Friday, 2014-05-09

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rohitksinghmithro: You around?14:20
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mithrohi rohitksingh, I'm around now17:13
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rohitksinghGood Morning mithro!17:15
rohitksinghShall I send the introductory mail now? Or, some changes are needed?17:15
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mithrorohitksingh: still around?18:02
rohitksinghI was asking about the Introduction mail18:05
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mithroyeah just send it18:17
mithroyou should also post it on your blog18:17
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rohitksinghOk! Thanks!18:46
rohitksinghGoing for sleep now! bye18:46
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mithroshenki: did you see the oscilloscope extension for Bunny's laptop?20:25
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mithroCarlFK: you seen ?22:24
tpbTitle: Novena | Crowd Supply (at
CarlFKmithro: briefly22:24
CarlFKoh yeah, onboard fpga22:25
mithroIt has the same FPGA that the Atlys has on it22:25
CarlFKwoult there be any way to add the hdmi input?22:27
mithroit would be a very cheap PCB board too, like the order of $20-30 assembled22:28
mithroI'm downloading the schematic now22:28
mithroWill check it out on the flight and see if there are enough pins to do same HDMI matrix type thing22:29
mithroI think I'm going to get one22:30
CarlFKbtw - the wtd show had lots of problems with twinpact not locking onto vga signal22:30
CarlFKnot sure how bad, but easy 10%22:30
CarlFKseems modern macs don't offer 1024 anymore22:31
mithroCarlFK: I'm pretty sure they do but it's super hard to make it do it on the retina ones right?22:32
CarlFKgetting to the options was hard, and then the lowest res was .. 1800ish I think22:33
mithroCarlFK: The twinpact doesn't do any EDID modification right? so it could be that it doesn't even show the low resolutions anymore22:35
CarlFKcorrect, but we had a low end lcd display hooked up22:35
CarlFKbut but, that was though those little 2x2 matrix, never did find out how it handles edid22:36
CarlFKso maybe the projector was driving it22:36
mithrothat is the most likely22:38
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mithrowell heading to the airport now22:46
mithrobe back in 1 hourish22:47
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