Friday, 2014-04-25

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tariq786virus , pollen and allergies all across US00:54
tariq786every other person is sick00:54
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mithromorning people16:15
mithrohello mparuszewski16:15
mithrowe really need a timezone feature for tpb16:15
mparuszewskiin deed16:17
mparuszewskiI live in Poland, so now it is 6pm, but as far as I know Australians are going to sleep right now :)16:18
CarlFKit is 2apm in Melborne16:27
CarlFK2 in the morning.16:28
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mithrohi livingstore / rohitksingh16:44
NiharikaHi mithro.16:44
rohitksinghHi mithro !16:44
CarlFKmithro: are you still in the US?16:45
mithroI'm in the US at the moment16:45
CarlFKcan you bump the snow mix dev to check the mail queue for my message (I think it got held for moderation, hates me)16:46
CarlFKor just join one of our lists so we can work out how SM can be used16:47
rohitksinghmithro: i've made the payment for atlys....should be shipped soon16:48
mithrorohitksingh: great!16:48
mithroCarlFK: the developer is [email protected]16:49
CarlFKthank - Ill mail hiem16:49
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CarlFKcan *you* bump the snow mix dev to check the mail queue for my message (I think it got held for moderation, hates me)17:41
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aps-sidshey CarlFK , sorry I haven't been around for a while due to university work. I'm currently setting up the progress blog and other things. Let me know if you have some specific instructions for me. Looking forward to work with you.18:06
CarlFKaps-sids: no problem - university work is important too ;)18:08
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chrismcHi @mithro, I got your email about FPGALink.18:31
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mithroHi chrismc, just out at brunch. Will be back in an hour. I'm currently in the US/Pacific timezone19:07
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chrismc@mithro: OK. I live eight hours ahead of you in London. I'll try to return for an hour or so later on.19:10
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chrismcOK, back now.20:06
mithrome too20:25
mithrochrismc: hey!20:25
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mithrochrismc: your in London, right?20:28
mithroI had a couple of questions about fx2loader, libfpgalink and related stuff20:30
mithrochrismc: if your interested, I'm happy to give you an insight in what we are doing / trying to do too20:31
chrismcOK. If they're in-depth questions that others might be interested in, can you ask on the mailing-list?20:31
chrismcHappy to answer short background questions here though.20:31
mithrochrismc: sure20:33
mithrochrismc: for our system on the Atlys, we currently load .bit onto the FPGA using the digilent tools and then the fxload tool to our .hex onto the cypress20:34
mithroI'd like to be able to do all the above using open source tools, and it seems like libfpgalink should allow us to do that (I just need to convert the .bit file to a .svf using the documentation on the mailing list)20:35
chrismcOK. With FPGALink you don't need your own firmware; it provides firmware for FX2, AVR & LPC microcontrollers. With the FX2 the whole thing is quite transparent, because it runs its firmware from RAM rather than messing with flash loads.20:36
chrismcOf course, you *could* use your own firmware as long as it implements the same protocol as the stock FPGALink firmware. Several supported boards use such custom firmware (e.g just a few lines of code added for initialisation).20:38
mithrochrismc: from what I understand, libFPGAlink loads the Cypress FX2 with NeroJTAG compatible firmware. Then uses the NeroJTAG protocol to load the FPGA firmware onto the FPGA.20:38
chrismcYes, that's right, but programming the FPGA is only a small part of what FPGALink does.20:39
mithroin our case we then need to load our own Cypress FX2 firmware, so the device reenumerates as a UVC Camera+CDC serial port20:39
chrismcOh I see.20:39
chrismcWell you could just use the JTAG programming part then.20:39
chrismcYou should run through the build for Atlys:
tpbTitle: Build FPGALink and the cksum VHDL example, and use flcli to write data to an Atlys board, and then read data back from it. (at
mithrookay cool, that seems to pretty much match what I understood20:41
chrismcThere are API docs here:
tpbTitle: Index of /bin/fpgalink-20140330 (at
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mithroThe question I had was, how does this work if two Atlys boards are plugged in?20:42
mithroEverything seems to be concerned with vid:pid, which is not enough to unique identify a single device20:43
CarlFKmithro:  is that an issue once the .. um.. nv ram? is programed?20:44
chrismcYou can load the two boards with different device IDs, so you'll have, for example 1D50:602B:0001, 1D50:602B:0002, etc. Each is then individually addressible.20:45
mithrochrismc: how is the "device id" determined?20:46
chrismcIt's just a number. If you're loading the FPGALink firmware into EEPROM you can build it with the device ID hard-coded, or you can plug the first Atlys in, RAM-load 0001 firmware, then plug the second Atlys in and RAM-load 0002 firmware. Subsequently they're individually addressable.20:47
CarlFKalso, I am pretty sure that plugging 2 devices into my laptop will be limited to the usb2's limit of a total of 480kbs , so no point20:47
mithroCarlFK: you can have multiple USB hosts in your computer20:48
chrismcCarlFK: That's right. FPGALink will do about 42MiB/s on an otherwise idle bus. But two devices will share that overall bandwidth.20:48
chrismcOh, no sorry you're using your own firmware for that, but the principle is the same.20:49
mithrochrismc: if I turn on a computer which has two Atlys already plugged in, can it work?20:49
chrismcYes, but you'd need to replace the Atlys's onboard firmware with the FPGALink firmware: one with DID=0001 and the other with DID=0002.20:50
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mithrochrismc: by that you mean flash it to the eeprom?20:51
chrismcYes, you can do that either from the API (
chrismcOr using fx2loader.20:52
tpbTitle: libfpgalink.h File Reference (at
mithrowith the old fxload we had on Ubuntu Precise, we can use the "device path" which is basically the host, bus, hub, port chain20:53
mithrolater fxloads removed this functionality20:53
mithrothe "device path" is stable over the enumerations caused by flashing the cypress too20:54
chrismcThe thing is, if you have your own firmware, you're only really using FPGALink for development. For "production" you can just load your firmware into the FX2's EEPROM and you can load the FPGA design into the FPGA's flash. No FPGALink necessary.20:55
mithrochrismc: yeah20:56
chrismcOK I have to go. Feel free to join the mailing-list if you have problems! And good luck!20:56
mithrochrismc: developers are the most likely to have multiple boards all plugged in :)20:56
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mithroopps, didn't get to ask my real question20:58
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canciJust fyi, I have fxload "Mar 14 2014" and that doesn't support usb-ids but takes /dev/bus/usb/... paths to select the device22:40
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mithrocanci: where is that fxload from?22:43
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