Wednesday, 2014-05-28

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shenkihey tariq786_lab00:13
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tariq786_labhi shenki00:24
tariq786_labsorry for the delay00:24
tariq786_labWill be back in 15 minutes00:25
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shenkitariq786_lab: hello! sorry, i was in transit01:03
shenkitariq786_lab: i was wondering if you had any thoughts on the questions I posted to the mailing list last week?01:03
tariq786_labi am in VC with my mentor01:04
tariq786_labwill reply you asap01:04
shenkiah ha :)01:04
mithromparuszewski: ping?01:11
mithroaps-sids: ping?01:15
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shenkimithro: ping03:42
mithroshenki: pong03:43
shenkimithro: im giving a talk at our local tech group about hdmi2usb and the gsoc tonight03:43
shenkimithro: do you have any slides that talk about the fpga system from your previous talks?03:44
mithroshenki: cool03:44
mithroshenki: nope!03:44
shenkian i see the slides from the talk you gave at the lca miniconf?03:44
mithrocan you access ?03:51
tpbTitle: Full Talks - External (at
shenkimithro: yep, thanks03:53
shenkimithro: do you have the source for the system architecture diagram?03:55
mithronot sure03:55
shenkithe one with the blue box, pink ethernet and the fluffly internet cloud03:55
mithroanyone got time to poke around the slidelint website?03:56
shenkimithro: i'll run it on my slides once ive made them :)03:58
mithroI have a VM03:58
mithrono idea if it works03:58
shenkimithro: what are the boxes that the hdmi2usb is replacing called?04:04
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shenkimithro: did any of the FPGA side of the NeTV get re-used in the hdmi2usb?04:32
mithroI believe we kribed some VHDL code04:32
shenkido we use the same "Snoop and Squash" for the EDID override?04:33
shenkiOr do we just sample one, and spit out a different one?04:33
mithrono idea04:33
mithroI think we want to move to the second one04:34
mithrobut we did do the first one for a while04:34
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shenkimithro: what reasons did we have for not using the NeTV as the HDMI2USB?05:45
shenkioh, lack of USB05:45
shenkimithro: was the interface between the FPGA and the ARM too slow as well?05:45
mithrointerface between NeTV+Spartan was on way05:46
shenkione way, right05:46
shenkimithro: so how would we go creating a connector for the novena header that does HDMI passthrough?05:57
shenkiwe'd need enough signals for HDMI in + out05:57
shenkiand i guess given the conversation earlier, it would max out at 720p-ish kind of resolutions05:57
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aps-sidsmithro: pong06:03
shenkimithro: wdyt?
tpbTitle: TechMeet May 2014: HDMI Video Capture - Google Präsentationen (at
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shenkihrm, my board won't stream video over the uvc device08:58
shenkiusing libfpgalink08:58
mithroaps-sids: Your blog hasn't been updated since May 24, it's May 28th today09:01
mithroshenki: what error are you getting?09:02
tpbTitle: v4l2: your device driver does not support VIDIOC_G_STD ioctl, VIDIOC_G_PARM was - (at
mithrothat's new09:03
mithrowhat are you running to get that?09:04
shenkihrm. im running a pretty new kernel09:04
mithroI mean, is that from an application or from the kernel or?09:05
shenkidoesn't work on a mac either09:06
shenki the only thing that has changed from the other week is perhaps osme switches09:06
shenkimithro: i fixed it by specifying the resolution09:09
shenkiwell, working on the test image. let me try a device09:10
mithroon which device?09:10
shenkion mplayer09:10
shenkias well as the projector09:10
mithrohow do you set a resolution on the projector?09:11
shenkiit's connected to the projector09:17
shenkii set the resolution on mplayer09:17
shenkimplayer -fps 30 -tv driver=v4l2:width=1024:height=768:device=/dev/video1 tv://09:18
aps-sidsmithro: oops, I forgot to commit to blog. I was trying and testing different configurations for manager and workers. I've continued with porting of modules now.09:47
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mparuszewskimithro: pong14:15
mithroI'm just going to bed. Wanted to chat about getting the planet up and running.14:16
mithroWe should organize a time to get it all live.14:16
mparuszewskiOk, it will be easier if you write me an email. The time you wrote me I was in bed. :)14:18
mparuszewskiOr we should just pick time and meet or talk on hangouts to organize everything. :)14:18
mparuszewskiI just got home from university I am starting working on features. I wrote a snippet yesterday about things that should be done before the end of the week.14:22
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mparuszewskiI use IRCCloud so I have all history and also I read logs from irc every day. So I think I won't miss anything.14:23
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mparuszewskimithro: ping? :)22:29
mithromparuszewski: pong?23:34

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