Sunday, 2014-03-23

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CarlFKhi Niharika13:34
NiharikaHi CarlFK. So quiet in here.13:34
aps-sidsNiharika: weekend :)13:40
Niharikaaps-sids: Have you applied for Mediawiki too?13:40
aps-sidsNiharika: No13:43
aps-sidsOh yeah, I did for OERu. Not mediawiki.13:44
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NiharikaHi ayush3504.14:04
ayush3504Hi Niharika. Went through your proposal. Very detailed :)14:05
ayush3504CarlFK, I'm working on a proposal for the serial expansion board. Can you suggest some interesting devices to interface apart from PZT cameras?14:05
NiharikaThere´s still some major chunks left. :P14:06
ayush3504Same here ;)14:06
CarlFKayush3504: that sounds like scope creep ;)14:08
ayush3504heh ;)14:13
CarlFKayush3504: tally light14:13
ayush3504Tim mentioned tally lights, indicators and stuff. I guess they can work through a serial relay board14:13
CarlFKand there has been some discussion in #dvswitch lists about having 2 or 3 modes: 1 = video is being streamed to mixer, but not select as an input14:14
CarlFK2 - producer is about to select that stream, so don't start wildly panning14:24
CarlFK3 - stream selected.14:24
CarlFKthis is all fun, but personally I don't see *enough* value14:24
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ayush3504for some reason this also reminds me of the gsoc timeline :p14:48
ayush3504i'm cconsidering VISCA and Pelco D protocols for PZT contro. Do you think these would cover enought camera out there?14:48
CarlFKthere are protocols? ;)14:50
CarlFKI have never really looked into it14:50
ayush3504no prob ;) do you think anyone knows about it? because I don't want to be working on old and less-used protocols14:51
CarlFKno idea really14:52
ayush3504no prob :) i'll check out some forums14:53
CarlFKmy interest in the device is pretty much just grabbing the feed from the presenters laptop14:53
ayush3504and how long are the hdmi cables do you typically run. And how long would you wish them to be at max?14:54
CarlFKoddly enough, I wouldn't mind being able to zoom in14:54
CarlFKcurrently we use vga14:54
CarlFK1 or 2 meter from laptop on podium to device14:55
CarlFKthen whatever the venue has provided from device to projector14:55
CarlFKhello d14:58
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droy_2hi CarlFK15:17
droy_2whats was the link about ?15:17
tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Welcome (at
CarlFKit is an example of symposiun15:18
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NiharikaHi tariq786.16:39
tariq786how are you?16:39
NiharikaGood. How about you?16:40
Niharika:) Keep at it.16:41
tariq786what are your interests in timvideos project, if i may ask16:42
NiharikaSure. The bug reporting system project. What about you?16:44
tariq786i am trying to work on the hardware side HDMI2USB16:46
NiharikaCool. :) Almost everyone is working on hardware projects. :P16:48
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tariq786not really16:49
tariq786the bar is pretty high16:49
tariq786and its very challenging16:50
tariq786The expectations are way high16:50
tariq786i got to find that out during writing GSOC proposal16:50
tariq786other mentoring organizations may not be that strict.16:50
tariq786But i think its a very good thing16:50
NiharikaYou think it´s strict here? :o16:53
NiharikaYou haven´t checked out other orgs properly then. This is as lenient and friendly as it gets. ;)16:53
NiharikaThe bar is high only because the other applicants have solid proposals too.16:54
tariq786tell me some organizations that you might think are strict16:54
tariq786I am not complaining but i like this aspect16:54
NiharikaMediaWiki is strict. Mozilla too, I think. Most of them reject your proposal outright if you don´t submit a patch.16:55
tariq786I must appreciate the feedback that i received16:56
Niharika:) Yep.16:57
NiharikaThe other day I was idling on #gsoc and a mentor came in saying that his org doesn´t review proposals before submission at all.16:58
NiharikaThey don´t even look at the proposals or help them out in preparing them in any way.16:58
NiharikaThat was pretty surprising.16:58
tariq786Tim and all others on IRC have been giving great ideas to make proposals good (specially the 5 Ws)16:59
tariq786i think its a win-win situation i.e., we help each other and reach a common goal16:59
tariq786i think some organizations might be too busy]17:00
CarlFKif we could warp time, i would suggest all applicants should help some other org evaluate applications. That will give you a very good idea how to write an application ;)17:01
tariq786excellent idea. You should pass that to google17:01
ayush3504we can try that next year ;)17:01
ayush3504btw hi tariq78617:02
ayush3504what are you working on?17:02
tariq786i am trying to look at HDMI2USB17:02
ayush3504same here. my proposal is related to serial expansion board17:03
CarlFKayush3504: I don't think there is enough time17:03
CarlFKer... tariq78617:03
tariq786CarlFK, what does that mean er...? Sorry for being so ignorant17:04
CarlFKit doesn't make much sense to start evaluating application until most or all of them are submitted17:06
CarlFKand then you need some time (days or weeks) to evaluate .. which doesn't leave much time to create one before the deadline17:07
tariq786i did n't get that. Do you mean there is less time to work on the project or there is less time to prepare the proposal?17:08
CarlFKless time to prepare17:09
tariq786absolutely true17:09
tariq786man i spent nights17:09
CarlFKthus the need to warp time ;)17:09
tariq786as there was so many things  to take care of17:10
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droy_2hi CarlFK17:21
CarlFKhi hi17:21
droy_2what we were supposed to do with that link ?17:22
CarlFKclick it :)17:22
droy_2i am on thet page17:22
CarlFKpretend you want to present at the event. fill out a talk proposal17:23
droy_2after logging with my mail where to go ?17:25
CarlFKum... there should be instructions17:25
droy_2the site didnt sent me confirmation mail after registering17:31
CarlFKthat's ok, you can log in anyway17:32
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aps-sidsCarlFK: I added a proposal at the test website.17:35
CarlFKand now you see how a presenter would use symposium17:36
aps-sidsCarlFK: how to do that exactly?17:38
aps-sidsOh, I though you're telling me to "see how a presenter would use symposium"17:39
droy_2ok CarlFK i understand that now17:40
CarlFKopps, I got confused who wanted to know what17:41
CarlFKI still want to know how to accept a proposed talk and put it on the schedule.  seems no one knows.17:41
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aps-sidsThat would be an options for admin right?17:42
CarlFKfor some value of option and admin ;)17:43
CarlFKI have heard things like "I think someone ran a script"17:43
CarlFKI have somewhat discovered that the data model has time slots and locations and .. um.. a third thing.. and then you assign presentations to them.17:45
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aps-sidsCarlFK: I've setup my own version of pyohio to figure out how it works. Are you able to login to admin page?18:41
CarlFKaps-sids: use your email address as username18:42
CarlFKtook me a day to figure that out18:42
aps-sidsCarlFK: were you able to reach the page where you can accept/reject a proposal?18:51
CarlFKI haven't really looked18:51
tpb<$w> (at
CarlFKI have been trying to do this for over 2 years.  till a month ago I couldn't even get it working well enough to submit a proposal18:52
aps-sidsyou need to login using superuser account18:52
CarlFKI am waiting for someone to reply to!topic/pinax-symposion/Irv4kMYY8zk18:53
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI have asked a few people, so far no one knows18:53
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CarlFKer, these are people that have worked with it before, but didn't ever do this part, and no one can tell me who has done this exact step18:54
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CarlFKomg someone knows!19:18
CarlFKfirst you need a structure of rooms and talks defined.19:18
CarlFKnext you need to have some talks marked as accepted.19:18
CarlFKthen you have to go to this URL:
CarlFKand then click the PLUS icon, and you should see a pulldown with anyunassigned accepted talks.19:18
tpbTitle: PyOhio | Log in (at
aps-sidsHmm, so we need to add what slots are available and then assign speakers to these. Seems legit.19:21
CarlFKI hear the pycon fork has scripts to help create that data19:23
droy_2CarlFK you on facebook ?19:25
aps-sidsCarlFK: these urls don't seem to be imported to me. Can you please check?
tpbTitle: symposion/symposion/schedule/ at master · pinax/symposion · GitHub (at
aps-sidsI think this is something we're looking for.
tpbTitle: symposion/symposion/schedule/ at master · pinax/symposion · GitHub (at
aps-sidsOr we can use django admin site19:30
droy_2yep we can use Django admin site19:37
CarlFKthat text was emailed to me.. I have not looked yet19:51
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CarlFKdroy_2: notreally - I some times go weeks without checking it19:55
aps-sidsok CarlFK , working for me19:59
tpb<> (at
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CarlFKaps-sids: did you use the fabric script to setup the site ?20:35
aps-sidsCarlFK: no20:37
aps-sidsI cloned from here and setup manually --
tpbTitle: eldarion/pyohio · GitHub (at
CarlFKmore forks!20:40
tpbTitle: CarlFK/pyohio · GitHub (at
CarlFK               forked from codersquid/pyohio                            forked from pyohio/pyohio                            forked from eldarion/pyohio20:42
CarlFKmine has a nice and tested vagrant and fabric deploy20:43
CarlFKhows your git foo?20:43
CarlFKI need to figure out how to get this code:
tpbTitle: pycon/pycon/ at develop · PyCon/pycon · GitHub (at
aps-sidsyour current version should work well. you just need to add slots through django admin site and then assign to those slots20:45
aps-sidsi know basics of git20:45
CarlFKoh right.. that pycon repo has some scripts to do that20:45
CarlFKI want to pull that in too20:45
CarlFKer.. maybe.20:45
aps-sidsthat script is for refreshing db on gondor20:46
tpbTitle: CarlFK/pyohio at deployment · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: pyohio/Vagrantfile at deployment · CarlFK/pyohio · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Pull Requests · pinax/symposion · GitHub (at
CarlFK"Adds a front end form for staff members to create the schedule skeleton. Basic documentation and tests includes."21:09
aps-sidshmm, you might want to pull in your repo21:10
aps-sidsdo you want me to test it for you?21:10
aps-sidsIs the okay if I test on the version that I have setup? or should I get your version first?21:12
CarlFKI don't think they have changed the models21:13
CarlFK  there is the code I used to merge some code from a far away fork21:16
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
aps-sidsoops, I guess testing won't be that easy.. this is a pull request to symposion, not directly to pyohio repo. We install symposion from pypi :/21:17
CarlFKoh right21:19
aps-sidsI can still test it. Just wait.21:21
CarlFKyeah, I am getting confused by what things I need to write and test and what will help me test21:24
CarlFKFriday  I wanted to test this:
tpbTitle: Adds a schedule_json view which provides a /schedule/conference.json endpoint. by taavi · Pull Request #45 · pinax/symposion · GitHub (at
CarlFKthen I discovered there was new and better code21:25
tpbTitle: pycon/pycon/ at develop · PyCon/pycon · GitHub (at
CarlFKboth export schedule data, the 2nd one is used for creating the printed schedule, and I think a mobile app too21:28
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aps-sidsCarlFK: the pull request seems incomplete. The changes in views file are not not there.22:07
aps-sidsCarlFK: I guess its working fine, please check
tpb<> (at
aps-sidsuser-   [email protected]       pass-     Aman22:14
aps-sidsYou can import from a CSV file or edit manually22:15
CarlFKRequest URL:  40422:20
tpb<> (at
CarlFK  that shows 1 room with 2 time slots22:21
tpb<> (at
aps-sidsworks for me, try again please22:21
CarlFKI may need to be given access22:22
aps-sidsHave you logged in?22:22
aps-sidsHow is that IThis page is not restricted by ip.22:24
CarlFKit is a django error page22:25
aps-sidsHow is that I'm able to access. This page is not restricted by ip.22:25
CarlFKmake me a super user22:25
CarlFKor look at the things I can be given access to22:25
aps-sidsI gave you user pass, no?22:25
aps-sids <aps-sids> user-   [email protected]       pass-     Aman22:25
CarlFKoh... I created an account22:25
CarlFKnow I get a page22:26
CarlFKhmm, I wonder why I can't assign a talk to the 2nd slot22:27
aps-sidsits one slot only,  thats the duration22:27
aps-sidswait I'll add another slot22:27
CarlFKah right - the end of the day22:28
aps-sidsCheck now CarlFK22:28
aps-sidsThere's one problem though. The "Delete Schedule" doesn't seem to work.22:29
CarlFKmeh.. doesn't bother me too much :)22:29
aps-sidsThen I guess CSV upload also wont work22:29
CarlFKmore things I don't care about22:30
aps-sidsIf that's case, this pull request is not useful to you. All it does is add this form.22:30
CarlFK  I need to add that22:30
tpbTitle: pycon/pycon/ at develop · PyCon/pycon · GitHub (at
CarlFKand I need to be able to set the data up or for that to export22:31
CarlFKso I would like whatever tools will help22:31
aps-sidsbtw  to make this work, I had to edit the installed symposion files. So, we'll have to do this for every fresh setup.22:34
CarlFKI would start over with the current pyohio22:36
aps-sidsthat'd be good.22:36
tpbTitle: pyohio/pyohio · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat is what I will be .. um... patching22:38
CarlFKand hopefully it will get accepted upstream22:38
aps-sidsexport file downloaded22:39
CarlFKI need to add presenter email, and add json format to csv,rtf22:40
CarlFKand add some sort of ACL so not just anyone can get everyone's email22:42
CarlFKbb in 20 min...22:42
aps-sidsI'll go watch a movie now :D22:43
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