Saturday, 2014-05-31

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shenkiaps-sids: yeah, i think the 12.04 comes from mithro's familiarity with it at work03:51
shenkiaps-sids: i would recommend using 14.04. but you should discuss that with mithro03:51
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mithroaps-sids: the reason we can't upgrade from 12.04 is flumotion doesn't work on 14.04 which you are fixing04:42
aps-sidsmithro: morning. yeah, but it needs to be ported for being compatible with twisted 13 as well, right?04:44
mithroI think so04:45
aps-sidsI'm currently using config files to setup a basic stream using just the videotest producer. Hopefully, I will be able to run it successfully by today or maybe tomorrow.04:50
shenkimithro: so my crap i5 work laptop has taken about 6 hours, and still hasn't finished building the xilinx project04:52
shenkimithro: i think we should install the tools on a VM :)04:52
mithroaps-sids: I think you'll find that -1 and that big number are the same in terms of bit representation04:52
mithroshenki: something is wrong there. It builds much faster on my laptop?04:52
shenkimithro: are you referring to master, or ajit's work?04:54
mithroMaster, how long did Ajit say it would take?04:54
aps-sidsmithro: I checked on Gstreamer versions 1.2.0 to 1.2.4. Only 1.2.1 gives -1 :/04:55
shenkimithro: i don't recall him giving a number, but i know he has bumped up the effort level for the par04:56
mithroYou sure it's not because of your GI version?05:02
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shenkioh, no me05:31
mithroshenki: do you have an aws account?05:32
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mparuszewski@mithro: ping?07:30
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Niharika:D :D I managed to direct it to a new page!08:11
shenkimithro: yeah, i think so08:13
mithroI can link it to my account so you can use the free credit to get a image working.08:16
mithromparuszewski: I won't get a chance to respond till later tonight.08:16
mparuszewskiOk, I'll be at home till later tonight.08:18
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shenkimithro: ok. let me know what details you need09:00
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mithromparuszewski: I have to get to bed as I have a 6am flight tomorrow, but two comments - Installing things on the system shouldn't be part of the generate script (installing into the local directory is okay). You have root access to that machine so should be able to install bundler or what ever it is you need12:28
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mparuszewskiOk, thanks. I've installed bundler and gems, all gems are currently installed locally to the application directory. Now autodeploy works and is set every 5 minutes.14:54
rohitksinghmparuszewski: Very nice site! Thumbs up! B-)15:47
mparuszewskiThanks :)15:47
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aps-sidsNiharika: is there a way to comment on your blog posts?16:08
Niharikaaps-sids: Umm, lemme check. Trying svbtle for the first time.16:08
NiharikaDarn. I think not. Tell me the comment? aps-sids16:09
aps-sidsNiharika: Nothing specific as of now, but I felt ability to comment (a must) is missing.16:10
NiharikaYeah. I wonder why it didn´t occur to me. :|16:11
NiharikaI like it how they implemented the Kudos.16:11
NiharikaIt´s simple and beautiful.16:11
aps-sidsNiharika: you should be thinking about use here. for purpose of GSoC kudos is not a really useful feature but comments is a must.16:16
Niharikaaps-sids: I know. It really didn´t ever occur to me that it doesn´t support comments. I might switch over to something else now.16:17
NiharikaAbout the kudos, it was a general remark. I16:17
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aps-sidsmparuszewski: planet site looks cool (y) Also, I suggest in place of ideticon urls, you should use image url from github user's page. It is self updating, for example for me, url is
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aps-sidsIf I change my image/gravatar, this link will give you new image16:32
mparuszewskiaps-sids: great idea, I'll update that. :)16:34
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mithromorning people22:41
CarlFKhey mithro22:42
aps-sidsmorning everyone. mithro: about renaming feedcomponent010, should we do it at a later stage, once the streams work?22:46
mithroaps-sids: it's up to you22:46
rohitksinghMorning everyone! Its 4:40AM here, and I'm going for sleep now! See you guys in noon!23:12
CarlFKsleep well23:13
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mithroshenki: you should have a AWS request23:23

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