Saturday, 2014-05-17

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NiharikaHello. I was trying to run streaming system on my VM. I ran into the following error upon doing ´make serve´:
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JoelwNiharika: Is there a config.private.json.example file? I think you're meant to use that as an example of how to write your own config.private.json.07:39
NiharikaJoelw: Alright. lemme check.07:40
NiharikaOkay. Did that.07:49
NiharikaBut streaming system not running still. Have this error in browser: Sorry, I´m new to Django. Any idea what´s causing this?08:12
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NiharikaI got streaming-system to run, almost. Some errors here: It says Internal server error with ´schedule-timezone´.10:45
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tijaI was trying to get my atlys board runnig. I used adept to download the bitstream into the fpga and I got the test pattern on mu monitor. The I used fxload(the latest version)  to flash the hex file. No error was thrown but after stage 3 dmesg output did not show HDMI2USB.12:08
tijaAny help?12:09
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CarlFKNiharika: me too: /home/vagrant/streaming-system/ UserWarning: No config.private.json file!14:50
CarlFKthat was using
tpbTitle: streaming-system/Vagrantfile at master · CarlFK/streaming-system · GitHub (at
NiharikaCarlFK: I managed to get rid of that error.14:54
CarlFKoh good - how?14:54
NiharikaThere was a config.private.json.example which I copied into config.private.json.14:55
NiharikaIt was outside of website directory.14:55
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/ at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKsounds familiar.   I'll tweak my Vagrant file14:57
NiharikaI did this.14:57
NiharikaI have a different error now. Tried to register a fake flumotion server.
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skayNiharika: I'll try and replicate the problem. I can get help from CarlFK too16:00
skay(he's my spouse)16:00
skayso it is easy to team up in person. and then I will email you if you aren't around later16:01
skayNiharika: CarlFK: you both have Vagrantfiles? I don't see one in the repo16:03
Niharikaskay: I don´t have a vagrantfile. I am just working on the vm. What´s the vagrantfile for?16:05
JoelwNiharika: Are you running a server? That error says it's trying to connect to localhost and failing.16:05
skayNiharika: looks like CarlFK uses one,
tpbTitle: streaming-system/Vagrantfile at master · CarlFK/streaming-system · GitHub (at
JoelwNote - I don't actually know what this software's for, but I know a connection refused when I see one!16:05
NiharikaJoelw: Oh. No, I´m not.16:06
skayNiharika: it would be to set up a VM in the same way as the production box would be set up16:06
NiharikaLemme try it wit the serve on now.16:06
skayI haven't tested CarlFK's vagrant file16:06
skayJoelw: yeah16:06
JoelwI suppose it's trying to register with a server on IP
JoelwIf you're not running one, point it at something that is.16:06
NiharikaOkay, I get it. Server first.16:06
skayNiharika: I agree probably with Joelw but I'd like to replicate it locally with  me so that I can be certain how you ended up that way16:06
skayoh okay16:06
Niharikaskay: Lemme try it, maybe I can get rid of the error.16:07
skaywell anyway, I should definitely set up things locally regardless so that I am along with you in progress16:07
NiharikaYep. Works. Thanks Joelw!16:08
Niharikaskay: How about if I work parallely on the rackspace vm?16:08
skayoh sure, that is fine16:08
NiharikaIt´ll avoid you the trouble to setup stuff.16:08
skayoh! no, I want to be able to set up stuff locally16:08
Niharikaskay: Okay. :)16:09
NiharikaSo, I´ll copy whatever I did here on the rackspace vm too.16:09
skayNiharika: okay, but one cool thing about having a Vagrantfile is that you can run things with from your box and either provision the rackspace vm or your local vm16:11
skayso this is handy, becqause when one does things manually, one invariably forgts a step and then has to troubleshoot mysterious problems and so on16:11
Niharikaskay: Okay. I´ll try and make up then. :)16:11
skayNiharika: and in actuality, for my current job I wrote some fabric commands
tpbTitle: researchcompendia-deployment/ at master · researchcompendia/researchcompendia-deployment · GitHub (at
skaybecause I am not so familiar with getting things to work with vagrant (other people are good at this though)16:12
skayso what I end up doing is running things like: fab staging deploy16:12
skayor fab prod deploy16:12
NiharikaOkay, I get it.16:12
skaywhereas more reasonably would be to be able to have fabric or whatever to work with vagrant and then prod16:13
skayalso, people who know more ops stuff than I do end up eventually using more rich tools like ansible, and then as they need to manage larger and larger clusters they will use something like puppet or chef16:13
skaybut for now I think for us two, doing things manually (but with a text file with a checklist, so that we are less likely to forget a step)16:14
skayor using some fabric commands16:14
skaythose will suffice16:14
NiharikaI´ve heard of puppet and chef. But didn´t know what they were for. Now I do.16:14
skaybut actually I would like for people to disagree with me if I'm not making a strong case16:15
NiharikaI´ll mainain a checklist.16:15
skayyeah, that is a good first step16:15
NiharikaOkay. Before that I´m trying to get to look more like Hoping someone here has an idea how to do that.16:15
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skayNiharika: Carl is telling me that somewhere ther ea list of IP addresses and blank them all out16:17
skayin a settings file somewhere?16:17
Niharikaskay: brb16:18
Niharikaskay: Sorry, got a call. Checking now.16:20
NiharikaOkay, I think I see some IP addresses in config.json.16:21
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NiharikaDoesn´t seem to work. Looking elsewhere.16:26
skayCarlFK: ^^^^16:26
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NiharikaIt´s alright. let me try everything I can. Then Carl can help me if I still don´t figure it out. :)16:27
skaybe sure to bug us if you end up grinding away for more than a day16:28
skayanyone, why does the Makefile hardcode the version of python?16:32
skayI'm just starting to go through it so that I can start working with the system.
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/Makefile at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKNiharika: looks like there are 2 .json files that define "local"16:52
CarlFK[email protected]:~/streaming-system$ grep localips *16:52
CarlFKconfig.json:                "localips": [16:52
CarlFKconfig.private.json:                "localips": [16:52
skayspoiler alert!16:52
NiharikaCarlFK: Yep. I commented out the localips in both. It still shows me the same message, strangely. Maybe I should restart the server.16:54
NiharikaYep. Works. Thanks a ton Carl and skay. :) \m/16:55
skayCarlFK: I'm downloading the vagrant box, let me know if I kill the internet16:58
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