Friday, 2014-05-30

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shenkidoh, tija forgot to push his changes00:53
shenkihrm, it looks like he tried. he merged in the upstream branch, but i can't see any of his commits00:53
shenkimithro: is working for you?00:53
aps-sidsshenki: not working for me01:03
shenkiaps-sids: thanks01:03
tpbTitle: Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up? (at
shenkiaps-sids: yeah, i did the same :) i reported it to the guys on twitter01:03
shenkiit's funny, as they were bragging about how many registrations they were getting only 40 minutes ago01:03
shenkiperhaps they good too many :)01:03
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aps-sidsmithro: ping?01:53
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CarlFKmithro: have time /  ec2 setup to get  a stream up now (shop bot build out here at PS1)02:23
CarlFKI have dvswitch running, bringing up an encoder box now02:23
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CarlFKoh right.. streaming system expects ubuntu something I dont have handy03:30
CarlFKNote, selecting 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad' instead of 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-farsight03:30
aps-sidsCarlFK: mithro: small doubt here. I'm not able to understand how to use this - - in the code here -
tpbTitle: Constants - Gst 1.0 (at
aps-sidsAnother relevant link,
tpbTitle: GStreamer 1.0 Core Reference Manual: GstInfo (at
mithroaps-sids: that is a question for gstreamer people I think. It is just a logging message so don't let it hold you back03:54
aps-sidsmithro: Please see this output from ipython.   I'm missing something here and not sure exactly how to use Gst.TIME_FORMAT. Basically, I need to pass a long int and get output in hh:mm:ss format. I feel its a silly question :/04:03
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroYou should compare it to the old object04:07
mithroI think you'll find the old thing was a function04:08
aps-sidsIn [34]: gst.TIME_ARGS(6)04:09
aps-sidsOut[34]: '0:00:00.000000006'04:09
aps-sidsold thing just returned the string04:09
aps-sidsmithro: 6 is a nanosecond here04:10
mithrobut the new thing is a string not a function which returns a string04:13
mithroaps-sids: don't be afraid to go and look at the code04:33
CarlFKoh I think I get it ...  Gst.TIME_FORMAT = 'u:%02u:%02u.%09u' is the format string which can vary depending on country/local04:33
CarlFK>>> 'u:%02u:%02u.%09u' % (1,2,3)04:34
CarlFKI'll have to admit I don't understand the u:, but anyway, Gst.TIME_FORMAT is just a string04:35
aps-sidsthanks  CarlFK04:36
aps-sidsthat's a new thing I got to know04:36
mithroI would have thought that aps-sids knows Gst.TIME_FORMAT is a string04:40
mithrobecause in his ipython output it said04:40
mithroIn [98]: Gst.TIME_FORMAT??04:40
mithroType:        str04:40
aps-sidsyeah mithro, I knew that but I didn't know about using % to format (1,2,3)04:41
mithroIn [5]: gst.TIME_ARGS??04:41
mithroType:       builtin_function_or_method04:41
mithroString Form:<built-in function TIME_ARGS>04:41
CarlFKaps-sids: I bet you did ;)  - it is a more compicated version of >>> "%s foo %s bar %s" % (1,2,3)04:44
CarlFK'1 foo 2 bar 3'04:44
mithroaps-sids: looks like there is still a gst.TIME_ARGS method in the new Gst?04:45
tpbTitle: gstreamer/gst-python - Python bindings for GStreamer (at
mithroThis is what the old code did04:49
tpbTitle: gstreamer/gst-python - Python bindings for GStreamer (at
aps-sidshuh, I was and am still getting Gst.TIME_ARGS() , object has no attribute TIME_ARGS04:57
aps-sidsits not showing in ipython as well04:58
mithromaybe it's not in the version you have?04:58
mithrogo and look at the git history to see when it was added04:58
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aps-sidsmithro: its added dec 2013 and I have Gstreamer latest stable version 1.2.1 :/06:04
mithroaps-sids: it's not a complicated function06:06
mithrohave a "" file which does06:06
mithroimport gst06:06
mithroif not hasattr(gst, "TIME_ARGS"):06:06
mithro  def TIME_ARGS(...):06:07
mithro   ...06:07
mithro  gst.TIME_ARGS = TIME_ARGS06:07
aps-sidsokay, got it06:08
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mithroonce the newer version is everywhere, we can drop that06:15
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mithromparuszewski: morning?06:36
mparuszewskimithro: good morning06:37
mithromparuszewski: looks like you've made good progress with the planet06:37
mithromparuszewski: have you set up autogeneration for it yet?06:38
mparuszewskiI am working on it. :)06:39
mithromparuszewski: I can also get you those email addresses06:39
mparuszewskiThat would be great, or I can use gravatars from GitHub.06:40
mithromparuszewski: The text in the logo circle on the left it weird, doesn't match what it suppose to look like06:41
mithromparuszewski: can you add an example email in the config file?06:42
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mparI will think about the logo, should I change the text or whole idea?06:46
mparmy irc client will make me crazy :D06:47
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aps-sidsmpar: stopped using irccloud?06:49
mithrompar: correct text layout/design is found a
mparI have problem with irccloud, because I have only a message that I need to confirm my email address, but I've already done that. I wrote to support about that issue :)06:52
mparmithro: Ok, I will update the logo.06:53
mparmithro: what do you think about other ideas from my snippet?06:53
mithrompar: I don't think we need pagination?06:54
mithrompar: we probably want an "embed" version of the page which doesn't have the left side bar06:54
mparOk, so I won't fight with pagination and remove the sidebar from that page. Now I will add github activities, gravatars and OPML generation. I will add TimVideos logo to the header and change it a little bit.06:58
mithrompar: I think we want both the one with the side bar and the one without06:58
mithrompar: the one without would be designed to be iframed into the main site?06:59
mparOk, I can do that.07:00
mparCould you send me emails for gravatars?07:01
mithroIf you update the planet.yml I'll send you a pull request with emails in them07:01
mparShould we keep emails in that file in the repository or just gravatars ids?07:03
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mparIn my opinion it would be safer for emails to keep only gravatar ids, I don't know if spam bots are looking for emails in GitHub repositories.07:06
mithrosounds fair07:17
mparI've created small program to generate gravatar id for email:
tpbTitle: - eBcTx5 - Online Ruby Interpreter & Debugging Tool (at
mparand updated main repository with planet.yml07:23
mparI will update planet.yml to have all people from GSoC201407:42
mparI created special category for HDMI2USB, it is a large project.07:43
mparI've added script for planet08:39
mithrompar: great, did you add the gravatars yourself?09:09
mithrodo you still need me to add them?09:09
mparI've added random gravatars. I still need you, if you give me a list of emails I will generate them. :)09:12
mparNow I will add new page with github activities (it shouldn't be on main page, because it will contain a lot of posts), and then create iframe with content only.09:14
mparI ran my script locally (without ssh connection) and all worked fine.09:14
mithroIt doesn't look like most people have gravatars09:16
mparWe can have images also, but gravatars are great, because even if someone does not have gravatar and we will use default gravatars, we can separate each post, and if someone want to have another image for post author he can create account on gravatar and have one.09:19
mparI will think about auto deploy, cron tab, or else, but I will need your or Leon's help, I don't want to break something.09:20
mithrompar: you can just a crontab entry on ?09:27
mithromaybe we should be using github identicons instead?09:28
tpbTitle: Identicons! · GitHub (at
mithrompar: actually why not just let people provide an image?09:28
mithros/image/image url/09:28
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mparOk, we can use every solution that is available. :)09:34
mparSo, by default I will use Indeticons, but if someone will provide me a image I will change that in config, is that good?09:35
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mithrompar: yeah, that sounds good. The Ideticons will be the same as the github ones right?09:38
mparYes, and it's easy because identicons requires only name of GitHub account09:40
mparHow often should that script work? Every minute? Hour?09:41
mithrohow long does it take to run?09:44
mithrompar: you should also make sure you are thinking about pushing any planet.rb changes back upstream09:46
mparYes, I will make pull request for that project too.09:49
mparIt takes about 1 minute, I'll set it for every 5 minutes.09:52
mparI've got permission denied error when trying to run script on generate.timvideos.us10:07
mparCould you validate if my script is correct?10:07
mparI will be back in few hours.10:07
aps-sidsmpar: can you give link to your script?10:10
mithroYou should use a similar curl method to the other one. Will look at it when I get home.10:10
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mithroMorning tija10:14
tijamithro: good morning10:14
mithrotija: you should make it a goal to get shenki to replicate you results.10:14
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tijamithro: okay, actually lot of work that I did I have overwritten on the same file. Say changing clock frequency: I simply change PLL parameters and overwrite the previous once.10:18
tijaSo how should I go about it.10:19
tijasave every changes in a new xsvf file?10:19
mithroYou should commit often to keep a history of your work.10:19
mithroYou can keep them on separate branches and then clean them up when they should end up on the master branch.10:20
mithroCommiting to often is better then not enough10:21
tijaokay I will do that from today10:22
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tijashenki: This is the new branch that I have made. hdl/jpeg_encoder/jpeg_top-Copy has yesterday's changes11:17
tpbTitle: ajitmathew/HDMI2USB at gsoc · GitHub (at
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aps-sidsCarlFK: you have a minute?18:11
aps-sidsand gstreamer 1.0 installed? need to check something.18:12
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CarlFKaps-sids: sure18:51
aps-sidsCarlFK: please do "from gi.repository import Gst" and check value of Gst,CLOCK_TIME_NONE18:52
CarlFK>>> Gst.CLOCK_TIME_NONE18:53
aps-sidsfor some reason, I'm getting this value as -1 :/19:00
CarlFKfrom gst or Gst?19:01
mparuszewskimithro: I need to install bundler on, but I don't have permissions to do gem install bundler (that's why my script won't work)19:03
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aps-sidsCarlFK: from Gst.. gst gives me correct value19:08
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CarlFKhow do I check Gst version ?19:08
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aps-sidsGst.version or version_string19:12
CarlFK>>> Gst.version19:14
CarlFK>>> Gst.version_string19:14
CarlFK'GStreamer 1.2.4'19:15
aps-sidsah, I have 1.2.1. Is 1.2.4 development version? and you are using Ubuntu 12.04?19:16
CarlFKUbuntu 14.04 LTS19:18
CarlFKwhat is the .deb package name?19:18
tpbTitle: PPA for GStreamer developers : “GStreamer developers” team (at
aps-sidsdoes this mean 1.2.1 is latest version for ubuntu 12.04?19:46
CarlFK *** 1.2.4-1~ubuntu1 020:01
CarlFK        500 trusty-updates/main amd64 Packages20:01
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKit may be easier to work with 12.0420:01
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aps-sidsCarlFK: ping?22:12
CarlFKaps-sids: here22:12
aps-sidsplease do this,  "from gi.repository import Gst" and gst.TIME_ARGS(6)22:13
aps-sidsoops,  Gst.TIME_ARGS(6)22:14
aps-sidsthis ^22:14
CarlFKAttributeError: 'gi.repository.Gst' object has no attribute 'TIME_ARGS'22:14
aps-sidsah, ok thanks22:14
aps-sidsIf you're free please go throughg my blog. I just posted.22:15
aps-sidsworking on Ubuntu 12.04 is a really bad idea according to gstreamer guys.22:18
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CarlFKsomewhere recommend 12.04 - should update that to 14.0422:22
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