Friday, 2014-05-23

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mithroshenki: you see this? ? - Makes me think of Rusty's kernel tutorials at LCA05:31
shenkimithro: yeah, i signed up for it and got started, but didn't get to submitting the first challenge05:38
shenkiI should go back to it05:38
shenkiI wonder who it is that is running it05:38
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mithroshenki: - No Australian's this year it seems?05:59
tpbTitle: Google Open Source Blog: Google Summer of Code 2014 by the numbers: Part one (at
tpbTitle: Google Developers Blog: Making your site more mobile-friendly with PageSpeed Insights (at
mithroshenki: My group launched a thing! -> :)06:03
tpbTitle: Chromium Blog: Chrome 36 Beta: element.animate(), HTML Imports, and Object.observe() (at
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mithrohi aps-sids!06:05
mithroaps-sids: just posted on your blog06:05
aps-sidsmithro: this is the twisted gtk2reactor module being imported -  If you see line 22, it should not import the module in first place and give a warning. But it doesn't. I even tried importing using ipython. gi is there in sys.modules, still this module is imported. Any ideas?06:22
tpbTitle: [Python] # -*- test-case-name: twisted.internet.test -*- # Copyright (c) Twisted Matrix - (at
mithroaps-sids: ordering matters here06:23
mithroaps-sids: I'm guessing that gtk2reactor is getting imported before you import gi06:23
mithrogtk2reactor is not compatible with the newer gi based bindings06:24
mithroBut I think twisted now has gtk3reactor which is compatible?06:25
shenkimithro: bummer about no aussies. i wonder what the cause is. it would be interesting to see the trend of southern hemisphere over time06:29
shenkimithro: your group is the web animations stuff?06:30
mithroshenki: yeah06:30
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shenkimithro: so is there more to be done? or do you have new shinyness to work on now?06:35
mithroshenki: *a lot* more to be done06:36
shenkithis stuff is being done to repalce flash?06:38
mithroI wouldn't pitch it that way, but it does have that side effect06:50
shenkido you have any cool demos to show off?06:51
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aps-sidsmithro: I strongly suspect that we need to port all the modules before creating a successful stream12:10
aps-sidsthe tests for module now pass (which were failing last year)12:12
aps-sidsthis was required for that since things were different for gst and gi
tpbTitle: ported · 15b14eb · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
aps-sidsCarlFK: ping?12:17
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mithroaps-sids: Y13:02
mithroaps-sids: you should be able to start at a producer element and drop a null sink temporarily on the end of the pipeline13:03
mithroaps-sids: and slowly work you way forward13:03
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CarlFKaps-sids: pong13:28
aps-sidshi CarlFK , had some doubt, found it online. Did you see my blog post?13:35
CarlFKyep - it's good13:45
* CarlFK running around packing up to go work at a coffee shop 13:45
mithroaps-sids: you about?13:49
mithroaps-sids: a really good tool for helping with debugging is the "q" module --
tpbTitle: q 2.4 : Python Package Index (at
mithroaps-sids: it's really great when you can't use print statements or are deep inside the stack and don't know what is happening13:52
mithroaps-sids: I also recommend strace and ltrace as very useful tool13:52
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tijaCan anyone suggest me a way to measure the FPS of video streaming from HDMI2USB?14:20
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aps-sidsthanks a lot mithro  :)14:49
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mithroaps-sids: strace is really useful for trying to figure out where python is searching for modules and such14:49
mithroaps-sids: I remeber the other student having issues with the gi import too14:49
aps-sidsmithro: I tried strace already but the output was quite over whelming14:50
mithroaps-sids: you can tune what straces output14:50
aps-sidsyeah, I am trying that14:51
mithroI think "-e trace=file" should help14:51
skaymithro: I'm still wrapping up my last week (and a day!) at my job, and I haven't had a chance to review all of the frontend for the site. so could you give a quick pointer for Niharika on how one adds a new url that will resolve, to a template? we were thinking it is something that would get added to config. I'm more used to doing something like {% url14:52
tpbTitle: GSoC2013: Not finding gi (at
skay{% url 'somenamefromurlspy' %}14:52
skaylooks like you are doing {{ avarfromconfig }}restofurl14:53
mithroskay: check what the other templates are using?14:53
skayyeah, I did, but wanted to verify that is what was going on14:53
mithroskay: I'm no django expert, so there could be a better way :)14:53
skayNiharika had some trouble getting her url to resolve14:53
skayand she had added it to config already14:53
skaymithro: oh sure... she suggested upgrading (and refactoring) but I was worried that we'd end up getting derailed by that and not finishing the main goal14:54
skayit's very easy to go down a rabbit hole refactoring things14:54
mithroskay: agreed14:54
mithroskay: it's been quite a while since I looked at the code14:55
mithrocan she go to the url directly?14:55
skaymithro: no worries, just wanted to see if you recalled14:55
mithroaps-sids: the solution is at
tpbTitle: GSoC2013: Not finding gi (at
skayI haven't checked. I was spending time on work14:55
mithroI mean14:55
tpbTitle: GSoC2013: Some progress and a lot more to do (at
skayit will be okay, I think she will figure it out before I get to it, or I will be able to go through the code to help depending on if I get to it soon14:56
skayI'm looking forward to the week after next when I'm done with my jobjob14:56
aps-sidsmithro: blog says the problem lies in "sys.modules['gi'] = None". This is executed when gtk2reactor is imported which should not be imported in first place as gi is already present in sys.modules (I don't know reason for this yet). Also, since I have commented this gtk2reactor importing code, and still getting the error, I suspect that problem lies elsewhere15:07
aps-sids(as well).15:07
mithroaps-sids: I think you'll find that gtk2reactor is still being imported15:13
mithroaps-sids: any module you import could import another module which could import gtk2reactor15:13
mithroaps-sids: etc15:13
Niharikaskay: mithro: Sorry, I was at dinner. I´m still trying to figure it out, but hopefully I´ll be able to do it over the weekend.15:14
mithroNiharika: what happens when you just go to the URL?15:14
mithromake sure you have debugging turned on15:14
skayNiharika: I apologize for not getting to the code sooner15:14
Niharikamithro: It opens the streaming system page only. At that url.15:14
Niharikamithro: It basically creates a new page identical to example page.15:15
mithroNiharika: open up dev tools or firebug and watch what happens15:15
mithroNiharika: my guess is you are getting redirected?15:15
mithrothere is a catchall that redirects you back IIRC15:15
Niharikamithro: Alright. No, I am not getting redirected. It´s the new page only, but at that url. I want to direct it to a blank new page. I´m not an ace with django either, so having trouble.15:16
Niharikaskay: It´s alright. I know you´ve been occupied. :)15:16
mithroyou know about the file right?15:16
Niharikamithro: Yep.15:16
CarlFKwhat is "blank" page?15:16
NiharikaCarlFK: Just a new html page.15:17
CarlFKdoes it have <html>... ?15:17
mithroso which did you add it too?15:17
skaymithro: the way the site is configured it seems like you could get away with not using hte but dynamically have new links by configuring an instance via the config files15:17
mithrothe root imports the from both the frontend and the tracker15:18
CarlFKsounds like "I want a 404" which leads to "(10:15:47 AM) mithro: there is a catchall that redirects you back IIRC"15:18
NiharikaCarlFK: It does. But that page doesnt open. It creates a page identical to example page and I see that.15:18
skayCarlFK: shouldn't you get a 404?15:18
mithroskay: the uses a regex to match patterns15:18
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/frontend/ at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
mithroNiharika: I'm still not clear what you are actually trying to do15:19
Niharikamithro: I only added my page to config.json.15:19
mithroconfig.json doesn't have anything to do with urls15:19
skaymithro: thank you, I was asking this before!15:20
mithroconfig.json defines a bunch of data about rooms15:20
Niharikamithro: I am trying to direct the user to a new page where I will create the report bug form. The actual thing will use AJAX but I am not sure how to do that as yet, so doing it this way for now.15:20
mithrothis data is used in a bunch of places15:20
NiharikaOn clicking a button in the footer of the streaming page.15:20
skaymithro: are you certain? because I saw some a href="{{ a var defined in config? }}rest of path">foo</a>15:20
mithroskay: the data is used by the app15:21
Niharikamithro: Okay. I got confused because I saw example page listed in config.json.15:21
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/frontend/ at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
mithrothat maps anything of15:21
mithroto views.group15:22
skayNiharika: so, on a general topic. I was thinking you might want to have a service endpoint in django, and then some javascript functionality on the streaming landing page that collects the client side data you want, and then its submit will send an http request to the django service endpoint15:23
mithroSee for more information15:23
tpbTitle: URL dispatcher | Django documentation | Django (at
skayso you would want to have a view for the service endpoint, but it wouldn't necessarily be the same view that is forming the landing page you say15:23
skayNiharika: but actually I would like you to explore how you want to do it15:24
skayI have some forms on a site I made that use the normal kind of django forms thing, but I also have some javascript code that talks to a view made that is called from a page15:24
skayI don't want to dump all of these ideas on you at once15:25
skaygoing through the normal form/view functionality is fine15:25
Niharikaskay: Okay. I´ll try to understand the existing code and then explore my options.15:26
mithroIf you want to add a new page, you'll have to follow the "overall_stats_graphs" page example15:26
Niharikamithro: Okay.15:27
aps-sidsNiharika: if you can tell me exactly what you are trying to accomplish, I might suggest something. I have a decent amount of experience with django.15:35
aps-sidsbtw are you running it locally or over the web?15:37
Niharikaaps-sids: Locally.15:38
Niharikaaps-sids: I am trying to direct the user to a new blank html page (which I will populate later) when he clicks a button on the footer of the streaming page.15:38
Niharikaaps-sids: I created the page and placed it in frontend/templates15:39
NiharikaI inserted the link(button) in the base.html file.15:40
NiharikaBut cant get it to direct to the new page.15:40
aps-sidsNiharika: give href to this button, something like href="/reportbug/"   add this url in    then create a view that executes when this url is visited.. in that view "render" the template15:40
aps-sidsis this code on github? link?15:41
Niharikaaps-sids: Nope, not yet on github. I´ll put it up. Thanks, let me try that.15:41
mithromparuszewski: there are a lot of tools that Google provides for things like that16:06
mithromparuszewski: as I think I mentioned, we probably want to use something like Analytics to help guide our decisions16:06
mithroanyway I should be asleep16:06
mparuszewskigood night :) I will take a look on Google Analytics. I have used it about 2 years ago, currently I am monitoring my applications on New Relic. :)16:08
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Niharikaaps-sids: Got a moment?18:10
NiharikaHere is the base.html:
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/frontend/templates/base.html at master · Niharika29/streaming-system · GitHub (at
NiharikaI added it to
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/frontend/ at master · Niharika29/streaming-system · GitHub (at
NiharikaAnd created a view:
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/frontend/ at master · Niharika29/streaming-system · GitHub (at
aps-sidshmm, go on18:12
NiharikaRight now, it does not recognize my URL. It is comparing it with views.groups18:12*18:12
NiharikaHave I made some error in the syntax?18:12
aps-sidssyntax looks ok18:14
aps-sidsis it easy for me to run this on my machine fast?18:14
NiharikaYep. Nothing much I added except this.18:14
aps-sidsyeah, but i don't have streaming-system instance right now18:15
NiharikaOkay, then chuck.18:15
NiharikaI´ll poke around.18:15
aps-sidsurl(r'^reportbug/$', views.reportbug),  I think you need to remove the "/"18:15
aps-sidsjust try, maybe I'm wrong18:16
NiharikaI need to restart the server everytime I make a change in these files. :-/18:16
NiharikaWonder why.18:16
aps-sidsthere is a django setting for auto refresh the server upon file change18:17
Niharikaaps-sids: Worked. Now it gives me: name Error: global name template not defined.18:18
NiharikaBut for the view above this, it doesn´t complain. Why so?18:18
aps-sidsNiharika: you mean graphs view?18:20
NiharikaAnything to do with locals() ?18:20
aps-sidsShouldn't context_instance=template.RequestContext() be   context_instance=template.RequestContext(request) ?18:21
NiharikaYes. Sorry. Fixed that. Still doesn´t recognize template.18:21
Niharikaaps-sids: It was giving me same error for ´render´, as used in graphs view That´s why I changed it to render_to_response.18:22
NiharikaI am using Django 1.5 only. As mentioned in docs.18:22
aps-sidslocals() is just a replacement for template var dict18:24
NiharikaI should include it in my view?18:25
aps-sidsits not necessary18:25
aps-sidsbtw how is render working for graphs?18:25
aps-sidsits not imported anywhere?18:25
NiharikaIt´s definitely not imported in the view anywhere. Outside of it, it should work for my view too.. Checking.18:26
Niharikaaps-sids: Wait, maybe it isn´t working for graphs too. I am not accessing the graphs page. It won´t check the code until it is accessed, correct?18:27
NiharikaThanks for your help, aps-sids. I´ll try and figure this out tomorrow.18:33
aps-sidsNiharika: Do you actually understand how context_instance=template.RequestContext works? cause I don't :P18:34
aps-sidsI never used it.18:34
Niharikaaps-sids: Nope. But if I don´t include that, I get a hundred more errors. :P I googled it, nothing useful came up.18:34
Niharikaaps-sids: The request parameter that is supplied to the view..what is it and who supplies it?18:35
NiharikaI tried excluding that too, it gave me an error again.18:35
aps-sidsthe http request (GET or POST or etc) sent by browser18:35
aps-sidsthat is a must18:35
NiharikaMy brain is wired to work with PHP lately. This is so confusing. But thanks for the help, makes more sense now somewhat.18:36
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