Wednesday, 2014-04-23

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CarlFK mithro: I need to buy a vga2hdmi converter.  any suggestions?   I found this for $50
tpb<> (at
mithroThere are many out there02:32
mithroHaven't tested any of them02:36
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mithrothaytan: which camera did I end up lending you? A canon or a sony?06:45
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mithro~seen droy07:45
tpbmithro: droy was last seen in #timvideos 1 day, 12 hours, 34 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <droy> congos Niharika07:45
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tvCommitBot[HDMI2USB] cfra opened pull request #43: cypress: extend documentation and add a .gitignore (master...cypress)
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tvCommitBot[HDMI2USB] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotHDMI2USB/master e5f98c5 Christian Franke: cypress: extend documentation and add a .gitignore08:01
tvCommitBotHDMI2USB/master b918331 Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #43 from cfra/cypress...08:01
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mithrocanci: thanks!08:17
mithrohi rohitksingh08:17
rohitksinghHi mithro ! :)08:18
rohitksinghmithro: Could you please tell of the possible date for initial VC?08:20
mithroWell, the problem is I fly to the USA tomorrow08:20
mithroI'll then be in US/Pacific timezone for 2 weeks08:20
mithrowhat is your timezone?08:21
rohitksinghmithro: I'm in IST(Indian Standard Time) which is +5:30 of GMT08:21
rohitksinghmithro: Maybe after you settle down in few days of getting there, then we can decide on date  & time08:22
mithrogoing to dinner, will be back in 30 minutes to an hour08:31
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mithrohey ayush350410:14
mithrosorry I'm late10:14
mithrodinner was a bit long10:15
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mithrorohitksingh: you around now?10:37
mithroI'm going to have a meeting with ayush10:39
mithrobut afterwards, would you be interested in having a meeting?10:39
rohitksinghyeah! perfect10:40
rohitksinghayush3504: are you here? I have one question10:40
mithroI think he is rebooting his computer10:40
rohitksinghI wanted to ask him, how is he buying the Atlys. I've exhanged 11 mails with Coreel (digilent distributor in India). Waiting for their final mail on payment details10:42
rohitksinghAlthough, the price(presumably academic price) which they have quoted (after I provided all details for student verification) comes close to the normal undiscounted price! :(10:43
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mithrorohitksingh: you should try sending an email to the hdmi2usb-gsoc2014 mailing list11:24
mithrorohitksingh: the other 3 students who need to get Atlys boards are also on that list11:24
mithrorohitksingh: I need to run home to let someone in11:25
rohitksinghokay! thanks!11:25
mithrorohitksingh: will you still be around in about 20 minutes?11:25
rohitksinghyes I'll be here!11:25
mithrookay, lets try and do a VC then11:25
mithrorohitksingh: it is okay if you have to run off to do something11:25
rohitksinghIts fine! Its evening time here...don't have much to do...I'm ordering TVP7002 samples from TI. Will be online for around 2-3 hours11:28
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ayush3504rohitksingh: you around?11:57
rohitksinghHi ayush3504!11:59
ayush3504Had a chat with Tim. He told me you're having trouble with getting the HDMI2USB. I've contacted the auth. distributor in India, they're selling it for Rs.18000 and it's in stock. You can get it from here instead ;)11:59
ayush3504err Digilent Atlys board11:59
rohitksinghohh! its great! :) could you please tell which which distributor?12:00
ayush3504I think it's going to cost a lot more with customs duty if you buy it directly even with the academic pricing.12:00
tpbTitle: Welcome to ajitek Solutions (at
rohitksinghayush3504: thanks soo much! :) :312:01
ayush3504No probs! And there's a bunch of formalities for availing the student pricing. Tell me your email, I'll forward that to you :)12:01
rohitksinghthanks for the effort Ayush ! My mail ID is:  [email protected]12:03
ayush3504welcome :)12:03
rohitksinghmithro: thanks to you too...BTW ping me anytime for the VC12:04
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mithrorohitksingh: I'm around again now12:27
rohitksinghokay just 4 minutes!12:27
mithroayush3504: you should reply with that information on the mailing list12:28
mithroayush3504: there are two other students who need to purchase boards12:28
ayush3504mithro: sure12:28
rohitksinghmithro: Which platform for VC? Google Hangouts or Skype?12:31
mithroGoogle Hangouts12:31
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mparHello everyone, do you have any contact to Roman, GSoC mentor?21:02
cancimithro: this is the testimage which I get: Is that what is expected? It looks a bit different than your photograph, but maybe that's because view angle dependency with your monitor?21:09
cancimithro: okay, I get the same behavior CarlFK? described earlier21:18
canciIf I program the hex file whithout writing the bitstream to the FPGA, the cypress USB chip enumerates just fine and shows up as uvc and cdc device21:19
canci(both with prebuilt firmware and self-compiled firmware)21:19
canciBut if I load the hdmi2usb bitstream into the fpga first, doesn't matter whether prebuilt or self-compiled, the device doesn't enumerate on USB21:20
canci(after flashing the cypress firmware that is. Before that I can communicate with the cypress chip just fine while the hdmi2usb bitstream is already loaded)21:21
CarlFKcanci: I have 2 problems - sounds like you are talking about load .. hdmi2usb.hex and you no longer have a usb device?21:30
CarlFKand  yes, that jpg is what is expected21:30
canciCarlFK: yes, when I load the hdmi2usb.hex into the cypress, I get enumeration errors but no usb devices21:32
canciSomeone (you?) wrote that the usb device is correctly recognized when you don't load the bitstream into the fpga before programming the cypress21:33
cancithat is true for me as well, although I guess it's not that helpful in the long run ;)21:33
CarlFKnot me21:40
CarlFKcurrently when I load the hdmi input only shows as device about 1% of the time I check using xrandr21:43
CarlFKand one of the led's on the atlys goes on/off in a somewhat related manor. it21:44
cancithe ld0 and ld1 leds indicate the presence of an hdmi signal on the hdmi inputs 0 and 1 respectively21:45
cancifor me the prebuilt bitstream was performing fine in combination with a pandaboard as a source21:46
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CarlFKI should be able to use an hdmi out looped into an in, right?21:56
CarlFKhmm.. that only makes sense when it is generating a test pattern21:57
cancihm funny21:59
canciI loaded the bitstream using the usb-host mode instead of using the cypress22:00
canciand now the cypress after flashing it although the hdmi2usb bitstream is in the fpga22:00
canci(don't get an image though - mplayer complains [mjpeg @ 0x7fe274ae4ea0]No JPEG data found in image)22:01
canci(ld3 is on, ld4 is off)22:02
canciah, after another reconnect it works :)22:07
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CarlFKcanci: after loading hdmi2usb.hex, when I hit the buttons, the lights near the rj45 light up.  does that happen to you too?22:26
cancinope, unless I hit the reset button22:28
canci(so yea, they light up if I hit the reset button, but otherwise not)22:28
canciokay, got it working now - somewhat22:28
cancialthough the jpeg stream drops after some time with [mjpeg @ 0x7fab7a522ea0]Found EOI before any SOF, ignoring22:29
canciCarlFK: what works for me is to load JP11 and to put the hdmi2usb.bit onto a fat32 usb stick which is connected to the devboard on power on23:04
canciCarlFK: if I program the fpga that way (the pic connected to the usb-a connector will program the fpga if it finds a bitstream and jp11 is loaded) I can program the cypress chip with fxload and it works just fine23:05
CarlFKneat.. um.. what is  jp11?23:07
canciit's directly next to the USB-A connector23:13
canciwhen I turn on the board in that mode, ld7 will be lit and ld5 will be lit very dim. After programming is complete, the done led will light up23:15
canciand the test image is displayed23:15
canci(JP11 is a Jumper next to the USB-A connector. The JP11 label is printed directly between the jumper and the USB-connector, so you probably will only see it when looking at the pcb directly from above)23:18
CarlFKcanci: here is me pressing the buttons and the lights lighting up:
tpbTitle: Dropbox - VID_20140423_181401.3gp (at
canciCarlFK: that looks as if you don't have the bitstream flashed correctly23:27
canciyour video shows how the devboard behaves with the demo bitstream that is loaded in factory mode23:27
CarlFKlsusb shows Bus 002 Device 007: ID fb9a:fb9a23:28
cancihm... are you aware that the described programming steps in the documentation and also my suggested usb-stick method both program only the volatile memory of the fpga?23:28
canciokay, hm23:29
cancihow do you load the bitstream into the fpga then?23:29
CarlFK./libusb/examples/fxload -vvv -t fx2 -d 1443:0007 -I hdmi2usb.hex23:29
cancithat is the command to program the cypress 8051 usb chip23:30
CarlFKI power cycled it and did that23:30
canciyea, the power cycle cleared the ram of the fpga and after the power cycle it seems the board loaded the demo bitstream23:31
canciwith the command you gave you have only programmed the cypress usb chip, but not the actual fpga23:31
canciso your fpga is still running the demo code23:31
CarlFKhuh, yes, you are right.  I thought I had checked for that.23:32
canciYou can either load the bitstream using the method with usb-stick which I described earlier, that one works for me.23:32
cancior you can follow stage 1 of
tpb<> (at
mithrohey peeps23:33
canci(that works for me as well, however the cypress chip will only work with the hdmi2usb.hex if I programmed the bitstream with the usb-stick method)23:33
cancimithro: hey :)23:33
CarlFK(02:18:58 AM) CarlFK: hmmm I seem to remember them lighting up when buttons where held down23:34
CarlFK(02:20:04 AM) mithro: You are thinking of the LEDs above the switch23:34
CarlFK^^^^ stock default demo mode!23:34
mithroon the Atlys the FPGA boots from Flash and the Cypress boots from an EEPROM23:34
mithronone of our instructions change those contents, so power cycling the device should always restore you back to the stock system23:35
CarlFKand the stock system bli23:35
CarlFKand the stock system blinks the lights by the rj4523:35
mithroCarlFK: on my device they flash once when the device is turned on and then once again before the done light comes on23:38
cancimithro, CarlFK: I just tried the demo mode on my board. In that mode, the up/down/left/right/center buttons blink the leds next to the rj4523:39
JoelwDo you mean the PHY status lights? If they're flashing it just means that the PHY isn't being held in reset.23:39
CarlFKalli: here is me pressing the buttons and the lights lighting up:
tpbTitle: Dropbox - VID_20140423_181401.3gp (at
mithrocanci: wow you are right23:39
cancimithro: btw, as i'm not sure whether you will sift through the backlog: If I program the fpga via the PIC on the devboard using a USB flash drive, everything works perfectly23:40
canci(meaning I can program the cypress usb chip using fxload and it returns as uvc and cdc device and I get video)23:41
canciwhen I program the fpga using the cypress-usb-jtag thingy, it also seems to get the bitstream correctly (test image shows up in that case), but the cypress chip won't enumerate on usb after I programmed it with the hex image23:42
JoelwJust watched the video.. I don't actually know what's going on there :)23:43
canciJoelw: it looks exactly like what my board is doing in demo mode :)23:43
JoelwAh right - maybe the demo design does that? I can't remember - I think I overwrote mine pretty early on.23:45
JoelwI really don't like the Digilent programming thingy. I highly recommend investing in a Xilinx USB Platform Cable (clone)23:46
canciJoelw: you mean using the jtag pinheader?23:46
CarlFKwhat is the Digilent programming thingy?23:47
JoelwCarlFK: The on-board USB programmer and Digilent Adept or the Digilent plugin for iMPACT23:47
Joelwcanci: Yes. I think it's less fiddly! Well worth the $5023:47
mithroJoelw: we should be able to use libfpgalink for programming23:47
CarlFKJoelw: you mean djtgcfg?23:48
canciJoelw: yea, I still have one of these flying around somewhere, though I am not sure if it's supported by impact23:49
tpbTitle: Amontec JTAGkey-Tiny : Tiny USB to JTAG cable for ARM via sdk4arm - YAGARTO - OpenOCD (at
Joelwmithro: Yeah, that should be okay - I'd imagine it's a bit more transparent than the Digilent tools23:49
JoelwCarlFK: I think that's still the Digilent command.. with the Xilinx cable, you'd just use iMPACT in batch mode or something (I must admit to only using the GUI)23:50
tpbTitle: FPGALink: Easy USB to FPGA Communication (at
Joelwcanci: Yeah, only the ones that claim to be Xilinx clones will work with iMPACT23:51
mithroI keep meaning to get around to testing that / writing instructions for that23:51
JoelwAnyway! Ignore me - I wouldn't recommend that everyone go out and get the Xilinx clone. I just don't think much of the Digilent plugin. I'd use fpgalink though.23:52
mithrocanci: I have no idea about using a USB stick to program the Atlys23:52
mithrocanci: can you write up some instructions?23:53
cancimithro: yea, I'll try to do that tomorrow23:54
canciJoelw: yea, but having a separate jtag access is probably be helpful to debug or reprogram the fpga while the cypress chip is executing the hdmi2usb code23:55
JoelwYeah, exactly! It's also worth it just to be able to use ChipScope Pro.23:56
JoelwThough I think that works through the Digilent plugin, but probably not if you've replaced the FX2LP firmware23:56

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