Tuesday, 2014-04-15

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mithrotariq786: you are going to need to understand gstreamer01:43
tariq786mithro. Sure i would love to learn this neat tool02:05
tariq786but for the purpose of writing proposal, do you think i need to understand it?02:05
tariq786i will dig into it once i get going with the actual work02:06
tariq786whats your opinion02:06
mithrotariq786: yes02:06
tariq786please clarify02:07
mithrotariq786: yes, you need to understand how to use gstreamer02:08
tariq786at the time of writing proposal?02:08
mithrotariq786: yes, I would say so. (Or another tool which fulfills a similar role)02:09
tariq786how much time do i have?02:09
tariq786the proposal is taking a toll on time.02:09
tariq786here is the new version of the proposal.  Not finished but many new additions02:12
tpbTitle: Google Drive (at bit.ly)02:12
mithrotariq786: I don't have permission to edit that02:14
tariq786hang on02:14
mithrotariq786: why do you keep making new documents?02:15
tariq786so just keeping versions like version control02:15
mithrotariq786: google docs already have revision history02:17
mithroFile > See revision history02:17
tariq786ok. Great. will use if from now02:18
tariq786thanks for educating02:18
tariq786i appreciate that02:18
mithrolook at your other documents, there are still comments which need answering02:21
mithroand as I said, you should be answering them by making it so your proposal is good enough that the question is not asked in the first place02:21
tariq786i am working. I am not done02:24
tariq786but do you see some of the questions answered or do you think none of the questions were addressed02:25
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FeltonChris@mithro - Hello this is Chris Felton.03:03
mithroFeltonChris: hi!03:04
FeltonChrisAs you know, I received the email for Carl and I am willing to mentor if needed.03:05
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mithro-I'll be back in 30 minutes to 1 hour05:26
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ayush3504mithro: hi. can you review my gsoc proposal? http://goo.gl/euQS7709:41
tpbTitle: GSoC proposal by ayush3504 - Google Docs (at goo.gl)09:41
ayush3504others, please feel free to add comments. thx09:42
mithroayush3504: give me 15 minutes09:42
ayush3504mithro: sure :)09:42
mithroayush3504: I apologize we haven't given you as much feedback as we should have09:42
ayush3504mithro: no problem :)09:43
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ayush3504mithro: i understand :)09:50
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mithroayush3504: you still about?10:41
ayush3504mithro: sorry i didn't get you10:42
mithroayush3504: I was asking if you where still around10:42
ayush3504oh okay. yes, i'm on a choppy connection though. don't mind if i don't seem to be responding10:43
ayush3504i'm working on your concerns, should be able to answer them all in detail by this evening (IST)10:43
mithroayush3504: firstly, you shouldn't answer the comments directly10:43
ayush3504ok, will keep that in mind10:44
mithroayush3504: you should work on making it so that your proposal has enough information that I wouldn't have asked the question in the first place10:44
mithrotariq786 / ayush3504: two of the other students who have put in HDMI2USB proposals have sent in small patches for the project10:46
ayush3504i'll try10:47
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ayush3504Hello :)13:54
CarlFKhi ayush350413:59
ayush3504hi CarlFK14:00
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tariq786hey CarlFK, did every body at Pycon get some goody? Like last year we were all given Raspberry PI15:25
CarlFKnothing like that.  just the normal stuff like coffee mugs15:26
tariq786that is sad15:37
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tariq786updated proposal document19:09
tpbTitle: Ethernet2HDMI_GSOC_Proposal_3_Timvideos_Tariq_B_Ahmad - Google Docs (at bit.ly)19:09
droyhi  could anyone  guide me on my proposal https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/student/google/gsoc2014/droy/574103124495564819:19
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BoHa> (at www.google-melange.com)19:19
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tpb<http://ln-s.net/CN3S> (at www.google-melange.com)21:01
tariq786any comments, suggestions or improvements on http://bit.ly/1n9tfxi21:13
tpbTitle: Ethernet2HDMI_GSOC_Proposal_3_Timvideos_Tariq_B_Ahmad - Google Docs (at bit.ly)21:13
tariq786are more than welcome21:20
CarlFKtariq786: I am on my way to dinner - have you run those gstreamer commands?21:21
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