16:41
CarlFK(i forget where it is)16:41
CarlFKhopefully there is only one16:41
skay_also, you asked a good question about whether to make this a django app versus something you do in timvideos… I will have a chat about that with you once I get things up and stable on my laptop16:41
Niharikaskay_: Alright. :)16:42
skay_my instinct is that it would be nice… but I need to think about it a bit more to see whether the models are general enough to be useful for other projects16:42
skay_and it's a bit hypothetical… so that might be over-thinking16:42
skay_so one suggestion — let's think about that for a short bit, but then perhaps just make sure you code things in such a way that you can do some refactoring to pull out things in to a separate project16:43
skay_but, thinking about this some more, once nice thing is that you could have a separate repo, then make it a python package, then just include it in the requirements file and settings int imvideos16:44
skay_and that way there will be way less pain of doing PRs to timvideos16:44
skay_in fact. let me think about that a little more today, but I think I do like that idea16:44
skay_I am just hand waving for now16:44
Niharikaskay_: I started the server with the command you told me to, but it´s giving me a bunch of errors on accessing the URLs. I think there´s some other key stuff make serve does.16:44
Niharikaskay_: Okay.16:45
skay_hmm, maybe just edit hte Makefile to add the extra parameters for now16:45
Niharikaskay_: Okay, done.16:47
skay_does that give you mroe info?16:47
Niharikaskay_: Nope. Nothing on the console.16:48
skay_I'm confused by that, so I need to set up an environment so I can see what the make file is doing versus what I am used to when doing django dev16:49
CarlFKrunserver should just work16:49
skay_maybe I can get vagrant running nicely on my mac until I've got my linux laptop okay16:49
skay_CarlFK: why isn't it dumping more information to the console log?16:49
CarlFKI thought it was erroring16:50
NiharikaIt´s dumping more information when I hit urls which are completely non-existent( not in
skay_from the screenshot it looks like the site has a 50016:51
NiharikaBut not for this one.16:51
skay_so runserver should be showing a strack trace16:51
skay_but it is not16:51
CarlFKNiharika: in your VM: sudo apt-get install pastebinit16:52
skay_for varying degrees of "should"16:52
NiharikaCarlFK: Okay16:52
CarlFKsudo apt-get install pastebinit xclip16:52
CarlFKthen you can use your mouse to highlight text and run xclip -o | pastebinit16:53
CarlFKand it will print
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
Niharika This is the complete trace from doing the make serve to accessing the url in question.17:00
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
NiharikaThe error about favicon.ico is the icon on the homepage, it´s missing, apparently. It always shows that in error when I do a make serve.17:03
CarlFKthis reminds me of that rant about .js "it is normal for things to be all broken"17:19
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