Monday, 2014-05-19

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mithromorning people08:34
tijamithro: In the libFPGAlink wiki what is first time and second time?09:13
mithrotija: the first time is the first time you load the firmware onto the FPGA09:14
mithrotija: the second time is when you want to load firmware onto the FPGA after already have loaded the firmware on the device (without power cycling)09:14
tijamithro: thanks!09:16
thaytanmithro, which TZ are you in? :)09:44
mithroGMT+1 at the moment, fly back to Australia at 10:45pm today09:44
mithroCARAM_: ping?09:45
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tijamithro: what does this mean-"SLWR signal to cypress USB device"10:35
shenkitija: hello10:37
shenkitija: where are you seeing that?10:37
tijain the documentation10:38
tijaI am trying to get the board working10:38
tijaI am using libfpgalink10:38
shenkion the wiki page? do you have the link?10:38
tijaThe led for HDMI 1 connected has lit but when I press BTNU the screen blanks10:39
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB - Developers Guide - Google Docs (at
tijaled and switches section10:39
shenkidoes it come back when you press BTND?10:40
shenkiis the video streaming?10:41
tijavlc -vvv --color v4l:///dev/video010:42
tijawhen I use this the webcam of my laptop starts outputting on VLC10:42
shenkiright. you need to select the correct video device10:43
shenkitry /dev/video110:43
shenkivlc -vvv --color v4l:///dev/video110:43
tija`v4l:///dev/video1' successfully opened10:43
tijabut no output10:43
tijaokay now it is working10:44
shenkiok. what happens when you press BTNU?10:44
tijaMonitor is displaying HDMI input10:45
tijabut vlc is not working10:46
shenkiso by streaming the video, you've made the HDMI work?10:46
shenkibut the uvc device is now broken?10:46 to select MPEG for UVC?10:47
shenkivlc will work that out10:47
tijaLED 4, LED 5 and LED 3 are on10:48
tijawith mplayer10:54
shenkitija: cool10:56
shenkitija: i use mplayer myself, not vlc10:56
shenkiit is of concern that the uvc device does not work with vlc10:57
tijayou use ubuntu?10:58
mithroshenki: I've used it with vlc before10:58
shenkitija: yeah, i use ubuntu10:58
shenkimithro: as have i10:58
mithrothe capture value should be identical to the output value btw...10:58
tijashenki:Does your OS recognise your external monitor as soon as you plug it in?11:00
shenkitija: i haven't used digital output on this laptop11:01
shenkii tested my hdmi2usb system using a raspberrypi, which wasn't running X, so it was hard to know11:01
tijashenki: my hdmi output of laptop doesn't seem to work on ubuntu so I have to use another laptop11:03
shenkitija: ah, bummer. i noticed you had an nvidia card in the laptop11:05
shenkitija: the output doesn't work at all, or doesn't work with the FPGA?11:06
tijashenki: yes, I have an  nvidia card. I tried an open source driver nouvea but still didn't work. It doesn't work at all on ubuntu11:07
tijashenki: anyways thanks! I will blog about it tonight.11:13
shenkitija: sounds good11:14
mithrotija: I think we need to work on the EDID emulation code11:17
mithrotija: I noticed that running xrandr often causes the device to be re-detected11:18
mithrobut no idea how that works with nvidia cards11:18
mithroshenki / CarlFK: we really need to write a "debug script" which runs the device through it's paces and records all the information about the system it can11:18
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shenkiyeah, makes sense11:28
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mithroanyone here got some time to review the slidelint website?12:31
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CARAM_mithro: pong14:53
mithroCARAM_: it is morning for you now right?14:54
CARAM_Just woke up :)14:55
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mparuszewskihello guys ;)15:46
mparuszewskimithro: are you currently in Poland or Germany (GMT+1? :)15:47
mithroZurich for the next 4ish hours.15:59
mithrowell, I'm heading to the airport now16:00
mithrowill probably be online when I get to the lounge16:01
mparuszewskiI understand, I've just got from university and I am preparing some mockups to show you, more focused on content and uses 100% width of screen. :)16:04
mparuszewskiAlso I wrote a post on my blog about :)16:05
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mithroI'm back now17:38
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