Monday, 2014-03-31

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mithroCarlFK: ping?00:18
CarlFKmithro: pong00:21
mithroCarlFK: which branch of gst-switch did you check out?01:36
CarlFKmithro: whatever was in the scripts pointed to by the readme01:37
mithroCarlFK: README is probably wrong.01:37
mithroCarlFK: as I mentioned, gst-switch is on the back burner for me until I get the HDMI2USB hardware out01:37
CarlFKI tried both the scripts as is, and changed them to point to your repo01:37
mithroCarlFK: I also did decide to order the computer stuff. Ordered the motherboard yesterday, will forward once have tracking information01:38
CarlFKwhy is gst-switch a lower priority than flumotion ?01:39
mithroCarlFK: because we actively use flumotion01:39
CarlFKum.. yes.  it works.01:39
CarlFKthat seems like a reason to put it on the back burner01:40
mithroCarlFK: dvswitch works too :)01:40
CarlFKfosdem team wants to work on having it replaced by next event in February01:42
mithroCarlFK: great! if they want to help me get gst-switch into shape I'd love their help01:42
mithroand really flumotion isn't a higher priority, it just has had more interest01:43
CarlFKI think you should give gst-switch a little clean up01:43
mithroCarlFK: yes probably01:44
mithro~seen hyades01:44
tpbmithro: hyades was last seen in #timvideos 3 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours, 30 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <hyades> aps-sids: i guess you need a make before doing this
mithroCarlFK: timewise I haven't had any time to dedicated to flumotion or gst-switch01:44
CarlFKI was hoping to be able to say "yes, I got it working" which is much more encouraging than "I can't figure it out"01:44
CarlFKdvswitch is also 1/2 broken01:45
mithroCarlFK: yeah - I totally understand01:45
mithroCarlFK: I thought gst-switch *was* in a good state a while back01:45
CarlFKI had to get Ben to send me some "don't use this code" to get it to install on trusty01:45
mithroCarlFK: but I've never used gst-switch on trusty01:45
mithroCarlFK: hyades even wrote me a little script which should start gst-switch and slowly cycle through the inputs01:46
CarlFKgst-s may be in good shape, but the readme install instructions are whack01:46
mithroCarlFK: the idea is that I'd just run it continually01:46
mithroCarlFK: yeah good shape should include working documentation01:46
CarlFKthe main problem is the readme says to run a script that runs a scrip that clones from some other repo01:47
mithrotariq786: did you post on the channel?01:47
tpb<$> (at
CarlFKso other than one or two scripts, it isn't using any of the files in the timvideos repo01:47
mithroCarlFK: yeah, I totally understand01:48
mithroIf I wasn't so far behind at work, I'd fix it up now for you01:50
mithrobut I do need to continue to get paid :)01:50
CarlFK skip lunch! ;)01:51
mithroneed to skip lunch to do paid work :)01:51
CarlFKtry to squeeze it in sometime so that the fosdem folk don't get invested in some new thing01:51
mithroCarlFK: I'd really like for them to investigate snowmix01:52
CarlFKsomehow they came up with a streaming server based on vlc and reflector (might be custom, I didn't dig too much)01:52
mithroCarlFK: because I haven't had any chance to look into it and need an good evaluation of it01:52
CarlFK  hmm01:53
tpbTitle: Snowmix | Free Audio & Video software downloads at (at
mithroCarlFK: the author is very active and is open to doing development more in the open01:53
CarlFKwow, the apt-get ... for snowmix is...02:01
CarlFKNeed to get 1,041 MB of archives.02:01
CarlFKAfter this operation, 4,735 MB of additional disk space will be used.02:01
techman83holy crap02:02
CarlFKon a desktop + whatever is needed to build dvswitch and my wxpython thing02:02
mithrodid space is cheap02:02
CarlFKapt-get install build-essential automake autoconf libtool g++ pkg-config libgtk-3-dev gtk+-3.0 libsdl1.2-dev tcl-dev libosmesa6-dev gstreamer-tools libgstreamer0.10-dev02:03
mithroPlus build is different to run02:03
CarlFKyeah, just surprising02:03
techman83disk space might be cheap, but Aus internets are sucky02:03
techman83I'd have to leave that going overnight02:04
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI run that - 3rd such package I have tried02:06
CarlFKassuming you have the need to install the same thing more than once02:06
techman83I should setup that one day, I have numerous debian based distros installed at home02:07
tpb<> (at
CarlFKother wise you can't install stuff when you take your laptop away from your proxy02:07
CarlFKthe slight hicup is out of the box it restricts what repos it will cache, so I get 500 errors when vagrant says "use the repo we have!"02:09
CarlFKapt-get update.. 500... sigh.. ssh to proxy... edit config, add repo hostname.. save, restart.. apt-get update .. off we go02:09
shenkimithro: i re-wrote the FPGA makefile last night02:18
shenkiso that it does dependancy tracking02:18
shenkiit doesn't put the output in /build anymore02:18
shenkiwhich doesn't bother me02:19
shenkibut might bother others?02:19
mithroshenki: why did that bother you?02:19
shenkiother way around. it used to put it in build, it doesn't anymore02:19
shenkiwasn't intentional02:19
shenkiit just makes it harder to write the rules02:19
mithroI think we should have all the output in one directory02:19
shenkiit is02:19
shenki /02:19
shenkiif you think it's important, i'll re-work it to do that02:20
mithro? I'm confused02:20
shenkithe existing makefile puts the output in a directory called build02:20
shenkiwith the new one, it's in the top level directory02:21
shenkiie, it doesn't put it under any subdirectories02:21
shenkiam i making sense?02:21
mithroI'd highly prefer that you could do a "rm -rf build" to remove everything generated02:23
shenkicurrently that's a git clean -f02:24
shenkibut if you prefer that, i can do that02:24
shenkianyway, i pushed to my personal tree on github for now02:31
mithroshenki: great!02:37
shenkimithro: has anyone started work on the FPGA CI stuff?02:39
mithronot really02:39
shenkiI know you susggested EC202:39
shenkibut I was thinking it would be better if we could have a box that had a FPGA board hooked up to it02:40
shenkiso it could do a flash, and some kind of "hello" test02:40
shenkido you think that's worthwhile?02:41
mithroshenki: well, there are a couple of stages right02:41
mithroshenki: a) the thing builds02:41
mithroshenki: b) the thing passes the test bench02:41
mithroshenki: c) the thing loads onto the FPGA in some way02:42
mithroshenki: e) the thing actually works in a test environment02:42
mithroshenki: f) the thing actually works in all real environments02:42
mithrothe EC2 thing was for a) and b)02:43
mithroplus I think we want a "vm" we can throw away at the end?02:43
shenkiperhaps. i think there's very little value there, as the Xilinx environment is a pass/fail kind of deal, unlike building a bit of software where you can leak dependanices02:44
shenkibut it wont hurt02:44
shenkithat's just a matter of running your VM with -snapshot on the qemu command line :)02:44
shenkii guess you could use the same VM on the cloud and locally02:45
shenkicoz otherwise you would find yourself re-installing the VM twice02:45
shenkithe Xilinx tools twice02:45
shenkimithro: is that how you would imagine it? have a pre-setup VM?02:47
shenkior would you have some stateless thing that pulled down the tools?02:47
shenkiyou could have a tarball of the tools. just have to make sure you configure eth0 to have the same MAC as the licence file02:47
mithroshenki: I'd hope any VM used on EC2 would be usable under qemu too02:48
mithroIE replace EC2 with "a VM" if you want02:49
shenkiyeah, i follow02:50
mithroshenki: we'd like to be able to run it on pull requests, so you want to be able to throw away the machine at the end02:54
mithroshenki: I don't think you can easily damage an atlys board with bad firmware, but I don't know if you want to do download/test on a pull request there?02:55
mithroshenki: my new machine will have plenty of space to run a VM which does this too02:55
mithroshenki: EC2 also allows someone else to hook it up on their own repo02:56
shenkiyou're buying a new machine?02:57
mithroshenki: yeah02:58
mithroshenki: it'll either have 256g or 512g of RAM02:58
mithroyay for cheap ram prices!02:58
shenkiit will live at home, or in a data centre?02:58
mithrothe one thing I've found is that I *always* regret not getting more RAM02:58
mithroshenki: at home02:59
shenkivery cool02:59
mithroonly 8 cores though02:59
mithrocheaping out on the CPUs02:59
shenkirun everything in a ramdisk02:59
shenkihow reliable is your power? :)02:59
shenkiwhat motherboard are you using that can fit half a T of ram?03:00
CarlFK256g is making my head hurt.  my laptop's ssd is only 18g ;)03:00
shenkimy laptop's spinning rust is only 320G03:02
shenkithat's huge03:02
mithrobased on motherboard03:02
shenkimithro: what's the CPU?03:02
CarlFKspinning rust ;)03:02
tpb<> (at
shenkilol. "and we can squeeze some RAM slots here, and here and here"03:03
shenkimithro: CPU? or CPUs?03:03
mithroshenki: I'd be happier if they had double the number of RAM slots03:03
shenkiQuad Gigabit Lan. For all your datacentre-under-your-desk requirements03:03
mithroshenki: but that makes the motherboard cost $2500 rather than $30003:04
shenkidamn. that's a bit of a jump03:04
mithroMost of the dual core motherboards like this are $600-$70003:04
mithroI have no idea why this one in particular is $26903:04
mithroIt seems to have a rather high DOA rate03:05
mithroshenki: so I'm shipping it to Carl to test before I pick it up03:05
shenkigood thinking03:06
shenkimithro: so why only 8 cores? is that two quad CPUs, or only one CPU?03:07
mithroTwo quad core CPUs03:08
shenkiok. the prices for octa are too high?03:08
mithroIt's about double for octa I think03:08
mithroshenki: the quad cores I'm looking at are $200 USD03:08
shenkiah ok03:09
shenkithe extra cache is worth it? what else do you get over the consumer models?03:09
mithroyou can use them dual core03:09
mithrothe desktop models don't appear to support dual CPUs03:10
shenkiah ok03:10
mithroand the only reason I want dual CPU is to get that RAM03:15
shenkiwell, let me know how it goes03:22
shenkii might build a similar machine at some point03:23
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mithroshenki: you about?07:38
tijaI have send a pull request again. Pls have a look07:56
mithrotija: thanks!08:04
mithro~seen konstovl09:14
tpbmithro: konstovl was last seen in #timvideos 3 days, 20 hours, 46 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <konstovl> Is anyone busy working with the jpeg_encoder right now?09:14
mithrotechman83: ping?10:05
mithrotechman83: you have the Atlys board in Perth right?10:05
mithrotechman83: can you get me the serial number?10:06
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NiharikaHi droy.13:29
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tariq786some more document to read14:25
tpbTitle: Requirement Document HDMI2Ethernet - Google Drive (at
tariq786please comment14:25
CarlFKtariq786: I don't see how this would fit into the overall goal of recording/streaming a presentation14:45
tariq786CarlFK, this is implementation details of HDMI2Ethernet14:46
tariq786i didn't get your point14:46
tariq786can you elaborate14:46
CarlFKhow would I capture a video frame and save it as a png file on my laptop?14:46
CarlFK(that is what I would expect as a test, not a TV)14:47
tariq786i didn't get your point.14:48
tariq786i mean14:48
tariq786you want to stream video from point A to point B14:48
CarlFKno, I want to save a png to my laptop's hard drive14:49
tariq786png is image not a a video? Correct?14:49
CarlFKit would be one frame of the video stream14:49
tariq786go on14:49
CarlFKhow would I capture a video frame and save it as a png file on my laptop?14:49
tariq786for that you can use HDMI2USB14:50
tariq786what made you laugh :)14:50
CarlFKbecause the point of using the ethernet port is more bandwidth14:51
tariq786but then how else would you stream data from point A to point B?14:51
tariq786please give a precise answer14:51
tariq786given A and B are somewhere on the network (somewhere means could be anywhere)14:52
CarlFKencode it, send it over the internet in a 2mb stream to a server, clients connect to the server, get the encoded stream, display it in a video viewer14:52
tariq786ok great14:52
tariq786so what you are saying is to encode HDMI frame before transmitting over ethernet to save Bandwidth. Correct?14:53
CarlFKI would not use those words14:53
CarlFKbut sure14:53
tariq786which words14:54
tariq786and why not?14:54
CarlFKsave Bandwidth14:54
tariq786then whats the purpose of doing encoding?14:54
CarlFKnot sure.. i understand how to ansser that,14:55
CarlFKhow do you see what you are doing being used in production?14:56
tariq786tell me what is the encoding that generates 2MB stream?14:56
tariq786please address my question first because it dictates my answer14:57
CarlFK  the PC near "mixer operator"14:58
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Getting Started! (at
tariq786what does that pc exactly do? encode the stream as 2MBPS? Is that correct?14:59
CarlFKand mix multiple streams into one - for instance Picture in Picture15:00
tariq786If you see the other PCs, they are generating Ethernet traffic that carries video15:02
tariq786my aim is to mimic those 2 PCs15:02
tariq786How does it conflict with the overall goal of streaming?15:03
CarlFKright now the mixing is done with dvswitch:
tpbTitle: DVswitch (at
CarlFKthat is the process that the other 2 pc's connect to over a network connection15:05
tariq786let me read that15:07
CarlFKthe other 2 pc's will have IP addresses.  how will your device be assigned an IP address ?15:07
tariq786the device works at the MAC layer and below15:08
CarlFKI think that is a problem15:09
tariq786IP is taken care of at the application layer or to whom the device is attached15:09
tariq786e.g., TV or DVD player or PC15:09
CarlFKmy aim is to mimic those 2 PCs <- then you need an IP address15:09
tariq786as said the device is attached to IP assigned PC or device like DVD player or TV15:10
tariq786does that make sense?15:11
CarlFKIP assigned PC ... maybe.15:11
tariq786may be?15:11
tariq786what would it be convincing or realistic according to you15:12
tariq786i can try to see if that can be addressed15:12
tariq786if you don't mind, can you put all this as comments on the document and i can try to work upon that15:13
CarlFKwhen I pug a webcam into a PC, I can run an app (like xawtv or camorama) to view the video stream the webcam is generating15:13
tariq786yes, go on15:13
CarlFKI don't think there is anything that will display your video stream on an app like that15:14
CarlFKthere are drivers that the OS manages to take data from the usb port and expose it as a generic video devcie.  the app will read from that API.15:16
tariq786could you please post this as comments, it will be really useful for me15:16
tariq786see the point of posting the link was to get feedback from more learned and experienced users of timvideos15:17
tariq786i am more than willing to change and modify the document to make it more realistic15:17
tariq786i shall really appreciate your comments and try my best to address them asap. The sooner the better so i can starting working quickly and ask you questions if i don't get  anything15:18
tariq786i shall really appreciate your comments and try my best to address them asap. The sooner the better so i can start working quickly and ask you questions if i don't get  anything15:19
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droyhi Niharika16:28
droyhello CarlFK16:36
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CarlFKhi droy20:44
droysir i want to discuss about  my proposal about json shedule output system20:45
tpb<> (at
tijaSomething strange is happening. Earlier I was getting max frequency of 84 Mhz when I compiled the HDMI2USB firmware using XILINX ISE. Now I am getting ~30MHz. Can someone build the firmware on their machine and tell me the timing summary. Thanks20:49
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