Friday, 2014-03-21

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brianhermanhi CarlFK04:34
CarlFKhey brianherman04:35
CarlFKdid you poke me about an hour ago right as I was signing off?04:35
CarlFKI saw a bubble pop up and then my screen tuned off04:35
brianhermannope CarlFK04:36
brianhermanCarlFK: Do you know how we are supposed to submit proof that we built the HDMI2USB firmware?04:40
CarlFKpost the log of the build and the resulting binary somewhere. I think you can use github04:45
brianhermanoh ok thanks04:45
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mithroHi everyone. I just sent an email out with a lot of information about how to make your proposal more awesome - - I know it is rather late for this, but I still recommend you take the time to read it05:26
tpb<> (at
NiharikaThanks mithro.05:27
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tpb<> (at
CarlFKonly 640x480.. not exacty a twinpact.  but he made it himself.. that's cool06:27
CarlFK1.30am.. I need to get to bed.06:28
CarlFKsee ya in 6 hours06:28
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mithrotariq: have you submitted your proposal to melange yet? I don't see it there07:08
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mithro~seen aps-sids07:37
tpbmithro: aps-sids was last seen in #timvideos 1 day, 2 hours, 50 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <aps-sids> tariq786: I guess you can break your implementation plan into some demonstrable milestones. That should help you in making a timeline.07:37
mithro~seen aps07:37
tpbmithro: aps was last seen in #timvideos 2 weeks, 6 days, 8 hours, 34 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <aps> okay thanks07:37
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mithromorning konstovl08:13
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konstovlis any other mentor going to be online to have a second opinion from somebody else?08:15
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konstovlabout our proposals08:18
Niharikakonstovl: You took feedback from mithro and CarlFK?08:19
konstovlonly mithro commented on my proposal08:20
Niharikakonstovl: CarlFK will be back in a few hours. Ask him too. :)08:21
konstovlDo we have any news if Jahanzeb will be online any time before the ending of submitions?08:24
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_echelon_i wanted to work on "Productionize/Update gstreamer dvswitch plugin" but seems someone is already working on it. i will like to know which projects invloving C have not yet had people to work on them.08:32
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mithro_echelon_: why do you think someone is working on that?08:46
_echelon_micolous, i saw an application(proposal) on the mailing list.08:47
_echelon_so that's y i thought somebody is already working on that project08:47
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_echelon_micolous, are u there?09:06
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Niharika_echelon_: It´s totally okay to work on that project even if someone else is.09:08
Niharika_echelon_: You might just have a better proposal or idea or experience.09:08
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_echelon_ok. thanks Niharika09:09
Niharika_echelon_: You need to hurry, though.09:09
_echelon_yap, i will Niharika09:10
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_echelon_seems about 5 people are already into the previous project that i first choose.09:24
_echelon_i will go for createing the gstreamer prlugin for Lenkeng HDMI over IP extender.09:25
_echelon_mithro, i see u as a potential mentor for this project.09:26
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_echelon_seems i need the Lenkeng device. How to i get it?09:45
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konstovlPing any mentor10:25
h01gerplease dont just ping. include the topic in your ping10:29
konstovlabout reviewing my proposal of jpeg_encoder10:31
h01gerthx. (not that i can help you with that, but now people can see whether they can help you with that :)10:34
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konstovlThe problem is the timezones and i rarely meet in the IRC any of the mentors so that's why i spam a bit about it10:37
brianhermanHello, I have posted my proposal to google docs so it is easier to view
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tpb<> (at
h01gerno problem with spamming. just contentless spamming is annoying, IMHO10:39
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konstovlbrianherman: I suggest you write more details on the timeline as you dont describe enough what are you going to do. The want weekly schedule even if you dont exactly stick to it10:44
brianhermanoh ok thanks konstovl10:45
konstovlbrianherman: make also the last date the same font size or style with the other dates10:46
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konstovlbrianherman: If you want others to review your proposal you have to let them put comments on the shared proposal. It is done under the menu of Share11:13
brianhermankonstovl: thanks a lot11:14
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jeetdesaiCan anone help me with GSOC idea of RTMP flumotion component12:19
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jeetdesaiCan anone help me with GSOC idea of RTMP flumotion component?12:27
aps-sidsjeetdesai: What kind of help exactly?12:29
jeetdesaiI have setup live streaming through youtube earlier in my academics12:30
jeetdesaiIs it the somewhat related?12:30
aps-sidsHave you read about flumotion?12:30
jeetdesaibasically the task is to create a new component. Right?12:31
jeetdesaiSo am I on the right track or am I missing something?12:32
aps-sidsI don't know what track you are on. :) Have you created a proposal?12:33
jeetdesaiYes. I have not yet submitted but12:34
aps-sidsYou should post link here and get some feedback from mentors and community. mithro can help you more.12:34
jeetdesaithat sounds good12:35
Niharikajeetdesai: I would rather talk on the channel.12:37
NiharikaNo need to PM.12:38
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CarlFKI am up... making coffee and breakfast13:05
NiharikaYou´ve been in demand, CarlFK.13:06
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Niharikakonstovl: Ping. Carl is here.13:06
tpb<> (at
jeetdesaiCan anyone provide me feedback?13:07
Niharikajeetdesai: No PM, please.13:07
aps-sidsjeetdesai: Create a google doc, people can comment easily then.13:08
CarlFKI skimmed it -  it looks like it could use more..13:09
CarlFK(12:26:40 AM) mithro: Hi everyone. I just sent an email out with a lot of information about how to make your proposal more awesome - - I know it is rather late for this, but I still recommend you take the time to read it13:09
tpb<> (at
CarlFKthat is a long doc, but if you understand it it will help ou make a better proposal13:10
droyok CarlFK13:11
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bretonI do understand that it's pretty late, but I have some questions about "Dockerize flumotion and support components" project for gsoc. In fact I started on13:53
breton* on 04.03.2014, but had a lot of stuff in the uni. You can see my mail in the maillist somewhere there13:53
bretonthe idea page says that Python coding skills are required. Where are they required? Isn't it sysadministration-only job? Or the containers should be created somehow dynamically?14:04
CarlFKbreton: url?14:04
tpbTitle: [streaming-system #56] Dockerize flumotion and support components · Issue #21 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
brianhermanbreton: flumotion is almost entirely python14:07
bretonbrianherman: well, yes. But are changes to flumotion itself required?14:09
bretonfrom my point of view I just see it as "put flumotion as is to the container and make it run there"14:11
CarlFKbreton: I don't know why it says Python.14:17
CarlFKwe all like coding more than writing vapro ware docs ;)14:17
droyhi CarlFK14:18
CarlFKhi droy14:19
droyi have prepared my final version of draft proposal and i wanted to show you the proposal before submitting14:19
CarlFKsubmit it now14:20
brianhermanhow was your breakfast CarlFK14:20
droyi have submitted it :)14:20
CarlFKstill eating corn flakes14:20
droyjust wanted to show you if any further changes required14:21
CarlFKdroy: " so that the admin can correct some detail"14:24
CarlFKbut you don't say how those corrections will be used14:25
CarlFKdroy: I think you should describe how the finished product will be used.14:26
droy ok14:27
CarlFK(12:26:40 AM) mithro: Hi everyone. I just sent an email out with a lot of information about how to make your proposal more awesome - - I know it is rather late for this, but I still recommend you take the time to read it14:27
tpb<> (at
CarlFKin case anyone didn't see that.. read it.14:27
droyCarlFK i did discussed  with you about the admin part14:28
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droyCarlFK  those  correction can be used by the admin to  update any wrong detail  or if some extra event detail has been added14:41
CarlFKdroy: your proposal needs to explain who is going to use the system, and what they can expect to happen14:43
droysystem is going to be used by the viewers who want to see the scheduled video14:49
droythat is vyepar users   ami correct ?14:49
droyCarlFK  ping ^^14:54
CarlFK"watch a video" no.14:56
CarlFKthe data validator will not show videos.14:56
CarlFKin your proposal, describe the steps someone will take when using the validator14:56
droyok the aim of the validator is to validate the json shedule output  but the external input files from which the validator is taking the data may be  sometimes wrong so the admin can fix some of these mistakes manually .....15:02
CarlFKwho is going to see validation errors?15:04
droythe validation errors will not be seen by anyone15:06
CarlFKif a schedule has "start_date":"2010/00/00"   what will happen?15:07
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droysorry i was away for dinner CarlFK15:52
droyCarlFK if shedule has "start_date":"2010/00/00"  its is a error which would be manually corrected by the admin15:53
CarlFKhow will the admin know they need to correct it?15:57
droydont know .16:00
droymaybe we could add  code to check if the date  is in valid format or not16:01
CarlFKin your proposal, describe the steps that will answer that question16:01
droysir what was about the admin part which you asked me to correct ?16:03
CarlFKI don't see a point to it16:03
CarlFKbut I don't know what you are planing on doing either16:03
CarlFKso once you write out a complete description...16:04
CarlFKhopefully you will figure out what will happen16:04
droy i was plaaning to add  just an dmin login  similar to the one on the vyepar system16:05
droyi think removing the admin part is a better idea16:05
droyand i also dont have a much  time  to come up with a better discription16:06
droyCarlFK just a doubt the sytem which is being created will be used by the vyepar to validate the json data and display the information from the data to the django website ... correct ?16:12
CarlFKdroy: you need to define what people are doing what16:14
CarlFKwebsites are used by people16:15
CarlFKconference websites are used by presenters that want to apply to give a talk, attendees who want to know what talks are going to happen, and to sign up for the event.16:15
CarlFKlater people will watch videos made at the conference to learn about the topic.16:17
CarlFKyour proposal needs to describe who is going to use your system, and why16:17
droyok i will be adding these points16:20
tpb<> (at
droythis one also has an option for admin  login16:21
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droyCarlFK could we integerate the website with twitter feed16:39
droyso that if user want to share the details about the given conference he can comment on the given site using twitter and get details who all are getting to whatch the conference16:40
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droyCarlFK ping ^^16:44
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CarlFKdroy: we are not working on the conference sites17:02
droyour site will be used by the user to get details of the conference sites right17:03
droywhich conference when17:04
CarlFK"user" is not well defined17:04
CarlFKconference organizer, presenter, attendee - they all use the conference site17:05
CarlFKI process videos of the conference.  I use veyepar for that17:05
FDot25Is anyone there who could answer a question about the GoC?17:06
CarlFKjust ask17:06
FDot25If I submit a proposal is there still time for discussion and the chance to change it? I've only just heard of it and have no time to put together a proposal worth writing as the deadlines in 2 hours or so.17:07
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droyCarlFK  if an attenddee  wants to see the shedule of the program he can get from our site17:11
CarlFKFDot25: yes - 10 hours or so at least ;)17:11
CarlFKdroy: they can look at the conference site for that17:13
CarlFK(12:26:40 AM) mithro: Hi everyone. I just sent an email out with a lot of information about how to make your proposal more awesome - - I know it is rather late for this, but I still recommend you take the time to read it17:13
tpb<> (at
CarlFKdroy: ^^^ please do that17:14
CarlFKin particular, write up what problem is being solved, and who will do what.17:14
FDot25Do you have alot of people applying for the FPGA/VHDL projects? You guys are the only ones who show up when I search!17:16
CarlFKFDot25: lots of interest but only 3 or 4 strong proposals17:16
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FDot25Wish I hadn't asked now!17:18
NiharikaCarlFK: How many slots are you hoping to get this time?17:19
CarlFKFDot25: na, get a proposal in17:19
CarlFKNiharika: 10!17:19
NiharikaAwesome. :D17:19
konstovlCarlFK: really????17:19
CarlFKI have no idea.  we have more mentors this year, and some uniquie projects, so I am sure we will get more then 417:19
konstovlyou hbelieve more than 4?17:21
CarlFKyes, but that is not based on anything reliable17:22
CarlFKthere are 100s of projectcs and proposals and ... and somehow google will figure out how to allocate slots17:23
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CarlFKafk for a bit17:24
droyCarlFK  how does the presenter use the site ?17:37
konstovlCarlFK: if there are many slots, can 2 persons for the same project be assigned?17:37
tpb<> (at
konstovlCarlFK: I dont mean team but 2 persons separately be assigned to one project17:41
aps-sidsWhy would be two persons assigned to one project if they are not working together?17:42
NiharikaIt is possible, when the project is too large. But not likely here.17:45
aps-sidsNiharika: I don't thing it is. The FAQ link clearly states that "only an individual may work on a given project."17:46
Niharikaaps-sids: :)17:47
tpb<> (at
aps-sidsWeird. These points seem contradictory.17:49
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CarlFKdroy: how does the presenter use the site ?  I setup a copy of the pyohio site:
tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Welcome (at
CarlFKplease create an account and propose a talk18:02
CarlFKit says you will get a confirmation email, but I disabled that, so you can just log in with the email address and password you setup18:03
CarlFKand anyone else here can do that too.  I need a little more testing please.18:03
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NiharikaI´m pretty free, I´ll do it.18:04
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tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Log in (at
NiharikaCan you see that?18:09
CarlFKPage not found (404) - doh.18:10
NiharikaWorks for me.18:11
CarlFK"Importance of Code Review softwares"  - i can see that in the admin18:12
NiharikaYes, that´s the one.18:13
CarlFKgood.  that part works18:14
CarlFKI need to figure out how to accept it and put it on the schedule18:14
NiharikaWait. It didn´t ask me about any prospective dates/time/venue.18:15
CarlFKhttp://  July 26 - 2718:16
tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Welcome (at
CarlFKin big text!18:16
NiharikaAh, on homepage. Text toooo big.18:17
CarlFKdroy: how does the presenter use the site ?  I setup a copy of the pyohio site:
tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Welcome (at
CarlFKplease create an account and propose a talk18:22
CarlFKand I am heading out the door to get lunch and go shopping - will be back in 2 hours18:22
CarlFKso questions soon!18:22
droyunable to open the link18:23
*** Niharika has left #timvideos18:23
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CarlFKum.. we will need details18:24
CarlFKit is working for other people18:25
droyactually its blocked by the network administrator of my college18:25
droyThe web site you are trying to access:18:26
droyis listed as a site within the category IPAddress18:26
droyaccessed denied18:26
CarlFKoh my.18:26
CarlFKwhat OS are you on?18:26
CarlFKdo you know where your hosts file is?18:27
CarlFKtry adding pyohio.com18:27
droyi am also using a ubuntu on virtual  drive18:27
CarlFKtry adding dev.pyohio.com18:27
CarlFKto keep it seperate from the real pyohio.com18:28
droyi tried to  but unable to access  my network is protected by cyberoam18:28
droywhich is blocking this18:28
droycant access18:29
CarlFKlet me see how quick I can get a dns recrod pointed at it18:29
droysir just a kind a one line answer needed  which i want to add to my proposal18:30
droyhow does the presenter and attendee will be using the site18:30
droyCarlFK ^^^ could you explain what the use of the final validator which we will be creating ? :)18:34
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*** droy has quit IRC18:40
tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Welcome (at
*** droy has joined #timvideos18:43
CarlFKi am heading out to lunch now18:43
tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Welcome (at
*** droy_2 has quit IRC18:43
droyis their any possibility to  edit a proposal after the deadline ??18:56
*** droy_2 has joined #timvideos19:09
*** droy has quit IRC19:14
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konstovlmentors: how many people applied for your organization?19:49
*** mproctor has joined #timvideos20:10
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brianhermanlooking slick CarlFK i like the design of pyohio21:25
CarlFKbrianherman: that's someone elses doing. I just cloned the repo so I could apply and test a patch21:26
CarlFKit is nice though21:26
brianhermanCarlFK: Could you take a look at my GSOC proposal if you have time?
tpb<> (at
CarlFK brianherman: I don't think that idea was meant to be a stand alone project22:15
brianhermanreally :(22:16
brianhermanwhat was it a part of?22:16
CarlFKwhatever you want ;)22:18
CarlFK"I will comment a line of code and submit a pull request"22:18
CarlFKprobably won'22:18
CarlFKprobably won't get picked22:18
CarlFK"I will fix all the bugs and build all the hardware talked about, and invent a few new things too" won't either22:19
CarlFKI can see how the list of ideas looked like a list of projects22:19
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*** droy has joined #timvideos23:28
micolousoh, echelon is gone :(23:40
micolousi didn't post any proposal... just a person to talk to about some dvswitch/gstreamer things23:40
CarlFKhey look pycon website has coded up their annual schedule exporter:
tpbTitle: pycon/pycon/ at develop · PyCon/pycon · GitHub (at
aps-sidsCarlFK: any idea if mithro will be around today?23:44
CarlFKaps-sids: i expect he will be23:44

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