Thursday, 2014-05-22

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shenkiJoelw: :)00:15
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shenkiJoelw: feel free to move the discussion with ajit (tija) onto the hdmi2usb mailing list00:28
shenkiFor all students, I would like to see more of the private discussions happening on-list00:29
shenkiWe have a great group of people with overlapping skillsets who can contribute00:29
shenkiand selfishly; I get to learn more if it's on list00:30
JoelwSounds good - will do if there's any further discussion!00:35
Joelw(the answer to the question he asked was basically "Dunno! But it doesn't really matter."00:36
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shenkiJoelw: cool. thanks for helping out01:28
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tijashenki: Hi! Did you read my blog post?04:11
shenkitija: hello!04:14
shenkitija: I did04:14
shenkitija: great work on the blogging; it's really good to follow your progress04:14
tijashenki: Any comments?04:14
shenkioh, noob question: What does MSB stand for?04:15
shenkiThe first 2 clocks are used by MSB04:15
tijaShenki: Oops! That should be MCB- Memory Controller Block04:18
shenkiah ok04:19
tijaJoelw: Did you send me a mail?04:30
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shenkitija: he mentioned that he did mail you back04:41
tija okay04:42
shenkiyou didn't recieve it?04:42
tijaI did not recieve it04:43
shenkihe mentioned that the answer was "don't know, but it doesn't really matter"04:44
shenkibut you should follow up with him when he's around04:44
shenkiI don't know what the question was :)04:45
shenkitija: you should cc emails like that to the hdmi2usb list, so others can learn from the answers04:45
tijashenki: Okay04:45
Joelwtija: What's your address?05:47
tija[email protected]05:47
JoelwYep, that's where I sent it to!05:48
tijaJoelw: what is your address?05:49
Joelw[email protected]05:49
tijaI haven't recieved a mail from this address05:50
tijaJoelw: Do you read my blog?05:50
JoelwWhat's the address?05:50
tpbTitle: TimVideo GSoC 2014: MJPEG Optimisation: Clocking of HDMI2USB (at
tijaJoelw: Give it a read, then maybe you can appreciate why I have the doubt. If I am wrong please correct me.05:52
Joelwtija: I'll try emailing you from my work address06:00
tijaJoelw: thanks!06:01
JoelwIs HDMI2USB using the same PLL dividers as my article?06:01
tijaYes exactly same06:03
JoelwI've had another look at it and can't see why it wouldn't be 78 MHz06:06
JoelwI'd recommend running the clock generating wizard!06:07
JoelwIf you give it an input of 100 MHz and fiddle with the divider/multipliers to make it the same (*25/4) you can see what the resulting output is06:08
JoelwIf all else fails and you have an oscilloscope or frequency counter, you can always send the clock out to a pin and examine it there :)06:08
tijaJoelw: Just because of your comment and since the maths work out to be in favour of 32 Mhz I thought asking you. I will check the clock frequency and report back. Thanks!06:11
JoelwHmm! Did you get my email that time?06:20
JoelwI get 100 * 25 / 4 / 8 = 78.12506:21
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shenkimithro: how was the flight home?06:32
mithroshenki: Oh, btw while I was in the states playing with the Atlys board with Carl I realised we have a big part missing of the Digilent Atlys Board for HDMI2USB information06:32
tpbTitle: Digilent Atlys Board: Loading Firmware · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
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shenkimithro: hrm ok06:53
shenkimithro: iirc, you shouldn't touch any of the jumpers06:53
shenkinor should you cut the track that we used to tell people to cut :P06:53
shenkiwe used to have instructions on what jumpers to set06:54
shenkiwas that our docs, or was it the docs that come with the dev board?06:54
shenkimithro: any progress on the board?06:54
mithroshenki: the jumpers matter regarding the EDID control of the HDMI output I think06:57
mithroIE the JP6 / JP7 - SDA / SCL for HDMI IN06:58
mithroAny idea about JP8 near that too?06:59
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shenkiah okay. i was meaning that i thought the default config was the correct one. i'll check when i get home07:15
JoelwI vaguely recall that the factory setting for one of the jumpers is or at least used to be completely wrong - shorting the SDA and SCL together07:17
JoelwI don't think my board has a JP8 at all and the manual doesn't actually say what orientation the jumpers are meant to have07:17
JoelwErr, it has a JP8, but it didn't come with any jumpers for it07:17
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tijaJoelw: The clock is working correctly- 78Mhz08:29
tijaJoelw:with that comment you just got my hopes up. Turns out this was pure coincidence.08:35
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Joelwtija: OK, great! :)12:00
tijaJoelw: Honestly I wanted it to work at 32 Mhz atleast then we knew what our problem was12:01
tija15 fps @ 78 Mhz is very poor12:04
JoelwAny idea where the bottleneck is?12:10
JoelwIs it using all the FPGA area?12:10
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tijaJoelw: Not sure about bottle neck in simulation encoder works at 50 fps @ 100Mhz12:28
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tijaJoelw: Encoder is using quite  lot of BRAMs about 41%12:34
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mithrotija: where is that comment from?14:11
mithrotija: Jahanzeb wrote the HDMI2USB firmware, not Joelw14:11
tijamithro: that comment was from a tutorial Joelw wrote on DDR2 interfacing14:13
mithrotija: ahh well14:13
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