Wednesday, 2014-04-09

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mithroI'm still alive! >barely<00:41
aps-sidshey mithro , how have you been? I guess GSoC slot allocations are going to be published today.00:47
mithroaps-sids: already happened00:47
aps-sidsoh, how many did we get?00:48
mithroaps-sids: not sure I'm suppose to share the exact number yet, but "a good amount"00:48
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mithro~seen konstovl03:26
tpbmithro: konstovl was last seen in #timvideos 1 week, 0 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <konstovl> Hello03:26
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CarlFKhi Niharika04:06
mithrotariq786 / tariq786_ : ping?04:23
mithrotariq786: so if I wanted to review the complete state of your proposal now, what should I be looking at?04:36
tariq786_i have to pull the document that i just shared with you into melange04:39
tariq786_i was thinking to get independent review on this. But if you want, i can integrate this one into melange04:40
tariq786_which one would you prefer. Ultimately, this will go into melange before or on Friday04:40
mithrotariq786_: just a root Google Doc with links to all the supporting documentation works04:44
tariq786_let me do that04:45
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tariq786_updated proposal for your review06:05
tpbTitle: Ethernet2HDMI_GSOC_Proposal_Timvideos_Tariq_B_Ahmad - Google Drive (at
tariq786_comments are more than welcome06:08
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mithroI will look at it further tonight06:29
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mithroHi konstovl09:41
konstovlmithro: Thanks for the email09:44
konstovlmithro: and let me know09:44
konstovlmithro: I wasn't surprized about it. For changing my project is a bit difficult as I would like to get involved with the USB3 in the first place but it is a bit hard for me, I have zero experience with high frequency pcb design, I have lay out only some <10MHz board and I may face great problems09:48
konstovlmithro: about the HDMI to USB sound, I cant really understand whta the project is about and I am not excited by the name09:51
konstovlmithro: it about making the HDMI2USB behave as a sound device and with proper drivers be used as a sound card?09:52
mithrokonstovl: It is about taking the audio embedded in the HDMI signal and piping it up to the computer (in a similar way we do the video part)09:53
konstovlmithro: I am more interested in the USB3.0 project than hdmi to usb sound, but I would like to read a bit more about it and see if I could make it throught09:58
mithrothe USB3.0 project is fairly high risk because of the issue with the primary chip being a BGA09:59
mithrokonstovl: so I would concentrate on seeing if you can figure out a way to reproduce the Dashio set up first09:59
konstovlmithro: the deadline for making changes in the project is until the end of the community bonding period or earlier10:00
mithrokonstovl: you will be adjusting things thoughout the project as various obstacles occur and are overcome10:01
konstovlmithro: you mean the hardware setup rather than the software side of their setup10:01
mithrokonstovl: both10:02
konstovlmithro: I will start to see about the USB3.0 and I will report back tomorrow10:11
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droy_2are the gsoc slot allocations out ?10:42
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konstovlthe # for each organization supposedly yes but they have not announced yet10:44
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ldleworkmithro: hi15:52
mithrohi ldlework16:25
mithrowho are you?16:25
ldleworkAn aquaintance of CarlFK16:26
ldleworkmithro: he said you were interested in having someone as a mentor for a GSOC docker project16:26
ldleworkI don't know what that entails but I figured I should at least hear about it16:27
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ldleworkwell alright then17:37
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mithrotariq786_: you about?18:06
droyhi mithro18:08
mithrowell, I'm heading out18:09
droygood night18:10
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CarlFKI am in the Canadas!18:43
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CarlFKtariq786: I am in Toronto now.  will be taking the PyCon train  "Arrive about 6 hours later at 5pm in Montreal at Gare centrale de MontrĂ©al."18:54
tpbTitle: Python on Rails (at
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