Tuesday, 2014-03-18

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droyCarlFK do we need to create the database too?00:04
CarlFKdroy: what database?00:04
droybackend for the website ?00:05
CarlFKwhat data would you store in it?00:06
droythe data which we obtained from the json and transformed it00:06
droyand then dispaly it00:07
CarlFKI don't see any use for it later00:09
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droyfor admin login00:59
droywhat about admin login ?01:00
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CarlFKwhat would the admin do?01:21
droyadmin will login if someone reports to change the  shedule  it can be manually done01:26
CarlFKhttp://veyepar.nextdayvideo.com/main/C/fosdem/S/fosdem_2014/s/1/  pick a talk from there you are interested in01:31
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BMlM> (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)01:31
CarlFKthis may help you understand how the data gets used01:31
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CarlFKdroy:   -->> http://veyepar.nextdayvideo.com/main/C/fosdem/S/fosdem_2014/s/1/  pick a talk from there you are interested in01:53
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BMlM> (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)01:53
droyGetting started with MySQL Performance Schema    11:3501:55
CarlFK http://veyepar.nextdayvideo.com/main/approve/7800/Getting_started_with_MySQL_Performance_Schema/16096206/01:57
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BMyV> (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)01:57
CarlFKread that, and then "Follow this link to do the work ..."01:58
CarlFKnotes: "Audio cable not present"  swell.  sound is yucky.02:00
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droyi went through02:03
CarlFK"Select which video files belong to this talk.        "  did you do that?02:04
droythat use this vido or ignore this video part ...02:06
droyok vyapar gives us facilty to use video parts if the user wants to use it or not .02:11
CarlFKdid you select all of them?02:11
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CarlFKdroy_2: I reset it back to "edit". try again, and actually do it, not just make stuff up.02:16
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droyshould i  set the start and end time02:18
CarlFKI don't know - that is up to you02:21
CarlFKideally, there would be 3 clips:02:21
CarlFKbefore the talk, the talk, after the talk02:21
droyyes did the kast video i set to ignore02:21
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BMzg> (at 964bdd2f965bbc4ca8f5-3ebaa0e988d98119a4fead51a26da83a.r42.cf2.rackcdn.com)02:22
CarlFKthat is the first one02:22
CarlFKif you select it, it will be included02:23
CarlFKhmm, maybe it isn't obviuos: it is the end of the previous talk.02:25
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droygr8 customization option to chose part of videos02:26
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droy_2i will be removing the admin login part from the proposal02:29
CarlFKyeah - too bad it is very hard to understand.  we had arranged to record from the PA system, but they ran out of audio cables :(02:29
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droy_2video quality :P02:33
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CarlFKwhat you see there is a very low quality .. the originals will be used for the final product and it it will look much better02:35
CarlFKwhat you see here is just good enough to figure out where the the talk starts and ends02:35
droy_2but it nice project which is helping users sitting in any part of world to see live video cast sitting as far as india02:35
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droy_2removed the admin login part02:41
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CarlFKdroy_2: back02:55
CarlFKer, for a moment.. need to wash dishes02:55
CarlFKdroy_2: I reset it back to "edit". try again, and actually do it, not just make stuff up.   <- do that.02:56
CarlFKread that, and then "Follow this link to do the work ..."  and do the work02:56
droy_2again ??02:59
CarlFKthe first two clips should not be used03:00
droy_2actually do it, not just make stuff up whats that ?03:02
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN2Y> (at pyvideo.org)03:10
CarlFKthat is an example of what we are trying to make03:11
CarlFKit starts at the start of his talk, it ends at the end (after the questions and answers are over)03:12
CarlFKwe want the same thing for "Getting started with MySQL Performance Schema"03:12
CarlFKso pick the parts that should be used to make the result that the public will watch.03:13
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tijamentors have a look at my proposal. I haven't finished it yet.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1akF6lBb78OWTGFosnYUC5-MxuNZXCrCob70ga3uQB8A/edit?usp=sharing06:16
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN$U> (at docs.google.com)06:16
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konstovlGood morning. Could you review my proposal so I can know what changes i have to do on the proposal06:40
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN+k> (at docs.google.com)06:40
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mithrokonstovl: I have added a bunch of comments to your proposal08:46
tijamithro, are you fine with using a modified decoder?08:48
mithrotija: hrm?08:48
tijasorry I am Ajit08:49
tijaWell to implement the multiple channel JPEG encoder I need a modified decoder which takes two frames and stitches them to one08:50
tijaIs this solution fine tih you?08:50
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mithrotija: if it works, then it should be fine10:03
mithroAnyone know who cryptlordgr is?10:08
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konstovlit's me i have written the irc name10:15
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mithrokonstovl: ahh cool! kudos for helping out with other students applications10:25
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aasheeshi am planning to design an algorithm "processing image and sending through online channel with less deterioration ". give me suggetion for doing this under ur organization10:57
mithroaasheesh: I'm afraid your sentence does not give me enough information to provide you with any useful reply.10:59
mithroaasheesh: It's like saying "I'm going to implement a server for data"10:59
aasheeshok just give me some time11:01
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aasheesh@mithro:  Basically sir, I am planning to design an algorithm "processing image and sending through online channel with less deterioration ". Generally while sending an image , at the recipient end we observe that image get distorted, my algorithm will help over it and recieved image will be in original quality. I will be implementing my algorithm using MATLAB with some graphical techniques.  so please give me suggation about th11:04
aasheesher ur organization ingosc 201411:05
aps-sidsaasheesh: do you have any ideas about how to accomplish that?11:10
mithroaasheesh: I'm afraid that what you have said so far is;    a) mostly incomprehensible or incorrect   b) mostly unrelated to this organisation. Also, please don't message me privately unless you have a question which actually requires confidentiality.11:10
aasheeshaps-sid: yes11:11
aps-sidsPlease share those.11:11
aasheeshi convert these image in different code then send it to the reciepent end then also reconvert this code to original image using matlab11:13
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aasheeshaps-sid: can i apply this project under ur organization?11:15
aps-sidsOkay. What are the problems in sending the image as it is? I mean where have you noticed a deterioration? Can you give some use cases? What sharing channels are you exactly talking about?11:15
aps-sidsaasheesh: First of all, we are not clear what problem you are trying to solve and what do you want to accomplish. You need to be a bit more clear.11:16
aasheeshaps-sid: ok11:16
mithroHi rohitksingh!11:16
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aasheeshsir first we check the original image pixel rate in matlab then after sending this image in mail after that the received image . we check this pixel rate11:22
aasheeshwe found the difference between this pixel rate is more11:22
aasheeshaps-sid: sir first we check the original image pixel rate in matlab then after sending this image in mail after that the received image . we check this pixel rate . we found the difference between this pixel rate is more11:24
aps-sidsaasheesh: Please don't call me sir. I'm a fellow student :)11:24
aasheeshaps-sid : ok11:25
aps-sidsDo you have the proof of these tests somewhere? Some output of some sort?11:25
aasheeshno but this is a research paper .11:26
mithroaasheesh: you are sending an image via email? email is normally loss**less** format11:27
aasheesh@mithro : yes sir11:28
aasheeshbut using this we found it as original11:28
aps-sidsaasheesh: Can you give link to the research paper you are referring to?11:30
mithroIf you are on reddit, can you upvote http://www.reddit.com/r/opensourcehardware/comments/20plen/summer_of_code_supports_open_hardware_projects/ ?11:30
tpbTitle: Summer of Code supports Open Hardware projects, get paid to hack hardware. Deadline in 3 days! : opensourcehardware (at www.reddit.com)11:30
rohitksinghHi mithro & Everyone!11:30
rohitksinghMy Greetings to all!11:30
rohitksinghI'm planning to work on HDMI2USB project for GSoC 2014, with 2 ideas in mind for project proposal, 'HDMI Audio to USB' and 'firmware auto-builder'.  I'll be evaluating technical aspects and risk assessment and approx. milestone timelines for both of these, and then submit a proposal on one of either ideas based on evaluation. It would be a privilege for me to get help & feedback from...11:30
rohitksingh...timvideos community!11:30
rohitksinghSorry! The previous message got splitted into multiple messages!11:32
aasheeshaps-sid: my net connection is too slow . can we chat about this on night or in the morning of 20 march11:33
aasheeshb'coz i go to my clg on 20 march .11:34
aps-sidsaasheesh: I can't promise if I'll be available at that time. And GSoC application deadline is also near.11:35
aasheeshaps-sid: i know bt plz11:36
aps-sidsaasheesh: In the meantime, think about use cases. Where and why would this be useful? Are their any such services available? Where is the problem encountered and proof for this.11:37
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mithroaps-sids: are you doing two proposals?12:32
mithroEveryone upvote!12:37
tpbTitle: Students, get paid to hack on open source VHDL/Verilog. Deadline in 3 days! : FPGA (at www.reddit.com)12:38
tpbTitle: Summer of Code supports Open Hardware projects, get paid to hack hardware. Deadline in 3 days! : opensourcehardware (at www.reddit.com)12:38
tpbTitle: Summer of Code supports Open Hardware projects, get paid to hack hardware. Deadline in 3 days! [xpost /r/opensourcehardware] : opensource (at www.reddit.com)12:38
mithroThe more proposals we get, the more slots we can get!12:38
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tariq786hi mithro15:42
tariq786just saying hi15:42
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inderaps-sids there?16:10
inderas you say, yeah same home town :D16:12
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inderas you say, yeah same home town :D16:19
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aps-sidsinder: yes17:23
inderas you give me link of template, i read that and easy to understand17:30
inderbut question in my mind is that from where django comes as responsiviness depends on javascript and html17:31
aps-sidsinder: django serves the webpages after rendering the templates.. so you need to work with templates only17:35
inderaps-sids:can i use twitter bootstrap framwork for making mobile website17:40
aps-sidsinder: you will need to integrate it with existing site and also make it in template format17:41
aps-sidsinder: Also, I'll suggest that you submit proposal soon, so that you could get some feedback and improve it.17:42
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inderaps-sids:i did it on small scale17:49
aps-sidsinder: you should give the link here and get some feedback17:50
inderi have done this in simple way like making some responsive table five six months before, and i m sure that i can also do this.17:55
aps-sidsinder: You being sure won't help. You need to show that you can do this :)17:56
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aps-sidsAnyway, make a proposal ASAP. It will help you understand the project better as well.17:57
inderyes, i am making my perposal and soon i will send you link of it :)17:57
aps-sidsGreat. Good luck.17:57
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inderaps-sids: i want the source code of the website, please send me link of it18:27
aps-sidsits in timvideos github repo18:28
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khmarehmanI have a query19:15
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khmarehmanIs Xilinix 12 is good for timvideos project or I have to go for latest?19:15
CarlFKkhmarehman: I think you will need the whole Atlys board with the hdmi and usb ports19:20
khmarehmanI am searching for it, I just found Nexys 2 is available in my lab, I want to get started with it, but I will keep searching for Atlys19:27
khmarehmanSo please let me know how should I begin,19:28
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shenkikhmarehman: it's up to you as to what version of ISE you use23:43
shenkias long as you can build the bitstream for the part you're targetting, that's fine23:43
shenkii think previous work has been done with later versions of ISE, fwiw23:44
khmarehmanActually I am new to FPGA, I have took courses on Digital logic Design and, programmed Ladder Logic for PLC23:44
khmarehmanI am have a strong background in Microcontrollers23:44
khmarehmanSo I need a get start fast23:45
khmarehmanI was taking Advance Embedded Course this semester but unfortunately it got clash with another course23:47
shenkifair enough23:48
shenkiI suggest you follow the instructions on the wiki if you are unsure23:50
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-H0s> (at github.com)23:50
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khmarehmanThanks you, I am on it23:52
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