Wednesday, 2014-05-07

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mobydikcerror installing gst-switch, error: too few arguments to function  priv_gst_parse_yylex00:10
aps-sidsmobydikc: what steps did you follow to install?00:14
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puckHey, I've just loaded the firmware on my board, and while HDMI out is showing the test pattern, when I plug the USB cable into PROG I get this in dmesg:01:12
puck[8472674.010426] usb 1-1.6.2: new full-speed USB device number 89 using ehci-pci01:12
puck[8472674.430093] usb 1-1.6.2: device not accepting address 89, error -3201:12
puckany thoughts?01:12
puckThis is using the latest binaries from:
tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
mithropuck: Hi! What process are you using load the .hex / .bit files?01:13
puckload-hdmi2usb from hdmi2usb-udev - but I've changed the script to use the latest binaries.01:14
mobydikcso when I do I get that error, its the same one here:01:35
tpbTitle: #733362 - gstreamer0.10: FTBFS: error: too few arguments to function priv_gst_parse_yylex - Debian Bug report logs (at
mithropuck: what system are you running to?01:42
mithropuck: also, which test pattern - the HDMI2USB one, or the Atlys boot one?03:05
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puckmithro:  An Atlys board.04:00
puckThe test image is the HDMI2USB screen. Green fading to Red in rectangles.04:00
mithroI mean what operating system are you using to load the firmware?04:06
puckAh, Debian Sid.04:06
mithroAnd what version of the Digilent tools + fxload04:06
puckfxload =  Apr 20 2010 (development)04:07
mithroPlus your kernel version04:07
puckDigilent utils: digilent.adept.utilities_2.1.1-x86_6404:07
puckKernel is 3.10.27-vs2.3.6.8-beng04:07
puckThere is a 3.13 kernel that I could upgrade to04:08
mithroFxload appears to lie in the -v, what is the package version (from dpkg)?04:08
mithroFor some reason fxload seems to pot the compile time in -v04:09
puckheh, that is rather special.04:09
mithrocan you find any revision info on your atlys board?04:12
mithropuck: does anything happen to the HDMI output screen when you load the .hex firmware?04:12
mithrowhat is the md5sum of the .hex and .bit too?04:12
aps-sidsmithro: What version of Flumotion is used in production by Actually, I'm unable to create any streams on my system. I even tried just installing Flumotion from Ubuntu ppa rather than compiling from source, still same problem.04:14
puckRevision C04:14
mithroaps-sids: the revision pointed to by the submodule in the "streaming system" module04:14
puckI've just plugged a laptop in, and it sees the 1024x768 screen, but nothing is displayed onto the LCD that is showing the test screen.04:14
mithroaps-sids: didn't you have this working before GSoC proposal?04:15
pucka1455927c2bf20676379d57863289ad7  hdmi2usb.hex04:15
puckf463860ec87b71f040324030580d9112  hdmi2usb.bit04:15
mithropuck: you can cycle the inputs via the buttons04:15
tpbTitle: Digilent Atlys Board: Switches, Buttons and Status LEDs · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
puckWeee, I have the laptop being displayed04:16
mithrodoes xrandr see the display?04:16
puckAnd removing/adding the USB cable to the PROG connector still gives me:04:16
puck[8483767.914298] usb 1-1.6.2: new full-speed USB device number 97 using ehci-pci04:16
puck[8483768.333886] usb 1-1.6.2: device not accepting address 97, error -3204:16
mithrowhat do the LEDs above the switches show?04:16
mithrooh - device not accepting address is a new one I think04:17
mithroI was thinking it was a different issue....04:17
aps-sidsmithro: I was on Ubuntu 13.04 and twisted version was creating problems. Now shifting to Ubuntu 12.04 solves that problem but some issues with other dependencies.04:17
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mithroaps-sids: if you have stuff installed from the ppa, it's going to be easy to get confused04:17
aps-sidsbasically problem is with GUI04:17
puckI just tried plugging it into the laptop, same issue.04:18
mithroaps-sids: the packages which need to be installed are listed in the setup scripts for the streaming system04:18
mithropuck: can you log a bug in the issue tracker with all the above information?04:18
mithroit would be nice to figure out if the error -32 gives us any more information04:19
puckokay. I just power cycled and reflashed the board, same thing.04:20
puckI won't have time to raise the bug today. I'll do it tomorrow.04:20
mithropuck: no worries04:20
mithropuck: btw can you also include what else do you have connected to USB on that system?04:21
mithropuck: and are you using a HUB at all?04:21
puckSure. Plugged into a hub in a monitor. I also tried plugging directly into a laptop, same thing.04:22
puckThe button presses are a bit dodgy, sometimes takes a few goes for it to register.04:22
mithropuck: yeah, that is a known issue04:22
pucksorry, I have a meeting to run off to04:23
shenkimithro: shall we change to show something more useufl than the lca2014 streaming page?04:44
tpbTitle: 2014 - Perth, Western Australia (at
mithroshenki: probably04:44
shenkiit runs on ec2?04:45
mithroshenki: I think so....05:15
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NiharikaHello everyone.05:22
aps-sidsmithro: yeah found the issue, everything working fine now05:22
aps-sidssome wrong dependency05:22
mobydikchas gst-switch been run on a 32 bit system? I don't have any 64bit systems. Wondering if that is the source of my install troubles07:52
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shenkimithro: ping08:39
aps-sidshe should be sleeping. I guess he's in the US right now.08:41
shenkiah, that's right08:41
shenkihrm, this 'makestuff' gear is ...annoying08:47
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shenkimithro: i got libfpgalink working09:19
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NiharikaWhich Django version does the streaming system module work with?13:31
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website/requirements.txt at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
NiharikaThanks, aps-sids!13:36
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mithroshenki: you mean the makestuff build system? Yeah its quite annoying21:07
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mithropuck: your the New Zealander right?23:43
mithroshenki: it would be nice if it was packaged up23:44
puckmithro:  yeah23:44
mithropuck: do you know anyone who is a debian/ubuntu packager?23:44
puckYes, I'm a Debian Maintainer and I'm friends with a couple of DDs.23:44
CarlFKpuck: I just got here.. are we talking about packing gst-switch?23:51
mithroCarlFK: no23:51
mithropuck: any chance you could have a look at packaging libFPGALink?23:52
mithroUsing libFPGAlink rather then the digilent tools would make things a *lot* easier23:52
mithrolibFPGALink is totally open source too...23:53
mithrobut it's build system is a huge pain23:53
puckI can probably look at libFPGALink23:54
mithroI hate it when people invent their own build system23:55
mithroGet out of jail card he has it that he needs to be able to build FPGA firmware, 8051 code and work on Windows, Linux and Mac23:56
puckSucks to be him?  ;)23:56

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