Thursday, 2014-04-03

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mithroCarlFK: why are you not using my dvsource-v4l2-other?02:12
mithroandi-m: your using blackmagic gear?02:13
mithroandi-m: the portable box is mostly on hold until we can get hardware which I can reliably diagnose from software02:14
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mithroandi-m: if so you could probably adapt dvsource-v4l2-other to read from blackmagic cards05:18
mithroandi-m: should reduce latency to a single frame05:18
CarlFKmithro: the exact answer is because I am not using anything ;).  I was more seeing what ffmpeg parameters worked05:22
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andi-mmithro: yes, we are using blackmagic decklink mini recoders pci cards13:35
andi-mcosts about 126 euro and you can use either hdmi or sdi13:35
andi-mi think the next step is to switch from dv switch to something that supports hd resolutions13:38
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tariq786anyone here?22:19
tariq786Carl or mithro?22:19
tariq786HI Carl22:31
tariq786quick question22:31
tariq786i see exactly the problem that needs to be done for HDMI2Ethernet22:37
tariq786the question is about video format. Is it MJpeg?22:38
CarlFK,mkjpeg  it is that - which I think is mjpeg22:43
tpbTitle: JPEG Encoder :: Overview :: OpenCores (at
CarlFK  hdmi2usb docs22:44
tpb<> (at
tariq786let me simplify22:46
CarlFK!seen konstovl22:47
CarlFK~seen konstovl22:47
tpbCarlFK: konstovl was last seen in #timvideos 2 days, 7 hours, 54 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <konstovl> Hello22:47
CarlFKtariq786: any questions right now?  I am stepping away for 10 min or so22:53
tariq786one sec22:53
tariq786you were talking about making udp packets rather than ethernet frame22:54
tariq786what is the advantage of that?22:55
JoelwYou can route UDP packets over a network22:55
JoelwEthernet frames can't get beyond the local segment22:55
tariq786i see22:55
CarlFKmore important, there are existing programs that can get the data22:55
tariq786which programs, please name a few?22:55
JoelwIt's much easier to write a program that receives UDP data than raw ethernet - you have to be a root user to capture raw packet data22:56
JoelwIt's not really very much work to do UDP encapsulation - I can't think of any good reason not to do it.22:57
tariq786so lets say, i receive  a UDP packet, does it make it easier to capture it or play it live? or22:57
tpbTitle: [HDMI2USB #14] Supporting Marvell Ethernet chip on Digilent board · Issue #6 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
CarlFKI added some examples22:57
tariq786i am concerned about your previous comemnt22:57
tariq786i am concerned about your previous comment22:57
tariq786that you want to save it on the system or watch it live22:58
CarlFKgst-launch-1.0 udpsrc uri=udp:// caps="application/x-rtp" ! queue ! rtpjitterbuffer ! rtpjpegdepay ! queue ! avdec_mjpeg ! videoconvert ! videoscale ! autovideosink22:58
CarlFKchange the to the IP of the fpga device22:58
CarlFKautovideosink will open a window and display the video stream22:58
JoelwAny user space program can easily deal with UDP packets. To capture raw ethernet frames, you basically have to use tcpdump.22:58
tariq786i know how to integrate 1G MAC onto FPGA. How to assign IP to FPGA? I have to find that or may be you can tell me.23:00
tariq786the other is how to put UDP on top of MAC23:00
JoelwHave you looked at my Atlys UDP example code?23:01
tariq786joelw, am i thinking right. Please correct me if i am wrong23:01
tariq786let me check right now23:01
CarlFKbb in 10 min or so23:01
tariq786ok.Thank Carl23:02
tariq786joel, how do you deal with IP?23:04
tariq786i mean does FPGA gets a different IP than the host and how?23:04
JoelwAre you talking about IP addresses or Intellectual Property?23:04
tariq786ip address23:05
JoelwDifferent devices need to have different IP addresses.23:05
JoelwIt's probably up to you how the FPGA gets an IP address. In my example, the address was hard-coded in the bit file.23:05
JoelwNormally computers would use DHCP23:06
JoelwYou could decide to make it configurable using a serial console or something and save it in flash.23:06
tariq786Joelw, cameras or webcams transfer video using what format?23:09
tariq786i mean if camera is connected to HDMI, what format or formats get transferred via HDMI?23:09
tariq786is that relevant or don't care for HDMI2Ethernet23:10
JoelwYou probably need to have a bit of an understanding of how HDMI works and what comes over the wire23:10
tariq786any good resource except wikipedia?23:11
JoelwProbably the HDMI standard. I vaguely recall that you could download it for free from somewhere, though it's not normally free.23:12
tariq786There is atlys project or actually a demo project that takes HDMI input, buffers it and then sends it out as HDMI output23:13
JoelwYes, that's a good one to study.23:14
tariq786i was wondering if i have a buffer, i just encapsulate the buffer content as MAC frames and send it off the wire23:14
JoelwBasically that's all you need to do, if you just want to transmit uncompressed video.23:15
tariq786the twist is now i have to stack UDP on top of MAC23:15
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CarlFKtariq786: what OS are you using now?23:16
tariq786i have Ubuntu, Centos and Windows23:16
tariq786does that matter what OS i have?23:17
CarlFKsudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-plugins-base gstreamer1.0-plugins-good gstreamer-tools23:18
CarlFKI think that will get you what you need to run my example23:19
JoelwYou'll actually need to do UDP on IP on Ethernet - my example code shows how to do that though :)23:19
CarlFKalso, you should be familiar with
tpbTitle: OSI model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
tariq786i am pretty familiar with networking and OSI.23:20
tariq786the thing is i never implemented one23:20
tariq786joelw, please give me link to your source code23:20
CarlFKit has been implemented for the fpga - I don't know if there is any open code23:21
tariq786yes that was my question23:21
tariq786which version to use?23:21
CarlFKalso, I think you will need the rtp layer on top of udp23:22
JoelwUse the newest one.23:22
tariq786why RTP?23:22
CarlFKbecause the code exists to consume it23:22
tariq786rtp stands for what? and what can be done with this?23:23
JoelwPerhaps check out
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: rtp (at
CarlFKthe IP config is going to be the hard part23:25
tariq786you have given me enough information to change my existing requirement document.23:25
CarlFKnow I can go to dinner23:25
tariq786Why IP configuration is hard23:26
tariq786you can hard code it for test purpose23:26
tariq786i mean configure host and FPGA with and
tariq786does that make sense?23:27
CarlFKfor testing yes23:28
tariq786if i understood correctly, the sink for the video stream is gstreamer23:29
tariq786which will stream it23:29
CarlFKor any other app that can decode the protocol23:31
tariq786thanks Carl23:31
tariq786let me work on the proposal and get back to you23:31
tariq786for feedback23:31
CarlFKgood luck23:32
CarlFKbye all23:32
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