Thursday, 2014-04-24

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canciJoelw: can chipscope pro be used with webpack?00:00
Joelwcanci: No, you need a license for it :(00:01
JoelwIf you're associated with a university in the Xilinx University Program you might be able to get a full/cheap license00:01
JoelwI hassled my uni supervisor about the XUP for a while without any luck and then just found the license on Pirate Bay :(00:02
tpb<> (at
canciJoelw: yea, I should try that.00:03
canciI don't have that much development experience with fpgas yet as I avoided it because of the requirement for large bloaty proprietary toolchains00:04
JoelwUnfortunately there's not really any way to avoid those!00:05
cancie.g. while I fiddled around with the hdmi2usb today I had a strange quirk where the image would show up on uvc with the right-most 20% apearing at the left side of the image00:05
cancibut on the hdmi output of the atlys, it was fine00:06
canciAnd I don't have the slightest clue how I would try to find out what's going wrong there :/00:06
CarlFKcanci: like this:
canci(might be more like 10%. So if you have a full screen browser window with the scrollbar on the right, the uvc would show all the screen, but the scrollbar would be at the left)00:07
JoelwNo idea! Sounds like some sort of frame sync bug.00:07
cancialthough I didn't notice the Y shift00:07
mithroI know how that could happen00:07
mithrowe just need to debug the frame sync code and make it more reliable00:08
cancimithro: do you know between which components of the design does that happen?00:08
cancimithro: (e.g. in terms of the architecture image in the developers guide)00:09
mithroIt's plumbed all the way through the system00:09
canciah okay. I assumed that it was possible to rule out some parts since my output on hdmi was correct but the uvc output was wrapped.00:12
canciokay, I'll really be off for now00:13
mithrocanci: it is after the matrix00:16
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mithrowell, plane about to leave04:33
mithrobe back in ~15 hours or more04:33
CarlFKhave a good trip04:33
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tpbTitle: Digilent Atlys Board: Loading Firmware · cfra/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
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mithroI'm in the US! On crappy airport WiFi.18:52
cancimithro: bay area?18:53
skaymithro: when do we meet you?18:53
skaymithro: hey!18:53
skaywe are meeting you? I better go check with CarlFK18:53
skayI am pretty sure. He's been sick and out of it18:54
skayI'll bbiab, I'm relocating from a coffee shop back to the house18:54
mithroskay: not for another two weeks18:56
mithrocanci: yeah, sitting at SFO waiting for my ride18:57
canciwhen I was at SFO wifi worked surpisingly well, I even remember doing a halfway decent voip call19:01
canci(in contrast to most German airports I know, there you usually still have to prices that put mobile data providers to shame)19:06
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