Monday, 2014-04-21

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shenkimithro: im not sure what else to try05:40
shenkimithro: i tried the prebuilt firmware on the fpga (the fx2 firmware was always the prebuilt one)05:40
shenkino difference05:40
shenkiI could get my old laptop out05:40
shenkimithro: what version of the tools are you using?05:41
shenkiI did install the lastest xilinx and digilent stuff, perhaps they have a bug?05:41
mithro14.4 I think05:51
mithroCan check when I get on the train05:51
shenkiive got 14.705:53
shenkidjtgcfg --version05:53
shenkiDigilent JTAG Config Utility v2.1.105:53
mithroI used precompiled bit/hex files05:57
mithroFrom the prebuilt repository05:58
mithroDidn't get a chance to build one yet05:58
mithrobut obivously don't have access to my Atlys at the moment06:02
mithroI have 14.2 and 14.4 installed06:05
mithroguess I should upgrade06:05
CarlFKI am seing something weird:
CarlFKthat is from [email protected]:~/atlys$ while true; do date; xrandr | grep HDMI1; sleep 1; done06:50
CarlFKthat Atlys hdmi is only "there" for a second or so, then goes away.06:50
CarlFKdurring that second, the monitor will try to wake up and show the display - I catch it for a bit and then it goes black again06:51
CarlFKi am off to bed.  see ya06:54
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NiharikaHi everyone.19:00
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aps-sidsHi Niharika19:02
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aps-sidsand congrats :)19:02
Niharika:) Is the list out?19:03
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NiharikaI just got the email.19:03
NiharikaYou got through too, right?19:03
aps-sidsyes. I didn't get the email though.19:03
aps-sidsyeah got mail now. yay19:04
NiharikaCongratulations. :D And we got 8 slots! Woah!19:08
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rohitksinghCongratulations Niharika , aps-sids and others selected!19:09
droycongos Niharika19:10
NiharikaThanks droy rohitksingh. :)19:11
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cancimithro: I was using the prebuilt bitstream linked directly from the firmware load instructions, same for the fx hex file.21:32
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cancimithro: Using the buttons to switch the hdmi output between test pattern (repeating boxes of red/green gradient) and one connected input works fine.21:34
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cancimithro: From reading the documentation I found, I am not sure what exactly the EDID Hack is supposed to be doing. I pressed the center button with a 1080p monitor connected to the active output (output 0)21:35
canciMy expectation was that a device connected to one of the inputs of the atlys would now see 1080p as supported mode via EDID, however it stayed at 1024x76821:36
canciSince that's the native resolution of our projector anyway, I did not spend to much effort on finding out how it's supposed to work, yet.21:37
canciTo me it seems the prebuilt bitstream is working fine concerning so far, I have already built my own bitstream from the git, however I haven't checked yet, whether that bitstream works21:38
canciOn the USB front I didn't have much success, with the provided hex image, I only get enumeration errors when plugging the usb connection to the atlys board back into my PC21:39
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mithrocanci: the board only supports 720p/1024x76822:40
mithrocanci: the edid hack makes it so that the output resolution is just the single value so the computer doesn't have a choice and choose the wrong one (common at conferences)22:42
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CarlFKmithro: my laptop hdmi to atlys board is still bouncing  I have about 18 hours of log file now22:54
mithroCarlFK: this is before you have loaded the .hex file?22:55
mithroCarlFK: how are you getting this log file?22:56
CarlFKthat is from [email protected]:~/atlys$ while true; do date; xrandr | grep HDMI1; sleep 1; done22:56
CarlFKdjtgcfg prog --verbose -d Atlys -i 0 -f hdmi2usb.bit - have not loaded the .hex22:59
mithrodoing xrandr forces a refresh of the edid structure which will probably cause your screen to flash23:05
CarlFKyeah - it flickers a little23:06
CarlFKit is running on a test machine (pretty much everything I do do isn't on my main box)23:06
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