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gurwinderhello tim07:41
gurwinderin mobile theme, twitter information should be on chat card or on both cards?07:44
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konstovli am interested in joining gsoc and coding vhdl and i have narrowed that you are the onpy organization that you have such slots10:52
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konstovli would be interested in working for the mjpeg encoder but i dont have as much experience as a member in the google forum had showed10:57
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konstovlhowever i am willing to get involved in a hardware project and study and learn for it and contribute11:00
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drotimithro: are you here? :)11:13
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rroyi am a python developer11:21
drotihello rroy!11:22
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droyi wanted to participate in gsoc  201411:23
drotigreat me too :)11:24
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konro_i am intereted in working on the gstreamer dvswitch plugin for the google summer of code. Porting the plugin to support other versions of gstreamer i intended to write a .c and .h file which would contain funtions that require modification and function prototypes respectively but after my research and seeing the changes that need to made i am thinking of doing the modification within the gstdvswitchsink and gstdvswitchsrc files i would to get directives on13:04
konro_ which better way to work out the problem.13:04
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droyhi  any of the mentors on the channel ?14:34
CarlFKdroy: hi14:36
CarlFKI have a meeting in 20 minutes, so only 1/2 here14:36
droyi am interested in  [streaming-system] website (viewing interface) improvements #1914:40
droyi want to contribute to this idea for gsoc 201414:41
aps-sidsdroy: Great! Do you have a specific query?14:41
aps-sidsDid you read ?14:42
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Live Event Streaming - Summer Of Code (at
droyyes i read aps-sids14:43
aps-sidsdroy: Good. So, what do you want to know?14:44
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droyhi aps-sids  i wanted to know  what kind of proposal is  required for the project and should we submit some patch to the existing code15:18
rihbynedroy: which project you are interested in ?15:18
droythe  [streaming-system] website (viewing interface) improvements #1915:19
aps-sidsdroy: That depends on you. How you plan to go about the project. Submitting a patch would be a good thing too.15:19
aps-sidsdroy: I'll say you come up with a proposal by weekend. Mentors might be away for the weekend. You can show them proposal whenever they are back.15:21
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droyok  aps-sids15:34
rihbynedroy: btw I am doing the same project15:35
NiharikaHow many projects are you applying for rihbyne? :P15:37
rihbyneNiharika: I am  applying for only 1 :)15:38
rihbynewhy you ask Niharika?15:38
droyrihbyne ok could you just tell what  exactly need of the project i am  a bit confused  and want to get a  little help  to get started :)15:39
aps-sidsHey guys, does any of you has some experience with flumotion or gstreamer?15:39
rihbyneNiharika: btw I saw your proposal.its good. so you are wrting an adapter(plugin) basically ?15:40
Niharikarihbyne: Because I thought you were applying for the Bug tracking project too.15:40
Niharikarihbyne: What exactly do you mean by ´adapter(plugin)´ here?15:40
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rihbynedroy: better info can be given by organization members only.15:41
NiharikaI am writing a new component to be merged with streaming-system one.15:41
aps-sidsrihbyne: maybe you can show your proposal to droy and help him get started ;)15:41
rihbyneNiharika: you misunderstood me. I had applied for bug tracker last year.15:41
NiharikaOh, okay. :)15:42
NiharikaGlad to know we are not opponents. :P15:42
rihbyneaps-sids: I would love to do that. but to be frank I am still yet to write the implementation phase15:43
droyaps-sids  funny15:44
rihbyneNiharika: not at all. adapter can a endpoint. which can work independently of the UI being used15:47
Niharikarihbyne: I see.15:47
rihbynedroy: otherwise I would have drop a linked to my proposal.15:47
rihbynebtw Niharika is on the verge of completion droy you can have a look at that :)15:48
rihbyneand get some ideas15:48
NiharikaYeah, sure. Here´s my proposal, droy.
tpb<> (at
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* rroy slaps rroy around a bit with a large trout15:54
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rroyNiharika how many projects you applying ?16:00
NiharikaJust one, rroy.16:01
droti17Hey Niharika!16:01
NiharikaHi droti17! :)16:01
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drotiback :)16:02
drotiwe have some serious problems here....16:04
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CarlFKdroti: ?16:05
drotiwell it's kinda stormy here and have some connection issues16:06
rihbyne  hey CarlFK16:12
CarlFKhi rihbyne16:12
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* rihbyne brb16:15
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droyhi CarlFK16:20
droyi wanted to know about  "JSON schedule output into website" what kind of software we have to create ?16:21
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CarlFKdroy: you didn't miss anything.. I am pondering where to start16:27
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droycan you just brief me about project  may be i could  jsut try something out16:28
CarlFKmuch of the work has already been done16:28
CarlFKthere are 3 popular conference systems: pentabarf, zookeepr, symposiun16:29
CarlFKall 3 have schedule exports16:29
droyok and what we have to extract from this ?16:30
droywe could write an regular expressin to extract data from this16:32
CarlFK  fields:...16:32
tpb<> (at
CarlFKhere is a little more description:
tpbTitle: Next Day Video : Metadata (at
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: FOSDEM 2014Welcome to FOSDEM 2014How we found a million style and grammar errors in the English Wikipedia (at
droywha t will be final output  i went through your code16:39
CarlFKveyepar stored it to this model:
tpbTitle: veyepar/dj/main/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFK  stores the data to the model16:45
tpbTitle: veyepar/dj/scripts/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKthe same data is also used by
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKthe reason is 2200 lines long is because the conference system coders keep changing things16:47
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CarlFKand symposium devs have not accepted the pull request16:48
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tpbTitle: Adds a schedule_json view which provides a /schedule/conference.json endpoint. by taavi · Pull Request #45 · pinax/symposion · GitHub (at
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* rihbyne back16:52
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droyok thanks CarlFK i am really intrested in the project17:19
droythanks for briefing17:19
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droy_1i m looking into the code which you said but i dont understand why do the conference system coders change things so much17:24
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CarlFKdroy:  mostly it is because the symposium system doesn't have the code, so each time someone installs it they write their own17:25
CarlFKand things evolve too.  like adding "what kind of license is it released under?"17:26
droyreally interested to work up on the project17:26
droybut i cant see an end of the project even we write something we have to change things agian17:28
CarlFKhaving a validator will help with that17:28
CarlFKsymposion ... not sure how to test it.  I can never figure out how to set it up and operate it manually17:29
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tpb<> (at
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konstovlis anyone from hardware mentors online?17:45
drotiHey konstovl!17:57
drotiI'm not a mentor but do you mind if I ask which project are you interested in?17:59
konstovlI would like a project concerning hardware coding18:00
konstovlI think the mjpeg encoder18:00
konstovland i would like to discuss with a mentor18:00
drotiwell I dont knoe18:00
drotiso I dont know about Shenki, but Mithro is on the other side of the planet (UTC+10) and Jahanzeb is on holiday18:02
drotiBy the way I am interested in the same project so feel free to ask :)18:04
konstovlin the site it is mentioned that Jahanzeb is the hardware guy so..18:04
drotiHave you looked into it so far?18:06
konstovlI dont know much about the jpeg encoder and as many papers i couldnt figure about a great thing to speed it up18:06
konstovli compiled the firmaware18:07
konstovlcant test it in other board18:07
konstovland didnt have much time to see code just the manual of the encoder18:08
drotiDo you use linux?18:08
konstovlboth linux and windows18:09
drotiand whixh have you compiled in?18:09
konstovlhavent ISE in linux18:10
drotiwell I've been trying to make ubunto eat ISE for 2 day now but nothing yet....18:10
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konstovlhavent even try yet18:12
konstovlwhen something is proprietary. windows is easier solution18:14
konstovland y have the some usefulness18:15
drotijust thought that since programming sould also go under linux developing could also....18:15
konstovlhave you seen the code? Have experience with jpeg encoding?18:16
drotiI dont have experience with jpeg but I have looked into the code18:16
drotiand read about jpeg18:17
drotiand as far as I know the encoding take the same time per block undependent from resolution right?18:18
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droticause it's only working on the blocks itselfs18:18
konstovly but there are more 16x8 blocks in a higher resolution18:18
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drotibut then slowdown on high res supposes slowdon on low res compared to the nominal value on OpenCores18:19
konstovldidnt catch your point18:20
drotiI'm just saying that if we can reach that ~100MHz mentioned on OpenCores18:21
droti720p should not be a problem18:21
drotiI don't have the board yet to try it out18:22
drotibut if it's not the case then there must be some buffer bottleneck I think18:22
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konstovlI cant check now but the jpeg_encoder as i remembered could run on max_freq on such speeds18:24
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konstovlto speed up i thought parallelism of proccessing more than one block in the same time and using more efficient the buffer splitting into more reading ports18:25
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drotiyes but if it's just 15fps at 720p as they said you need more than 2 at the same time to speed it up decently18:28
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konstovland then too much space for the encoder :S18:32
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droyhow many people get selected for a project ?18:40
CarlFKdroy: 118:41
CarlFKstudents propose projects.    google assigns the org (timvideos) some number of slots (last year we had 3)18:43
CarlFKwe assign projects to slots18:43
droyso CarlFK what kind of proposal  you being mentor expect from us for the project18:43
CarlFKa good one :D18:44
CarlFKthere is no simple answer to that18:44
konstovlwe need a bit of competition for these slots18:45
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droylike the project for  json  api  which we discussed18:45
drotireally ugly weather here...18:47
drotikonstovl: so I think we need to achieve higher frequency somehow first and the we could build a 2-core module18:49
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droy_1CarlFK me being student i have dealt with most of the python modules in the json api discussed but still ho does somone apply if he  dont get a lead for the project18:50
CarlFKdroy: what do you mean:  dont get a lead?18:51
droy_1i mean if there are no enough slots for all the projects18:52
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droywhat the students shou18:53
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droysorry  CarlFK eating up your time with wrong ques ?18:54
CarlFKno worries18:57
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konstovldroti: I will check when i can but i think that the jpeg_encoder could run in 120+ Mhz, the memory is the problem and the throughput of 1 pixel/2.7clock cycles19:36
droti1 pixel/2.7 clock would not be that bad at 4:2:219:37
drotiAnyways I'm leaving for now.19:39
drotiSee you guys later!19:39
CarlFKsee ya19:39
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CARAMHey any mentors around? I'm wondering if I could get some feedback on my proposal23:19
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