Saturday, 2014-05-10

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mithrowell, that was a mistake00:28
mithroturns out that in America just having a Business/First class ticket doesn't get you lounge access00:29
CarlFKwhat airline?00:30
mithroUnited, but looking on the internet it seems to be the case on any ticket which isn't an international leg00:32
mithroOnly exception appears to be Alaska Airlines00:32
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shenkimithro: yeah, i saw bunnie's board07:22
shenkii would like to buy one, but i don't think I'd use it for anything07:22
shenkiand if i was to buy one, I'm not sure the advantage it offers over a FPGA+SoC like the cyclone v or the zynq07:23
shenkiaside from being cool open hardware07:23
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NiharikaHello. Is twython also a dependency for streaming-system?13:22
NiharikaIt´s giving me an import error for Twython.13:22
aps-sidsNiharika: have you installed all the deps listed here?
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/requirements.txt at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
aps-sidsNiharika: better see the line which is giving you the error.13:28
Niharikaaps-sids: Everything except pylint and markdown.13:28
Niharikaaps-sids: Also, it´s asking me for some credentials for Switter.13:29
NiharikaIs that normal?13:29
aps-sidsNiharika: are you using the example settings file?13:30
Niharikaaps-sids: Using
NiharikaI am a noob with django. What all do I have to change besides the database?13:32
aps-sidsDid you run these commands as specified in README?13:33
aps-sids# cp private/ private/settings.py13:33
aps-sids# vi private/settings.py13:33
aps-sidsI was not talking about django settings file, but this
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/private/ at 96e47890172b9ea60a3b178409bc922607c87c6f · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
Niharikaaps-sids: Oh, no. I did not run those commands. I´ll do that now. Thanks.13:35
Niharikaaps-sids: Could you tell me what ¨vi private/¨ command is for?13:41
NiharikaI am working with windows and it doesn´t acknowledge it. Trying to find something equivalent.13:41
aps-sidsNiharika: you know what vi is right? That is basically for editing text if you need to change the settings file. You could stick with your fav editor as well :)13:42
NiharikaAh. Okay. Vim. Get it now.13:42
aps-sidsAh windows13:42
aps-sidsum.. I guess it would be better if you work on Linux. Ubuntu 12.04 in particukar.13:43
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aps-sidsNiharika: Ideally you should be working on Ubuntu 12.04. It's told in acceptance mail as well.13:44
Niharikaaps-sids: I know. Unfortunately, I don´t have an Ubuntu at hand. I´ll go ahead and get one if I fail to run the system on this. All I want for my project is to get the frontend up and running.13:45
aps-sidsNiharika: Why don't you just go ahead and install it? maybe on a VM. Trust me, working on windows is going to create problems for both you and your mentor.13:47
Niharikaaps-sids: Alright. I´ll do it on a VM. Thanks.13:48
aps-sidsNiharika: You are supposed to do a "make serve" to run website. moreover, components like flumotion (if that's reuired in your case) are not going to run on windows.13:48
Niharikaaps-sids: I just want to mess with the frontend. Add a bit of HTML, that would be all.13:49
aps-sidsThink about long term goals :P13:50
NiharikaHmm...Might as well install Ubuntu then. Or get another laptop.13:52
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mithroNiharika: hey16:44
mithroNiharika: A Ubuntu VM would be a good idea16:45
mithroNiharika: or skay's rackspace machine16:45
Niharikamithro: I am using the rackspace vm. But wanted to do the testing locally.16:47
mithroNiharika: in theory is you installed the cygwin tools you should be able to do the make stuff16:47
mithroNiharika: but as the site will never be deployed under windows it seems like a waste of time to make it all work under windows16:48
Niharikamithro: Where could I find the code you used to setup just the frontend of ? I am facing troubles with the file. I am new to django, so looking at that would be helpful.16:48
tpbTitle: Streaming for Octagon - Keynote Venue (at
mithroNiharika: it's in the github repo as aps-sids was pointing out16:49
Niharikamithro: Alright. I´ll get my hands on an Ubuntu laptop tomorrow then.16:49
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