Tuesday, 2014-05-06

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mithromorning shenki / FeltonChris02:18
mithroFeltonChris: did you get a chance to play with the Atlys?02:18
mithroshenki: did you get any further in making the Makefile rebuild the correct things on change?02:20
shenkimithro: yeah, i finished it02:21
shenkimithro: the thing it doesn't do is put the output files in a directory02:21
mithroshenki: where does it put them?02:21
shenkiin place02:23
shenkithe tld02:23
shenkitop level directory02:23
shenki(where hte makefile lives)02:23
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mithroit should be pretty easy to fix that, no?02:26
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shenkijust needs to be done03:23
mithroshenki: yeah, the problem with life :P03:24
shenkimithro: did you decide what to do with the mithis box? are we going to upgrade?03:25
shenki(the hw)03:25
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mithrohi mparuszewski03:32
mithromparuszewski: if you send me a public key, I can give you access to the sever which currently generates the github pages03:33
mparuszewskihi mithro03:35
mparuszewskimithro: ok, I will send you my public key via email.03:35
mithromparuszewski: we really need to migrate it of that server sometime03:36
mithromparuszewski: do you have an AWS account?03:37
mparuszewskimithro: no, I don't have an AWS account. Should I sign up?03:37
mithromparuszewski: you can get free tiny instances from them03:38
mparuszewskimithro: ok, so I will do some research and create an account. Could you possibly send me some logotypes/graphics related to Tim Videos or everything I can find on the internet?03:45
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mobydikcAny plans for green screen?07:16
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mithromorning people16:59
mithromobydikc: green screen? you mean in gst-switch? or?17:00
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mobydikcmithro: yeah. chroma-key to some transparency.20:34
mobydikcin gst-switch20:34
mithromobydikc: no plans, but you could make it part of the input pipeline as it can accept arbitary gstreamer input20:41
mobydikcI am still wrapping my head around gst-switch (after spending the last couple weeks setting up dvswitch myself for the first time)20:49
mobydikcAre there points for live signal processing, unlike dvswitch20:49
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aps-sidsmithro: do you have an installation of flumotion? I need to know the version required for dependency kiwi-gtk. The GUI is giving some errors.21:48
mithromobydikc: what do you mean?21:49
mithroaps-sids: ?21:49
aps-sidsFlumotion has a dependency kiwi-gtk. I need to know the version required. Latest version is throwing some error. https://code.flumotion.com/trac/ticket/157421:50
tpbTitle: #1574 (Error while creating a stream using Test Video Producer) – Flumotion (at code.flumotion.com)21:50
mobydikcsorry these are such basic questions. I'm not at all familiar with how this project works (yet) or much details about video processing in general21:50
mobydikcJust wondering if you could make transparency in a video signal based on color21:51
mobydikcand then overlay that on another video stream21:51
aps-sidsmithro: CarlFK  I just saw that Flumotion version 0.10.1 (in branch flumotion-0.10.x) has been released but the master branch of Flumotion repo is still on version 0.10.0 So, which branch should I be working on?   https://code.flumotion.com/cgit/flumotion/tree/RELEASE?h=flumotion-0.10.x23:01
tpbTitle: flumotion - Flumotion core (at code.flumotion.com)23:01
aps-sidsThe repo on Github has only the master branch.23:01
CarlFKgood Q.  I tryied to post to the -dev list and I think my post got blocked (spam filtered kinda thing)23:02
CarlFKon the flumotion-dev list23:02
aps-sidsI saw your post asking about advice on porting and the reply scared me a bit :/23:03
CarlFKthere was a reply?23:26
CarlFKer, don't answer that now.. I should be working23:26
mithroaps-sids: what ever seems better?23:32
aps-sidsmithro: yeah, I'm inclined towards new version only. I'm trying to merge these branches in my repo.23:33

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