Thursday, 2014-03-20

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emusanhow is audio currently dealt with, if it's not piped through USB?01:13
CarlFKemusan: feed from the PA system is plugged into the camera's audio in01:14
CarlFKcamera's a/d and adds it to the audio track of a DV stream over firewire01:14
CarlFKemusan: I am guessing you are talking about hdmi - currently there is no hdmi being used in production.01:15
emusanso the hdmi2usb project is for possible future use?01:15
* h01ger repeats and emphasis what carl said: used _in production_01:16
emusanthat makes sense :D01:16
CarlFKemusan: I have one, I have hooked it up and seen it work01:16
emusanoh no, I understand that it works01:17
emusanbut as far as production goes, hdmi2usb is planned to be used down the line?01:17
emusanokay, thanks :)01:17
CarlFKlike I should really start trying to use it 'now'01:17
emusanwould you record audio separately?01:19
CarlFKwait a minute...01:19
CarlFKthere is very little value pulling audio off the hdmi01:20
CarlFKso the hdmi is coming from the presenter's laptop.  they are presenting to an audience01:20
CarlFKthe only audio coming over hdmi would be if they are doing someting on their laptop that makes noise01:21
CarlFKand the audience would want to hear it too01:22
CarlFKso it the audio needs to go into the PA system01:22
CarlFKonce it is in the PA system, it gets mixed in with the mic they should be talking into01:23
CarlFKthat mixed feed goes into the camera, firewire, video mixer app, and saved.01:23
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emusanah, I was under the impression that a camera would also be piped through it, but I guess not01:23
CarlFKoh yeah.. that too.  hmm01:24
emusansorry if this is all answered somewhere else, I've been reading a lot lately, and have mostly been focused on the hdmi2usb project so far01:24
emusanjust found out about this GSoC project yesterday lol01:24
emusanI'm much more interested in hardware than software, always wanted something like GSoC but never knew there were any hardware-related projects until now01:25
CarlFKcurrently we use
tpbTitle: DVuser: Canopus TwinPact 100 AD & scan converter review (at
CarlFKto scrape vga01:25
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CarlFKand we never hook a camera to it01:27
CarlFKso this new idea of having an hdmi device.. and a cameara that doesn't have a good interface to a laptop.. is new01:27
emusanwell, like I said, I might be wrong about that01:28
CarlFKi also use usb audio devices for a/d01:28
CarlFKemusan: we are making this stuff up as we go along :)01:28
emusanlol ah :D01:28
emusanCarlFK: when you say a camera that doesn't have a good interface to a laptop, do you mean controlling the camera from the laptop?01:34
emusanor because of the limited bandwidth of USB?01:34
CarlFKhow familiar are you with DV over firewire?01:35
emusanI've used it once or twice, so, not very familiar01:36
emusanI do remember being able to control the camera over it though01:36
CarlFKStandard Def (call it SD) DV cameras that have a firewire port are all (well..99.9%) standard01:36
CarlFKlike I don't bother to ask for protocols or anything.  "has firewire?" if yes, I can use it.01:37
emusanwhereas with HDMI, you could get a camera that supports some features but not others01:37
CarlFKfrom what I hear, that is not at all the case with usb01:37
CarlFKwell, with hdmi I can't plug it into my laptop01:38
CarlFKor any laptop I am aware of01:38
emusanwell, as far as the USB is concerned, since it's an FPGA it's pretty configurable01:38
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CarlFKah, if we put the hdmi2usb between them01:38
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CarlFKthere is an issue with usb2 bandwidth .. trying to do both video and audio would be cramped01:41
CarlFKI wonder if 2 usb2 sources (1 video, 1 audio) plugged into usb3 ports will somehow clog up the usb3 bus01:43
emusanI believe so01:43
CarlFKI hope it doesn't do something stupid.01:43
emusanbut I'm not too good on USB 3 >.<01:43
CarlFKthe laptop side is solved01:44
CarlFKor at least I hope it is01:44
emusanlaptop side of what?01:44
CarlFKof plugging in the video and audio devices01:44
CarlFKlike I can plug in a usb2 webcam into the usb3 port on my laptop and it works01:45
emusanoh, yeah01:45
emusanas far as bandwidth though, I think when you have two USB2 devices in USB3 ports they're still limited to USB2 bandwidth01:45
emusan*however* if you have a USB2 into a USB3 port and a USB2 into a USB2 port they will have seperate bandwidth01:46
CarlFKwait, each port or the usb buss?01:46
emusanthe bus01:46
CarlFK"swell" (grumble)01:47
emusanoh >.<01:47
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CarlFKha!  raspberry pi .. usb in, 100mb Ethernet out, thats plenty for audio.01:48
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emusanwould be neat if the gigabit ethernet on the board wasn't so proprietary01:52
emusannot on the raspi, but on the Atlys01:52
emusanI was thinking about that project but I really don't think I could get very far on it in 12 weeks01:53
emusanmaybe I'll take a stab at it in my off-time though :D01:53
CarlFKbummer.  I was wondering what the chance was of that working01:53
emusanwell I'm sure it can be made to work, it's just going to take a bit of work to get there01:53
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CarlFKthe Atlys board choice is for prototyping - the plan is to have some smaller PCBs made and a few 100 devices produced01:54
CarlFKany clue if some other eathernet could be used?01:55
emusanprobably, I'm not too familiar with ethernet though01:55
emusanI mean I'm sure there's other chips out there that can do it, no idea how open source friendly they are though01:56
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emusanif the project supported the one already on the board I'm sure it could be used in production as well01:56
CarlFKcurrently there is no support for the eathernet01:58
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emusanhave you guys participated in GSoC before?02:06
CarlFKlast year02:06
CarlFKer, I did last year02:06
CarlFKthat was my first year02:06
emusanah :)02:07
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tariq786Can you all please review and comment04:24
tpb<> (at
tariq786looking forward to your comments04:28
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emusanI'm also going to be applying for the 2014 GSoC :)04:32
emusanI can't really comment on much of your proposal though, that ethernet core stuff is a bit over my head04:32
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emusanbut I would add a bit more contact info to the top like email and maybe even the timezone (mine is UTC-4 for example)04:32
emusanI also put in my phone number and street address, I figured it probably was better to have too much contact info than too little04:33
emusansorry I can't be of more help with the rest of it04:35
aps-sidstariq786: That's a good start for the proposal. I'll suggest that you flesh out the proposal a bit more. Also, try adding a weekly timeline.04:44
tariq786help me in that04:45
tariq786i am feeling tired as its 12:45 AM here04:45
aps-sidsSorry, I'm not really into the hardware stuff.04:45
tariq786i am not sure how to add items on a bi-weekly basis04:45
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aps-sidstariq786: I guess you can break your implementation plan into some demonstrable milestones. That should help you in making a timeline.04:47
tariq786ok great advise04:47
tariq786ok great advice04:47
rohitksinghHello mithro, other mentors & timvideos community, here is my preliminary draft proposal for HDMI Audio to USB under GSoC. Reviews & feedback would be very helpful to me
tpb<> (at
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rohitksinghHello mithro, other mentors & timvideos community, here is my preliminary draft proposal for HDMI Audio to USB under GSoC. Reviews, feedback & any errors in proposal would be very helpful
tpb<> (at
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konstovlDo we know if Jahanzeb has returned from his vacation?07:32
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rohitksinghany mentors online here?14:25
CarlFKI am14:26
rohitksinghHi CarlFK! I've written my proposal for HDMI Audio to USB project idea. It would of great help if you could glance over it and give any feedback!
tpb<> (at
CarlFK(Section: Architecture)  top of page 2 (or 3?) seems out of place14:32
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rohitksinghYes, it seems to have got out-of-place! Will correct it! Thanks! Please do tell, if more feedback are there! Thanks again!14:35
CarlFKrohitksingh: this is a beautiful proposal.  I suspect it will be used as an example for "how to write a proposal"14:41
rohitksinghThanks CarlFK ! Greatly honored!14:45
CarlFKyou have done some Python.. have you been to any Python events?  (I would encourage you to speak.  you seem to know how to organize a subject well.. er.. whatever that means ;)14:48
rohitksinghCarlFK: Thanks! I haven't been to any Python event. Was planning to attend PyCon India 2013, but missed that. Now planning for this year. I sometimes do advise & encourage junior students towards Python!14:53
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tariq786CarlFK, did you have a chance to review my proposal?16:03
tpbTitle: GSOC_Proposal_Timvideos_Tariq_B_Ahmad - Google Drive (at
CarlFKtariq786: To be continued ?16:05
CarlFKlooking nice.. /me keeps reading..16:05
tariq786I am going to add fine grained time line later today16:06
tariq786thanks CarlFK16:06
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CarlFKtariq786: it ends at "Encryption and decryption of video traffic ...." right ?16:12
tariq786I am still working on polishing the entire document16:12
CarlFKI would add something about tests16:13
CarlFKalso, are you expecting this to hook to a tcp/ip network, or a dedicated cat5 to another device ?16:14
CarlFKI see interenet in the diagram, but not sure what your plan is16:15
tariq786that is to give a bigger picture.  What i mean is that video will eventually go into the ethernet wire and travel through the internet16:16
tariq786is that clear?16:16
CarlFKno.  but this may clear it up: I am not sure how the video data will get exposed to an app. pretty much gstreamer is all we care about, so if you can16:17
CarlFKif you can show how gstreamer can consume the video, then we know we can use it16:17
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tariq786@CarlFK. I am not familiar with gstreamer. Can you give me gstreamer 101 and explain how it fits into the picture. Then i will modify the diagram to reflect this16:18
CarlFK "GStreamer is a library for constructing graphs of media-handling components"16:19
tpbTitle: GStreamer: open source multimedia framework (at
CarlFKit is what we currently use to do the live stream system16:20
tariq786can you explain a bit more16:20
tariq786i mean once you have the video on usb or ethernet, what does gstreamer do?16:21
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CarlFKgstreamer can read from various apis, like v4l  (video 4 linux - what webcams use)16:22
tariq786i have a noob question16:23
tariq786once video is converted to UVC or ethernet packets, then packets can travel by themselves. I don't get what gstreamer is trying to accomplish. Please clarify16:24
CarlFKwhere will the packets travel to?16:25
CarlFK$ gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src ! aasink16:28
CarlFKthere is a very simple example16:28
CarlFKread from first v4l device (my laptop's webcam) and display it in a window as ascii art16:29
CarlFKhdv1394src — Source for MPEG-TS video data from firewire port
tpb<> (at
CarlFKif I had that hardware, I could use that as a source16:31
tariq786packets will travel to wherever the destination is16:38
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CarlFKtariq786: what software can use the data?17:07
CarlFKthat's a start.  that implies tcp/ip, right?17:07
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tariq786I believe wireshark can look at low level protocols like ethernet. Correct me if i am wrong17:09
CarlFKhow will the device get an IP address?17:10
tpb<> (at
CarlFKdroy_2: thats a nice example.  your proposal could use some cleanup17:20
CarlFKI will be more away than here for the next 2 -4 hours17:20
CarlFKtariq786: /join #gstreamer and see if you can find out how it can consume the video data17:21
tariq786i just did17:22
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skayhere are tools that can investigate parts of the stack including tcp linked from
tpbTitle: Linux Performance (at
shamim096I've submitted my proposal in Melange. Here's the Google docs link:18:41
tpb<> (at
skaybtw, that is apropos not the topic18:41
skayI didn't scrollback properly, apologies18:42
skayit doesn't help18:42
shamim096I would really appreciate if you kindly review this:
tpb<> (at
skayshamim096: I am unable to review proposals yet, but will be reviewing proposals soon18:45
shamim096looking forward to it.18:46
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konstovlWhen it is possible can you review my proposal too. Thanks in advance19:03
tpb<> (at
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tariq786i have a quick question?20:44
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