Wednesday, 2014-04-30

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mithroFeltonChris: you going to have a chance to play with it soon?01:40
FeltonChrismithro: yes, I will fire it up in the next day or so.  definitely before the 2nd VC on Fri02:30
mithroFeltonChris: great02:35
mithroFeltonChris: you checked you received an Atlys board right? They once shipped me the wrong board :/02:35
FeltonChrismithro: yup, looking at it right now - it is the correct, ATLYS, board02:36
mithroFeltonChris: great!02:52
mithroFeltonChris: to test you'll need a HDMI source, I recommend a laptop02:52
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mithroHi Niharika02:53
NiharikaHi mithro.02:53
mithrohow are things going?02:53
NiharikaGood. I´ve setup Django, did the tutorial, now gonna start with the design.02:54
NiharikaI am using PostgreSQL.02:54
NiharikaAs Sheila suggested.02:54
mithroNiharika: great!03:00
mithroNiharika: hows the intro email and blog set up going?03:00
Niharikamithro: My proposal for a talk at the OSB conference got selected, so I *might* be going over to Portland in June. If I do, I´ll make sure I´m done with most of my work before that.03:00
Niharikamithro: I have an existing blog. Will keep using that.03:00
mithroNiharika: no worries, did Shelia ask you to set up a calendar?03:01
NiharikaMade an intro blogpost about the project.03:01
Niharikamithro: No.03:01
Niharikamithro: Sorry, I didn´t read anything about an intro email anywhere. Where was it mentioned?03:01
mithroNiharika: I recommend setting up a Google calendar so you can record your other commitments in them03:01
mithroNiharika: then share it with your mentor + the admins so they can keep track of you03:02
NiharikaOh, okay. Will do that.03:02
mithroThat way if you are missing we'll check the calendar before panicking :)03:03
NiharikaAlright. And where do you suggest I maintain my daily progress?03:04
NiharikaIn another calender?03:04
skayNiharika: hi03:12
Niharikaskay: Hi!03:12
NiharikaHow are you?03:12
skayNiharika: oh neat! OSB!03:12
skayMy friend shauna also got a talk acceptd. Open Source Bridge right?03:13
NiharikaWill I get to see you there too?03:13
skayProbably not. I would like to go but I need to figure out how much I can travel03:13
Niharika:) Okay.03:13
NiharikaIt´s not yet decided if I will be going, may/may not.03:14
Niharikaskay: I setup everything and almost completed the Django tutorial (one part left).03:14
skayNiharika: I apologize for not setting up organization stuff yet03:14
Niharikaskay: I wanted to ask if you think it would be a good idea to integrate the bug reporting module with the existing streaming system one, seeing how intricately they will be linked.03:15
NiharikaIt´s alright. :)03:15
skayNiharika: I would suggest starting simple and not integrating them03:20
Niharikaskay: Okay.03:21
NiharikaThat rhymes. :)03:21
NiharikaI will be back after a really quick breakfast.03:24
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mparuszewskimithro, what do you think about using octopress instead of jekyll? I have done some research and I am thinking about alternatives to Jekyll which can be also hosted on GitHub Pages.16:48
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mparuszewskiHas anyone of you guys used Jekyll or alternatives? Do you have any exprience? :)16:52
aps-sidsmparuszewski: I have experience with jekyll. Haven't tried octopress though.17:07
mparuszewskiJekyll is quite simple and easy to extend, Octopress has many functionalities built-in which is also helpful. Hard choice.17:10
mithromparuszewski: you need to look at the community size, number of developers and number of users17:11
mithromparuszewski: jekyll has a pretty large advantage by being the default tool for github pages generation17:11
mparuszewskiI think you are right, mithro. Jekyll has big community, great help and I still can use plugins from Octopress if I need them. I will start with jekyll, thanks :)17:14
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