Tuesday, 2014-05-20

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tijashenki: Happy Birthday!! Many Many happy returns of the day!05:50
shenkitija: thanks :)05:58
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shenkii had cake: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-CjO53EF6cHU/U3rb_axHEcI/AAAAAAAAqPs/-iLQNogLEEI/w368-h272-no/IMG_20140520_140619.jpg05:59
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mithrowell, I'm back in Australia22:08
skayhi mithro22:09
skaywelcome back22:09
mithroHow's things back in the US?22:10
skayfine fine22:12
skaydo we have a planet yet? I want to follow it and see all the students' posts22:12
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mithroskay: no - we should poke  mparuszewski22:26
mithroskay: do you want to post something to timvideos list asking about it?22:26
skaymithro: okay22:32
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mithroskay: replying to your post now23:15
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