Wednesday, 2014-03-19

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khmarehmanCan I program, or do Timvidoes Project using Labview ( I have done several projects in Labview) , or I have to focus to Verilog/VHDL?00:11
khmarehmanI found a playlist of tutorial , I am now hopeful that I can learn it quickly00:18
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tpb<> (at
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mithrokonstovl: ping?06:33
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konstovlmithro: goodmorning ping what?06:49
mithrokonstovl: ping is a way of saying "hey are you there" :)06:49
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konstovlmithro: I am :P I am making same changes to the proposal on what i intend to do and about my experience06:51
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droyhi carl07:20
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konstovlany mentors here?08:11
mithroI'll be around shortly08:13
konstovlok i will wait08:13
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mithrookay I'm kind of around now08:25
konstovlI would like to know how it is possible to work and mainly test a big project08:26
konstovlthe projects that i have made. have been  tested as soon as i was writen them08:28
konstovland there was no such enormous bottlenecks08:28
konstovlcould you guide me how could the testing be done in such a project?08:29
konstovlAs how to work on it, I have some experience with svn, it will not be a big problem getting asustomed to git08:30
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mithrokonstovl: git and svn are very different ways of thinking08:33
mithrokonstovl: do you know about unit tests, integration tests, white box tests, black box tests, etc?08:35
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konstovlbecause my english are not the best, i may know them in different terms. White/black box tests yea08:36
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konstovlmithro: I mean the testing that i have done is testbenches and simulation in PC and debugging and seeing if it works in FPGA08:38
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mithrokonstovl: the concepts don't quite map directly when doing testing for hardware08:43
mithrokonstovl: so you are going to have to figure out what makes sense08:43
mithrokonstovl: ask yourself questions like "what is the smallest unit I could test"08:44
mithrokonstovl: how does what I want to do have an effect on the system08:44
mithrokonstovl: how could I prove the doesn't have a negative effect on the system08:44
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konstovlmithro: for the botltleneck that limit the fps to [email protected] instead of 45fps can be found through simulation?08:45
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mithrokonstovl: possibly, how are you going to confirm that going at a higher fps isn't damaging the images in some way08:46
mithrokonstovl: I'm pretty sure I could generate high FPS by just outputting a constant black image :P08:47
konstovlmithro: Thanks for the points08:47
mithrokonstovl: if someone else was making this change for you, what would you like them to show?08:48
mithrokonstovl: specially if you don't have time to read and verify every line they changed08:48
konstovlmithro: wow, great problems that never passed my mind.08:49
mithrokonstovl: put it this way, I don't even trust myself to get code right the first, second or even third time08:50
mithroand I've been doing this for more than 15 years08:50
konstovlmithro: xaxaxxaaxax I will try my best then to not trust your code.08:52
mithrokonstovl: anyone who things they get things right first time just doesn't have enough experience yet08:52
konstovlmithro: ok, thanks for the support.08:54
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droyhi mithro09:02
droyi need help in   how does it integrate with  addeps.py09:04
mithrodroy: it doesn't09:08
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dhanushmithro: I just wanted to let know that I'm withdrawing my proposal. I'm not sure I'll be able to do what I propose. I havent been able to get my head around flumotion that well.09:56
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NiharikaHi droti!15:36
drotiNiharika: Finally I've got the board!15:37
drotiI'm so happy!15:37
NiharikaYay! I´m happy for you, droti!15:38
drotithanks :D15:38
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aps-sids~seen mithro15:42
tpbaps-sids: mithro was last seen in #timvideos 6 hours, 34 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <mithro> droy: it doesn't15:42
CarlFKaps-sids: about 3am - I hope he is sleeping ;)15:47
aps-sidsyeah :D15:47
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konstovlI had some changes in my proposal. Please review it if any mentor is online. Thanks16:46
tpb<> (at
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droy_2and ?17:18
CarlFKI don't actually know what does.  other than "not put data into the veyepar database" ;)17:18
CarlFKveyepar is for producing videos to be watched later, streaming-system is for watching live17:18
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drotiCarlFK: do you have a moment?17:30
CarlFKI am working on two or 3 things.. and making lunch soon17:30
drotiCarlFK: you said that you've had succesfully run hdmi2usb on ubuntu17:31
drotiCarlFK: I'm so bad at linux and I'm stuck at fxload17:31
CarlFKsec.. I think I know what that is..17:31
drotiCarlFK: I could install the bad old one with apt-get but no idea how should I use the new one17:32
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tpb<> (at
CarlFKthere is more from pbatard around here somewhere...17:37
CarlFKturns out we do need to use that old code17:37
drotithanks checking it out17:38
CarlFKthe old code is the only version that will work if you have 2 devices17:38
CarlFKso you can use the newer versions if you A) only have one and B) figure out the parameters17:39
CarlFKwhich I think is -d 1443:000717:39
CarlFKand I don't know where exactly djtgcfg comes from17:40
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CarlFKI can't find the other messaged.  might be all on the list.  I give up.  I dont think there is anything you need.17:43
drotioh ok17:46
tpbTitle: Convert cypress firmware to be compiled by sdcc · Issue #16 · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
CarlFKI just saw that.  there may be some tips there too.17:47
drotiI mean how could I use the pbatard version?17:47
CarlFKum.. url?17:47
CarlFKI closed all my tabs about it17:47
tpbTitle: pbatard/fxload · GitHub (at
CarlFKlooks like clone/make17:50
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drotioh got it thanks17:52
drotidid not know this make thing b17:52
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wiznerdmithro, hey!18:23
wiznerdI'm interested in applying for the firmware auto-builder and HDMI audio to sound projects18:24
wiznerdI have worked with verilog on the Xilinx ISE18:25
wiznerdWe had Spartan -3E in our coursework and I have some hands on experience18:25
wiznerdUnfortunately, I'm behind a crappy internet connection and it'll take a while to download ISE 14.4 to build the firmware18:26
wiznerdis any body else applying for the firmware auto-builder project?18:27
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CarlFKwiznerd: not that I know of18:33
wiznerdI think I'll work on that application first, considering I wont be able to "prove" that i can work on verilog for atleast 72 hours18:34
wiznerdCarlFK, also, the hardware hackers team comprises of?18:35
CarlFKnone of the teams have been arranged yet18:35
CarlFKit will depend on what projects get accepted18:36
wiznerdfor the firmware auto-builder project18:37
wiznerdyou want the webhook to launch a EC2 instance to build it18:38
wiznerdis this for every pull request? couldn't this be easily abused?18:38
CarlFKfeel free to propose something better18:39
wiznerdso every commit/pull to HDMI2USB launches a EC2, builds the firmware and commits it to firmware-prebuilt?18:39
wiznerdI think every commit and merged pull request alone should be built18:39
wiznerdshenki, I see that you are listed as a potential mentor for this18:41
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wiznerdCarlFK, so the bigpicture is18:45
wiznerdwe have to write webhook to call a script on some external server18:45
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drotinight guys18:46
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wiznerdand that server has to launch ec2 instance with an image which has xilinx and sdcc installed18:46
wiznerdonce that is done, it needs to commit and push the built binary files18:46
wiznerdthis would take up maybe a maximum for 3/4 weeks of time18:47
wiznerdi think18:47
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wiznerdCarlFK, oh! you record pycon!18:57
wiznerdiiie, i have a few ideas for the Track the speaker project18:59
wiznerdI can make a two servo arrangement for pan and tilt19:00
wiznerdand run opencv to detect speaker position19:00
wiznerdI'd have to use a development board like arduino or RPi to control the servos19:00
wiznerdCould we discuss more about this?19:00
wiznerdoh we already have speakertrack19:06
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CarlFKwiznerd: I would look at existing pan/tilt equipment that is for sale19:22
CarlFKpersonally, I would probably not try to build something myself, even if the R&D was done19:22
CarlFKI am more interested in  the software part of that probem19:23
wiznerdbescor mp-10119:24
wiznerdlike that?19:25
wiznerdI'll look that up19:25
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CarlFKhttp://  needs to be poked to see if it falls over when you try to create an account and propose a talk19:36
tpbTitle: PyOhio [local] | Welcome (at
CarlFKwhile I make lunch.  bbl19:36
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tariq786hi, anybody wants to share his GSOC proposal for comments and reference21:31
tariq786hi droy21:42
tariq786hi, anybody wants to share his GSOC proposal for comments and reference21:43
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konstovlAny mentor online to review my proposal? Thanks23:13
tpb<> (at
khmarehmanHi Mithro23:23
khmarehmanI go through HDMI2USB wiki, and as stated timvideos  project is using xilinix 14.2 WEBPack23:24
khmarehmanI followed the link to download it and created an account23:25
khmarehmanBut I am unable to downlaod it23:25
khmarehmanIt say there is an technical issue23:25
JoelwTheir site is a bit funny like that. Have you tried it with a different browser?23:25
khmarehmansame result23:26
khmarehmanIs there any other hosting site from where I can download setup?23:26
konstovlmaybe there is technical issue but mithro is not a god to solve the problems of Xilinx23:26
khmarehmanI know, I was just communicating my update23:27
JoelwApparently sometimes there can be a problem with your account on the Xilinx site that prevents downloads from working23:27
JoelwThere are some direct links.. I'll see if I can find you the 14.2 ones23:27
konstovlmaybe too many from timvideos download Xilinnx's Ise23:27
konstovlThe last one 14.7 compiles nice the project23:28
tpbTitle: AR# 50866 - Vivado 2012.2 and ISE Design Suites 14.2 - I am unable to download the Vivado 2012.2 and ISE 14.2 Design Suites (at
khmarehmanI will appreciate it Joelw23:28
JoelwIf that doesn't work, I reckon try emailing Xilinx23:29
JoelwUse the contact form at and mention your Xilinx account's username23:29
tpbTitle: Website Feedback and General Questions (at
JoelwIt's a pretty common problem, unfortunately! :(23:29
khmarehmanThank you for Your Tips23:30
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