Wednesday, 2014-03-26

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tpb<> (at
shenkisomeone made it04:36
mithroshenki: sadly not pass thru06:58
shenkimithro: doh, we should have had the sniffer as a gsoc project07:00
mithroshenki: it's a pretty trivial project, we should just do it one weekend07:00
mithroshenki: you spending much time in canberra these days?07:01
mithroshenki: we have a mill capable of PCBs at work now!07:01
shenkimithro: i was in canberra last week07:02
mithroyou could come via Sydney sometime and we could just do it :)07:02
shenkimithro: i looked at coming home via sydney, but it was a bit pricey this time around07:02
shenkiwill make it happen next time07:02
shenkimithro: why do you have a mill at work?07:08
shenkiall those C++ engineers really need an outlet to vent?07:09
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andi-mWe used this pcb:
tpb<> (at
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mithroandi-m: that is exactly what we where suggesting to create11:28
shenkiask and they will come^W point out they've already implemented it12:10
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NiharikaHello everyone!12:26
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