Friday, 2014-04-18

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droyok CarlFK if i find a solution i will be submiting a patch00:05
droygoing to sleep now bye00:05
CarlFKI suddenly can't do thing i thought should work...00:05
CarlFKsleep well00:05
CarlFK$ gst-inspect-0.10 dvswitchsink00:06
CarlFKNo such element or plugin 'dvswitchsink00:06
CarlFKthat should work.00:06
droygot an exam tomorrow datastructures  exam00:06
CarlFKget some sleep ;)00:07
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shenki_mithro: any idea what's going on there?05:20
shenki_mithro: i loaded the fpga firmware, and then the fx2 firmwrae05:20
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shenkimithro: if power cycle the board and program the fx2 without doing the FPGA, USB works05:39
shenkimithro: but that not very useful :)05:39
droyhi Niharika05:41
NiharikaHi droy.05:41
shenkihrm, might be a usb3 thing05:56
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thaytanshenki, you think?07:08
thaytanit looks like it's binding to the EHCI host there07:08
thaytanand that the device is timing out trying to read descriptors07:08
shenkithaytan: in the log i posted I was running it through a usb2 hub07:10
shenkithaytan: hoping that it might use a different codepath and not fail :)07:10
shenkino such luck07:10
shenkii might have to get out my old laptop and test07:10
tpbTitle: FX2 controller sometimes hangs on startup or on demand - Cypress (at
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cancishenki: I just recently started fiddeling with the atlys board and ran more or less into the same issue, though I did not try programming the cypress chip without loading a bitstream first11:51
shenkicanci: interesting11:53
shenkicanci: what platform are you using to program?11:53
shenki(hardware, OS, version)11:53
canciIt's a thinkpad x200s with usb 2.0 with ubuntu 12.0411:53
shenkiive got a x230 with 14.04, running 3.14.111:54
shenkii tried it with 3.15-rc1 too, same behaviour11:54
canciI will give it a try and check whether the usp part works for me as well if I don't program the bitstream11:56
canci(will be a little time though, I am just leaving right now - I can probably comment on it in a few hours)12:00
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aps-sidshi droy21:19
droyhello aps-sids21:20
droywere you there at the de-duplication meet21:20
droyi am already getting goose-bumps about    the results21:22
aps-sidsWell, nothing to worry. It won't be end of the world ;)21:23
droyi worked a lot and learned many things :)21:25
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